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  1. At 7:35, about the black dress; I hadn't noticed this at all. My mind was blown like everyone else's. Good job @Comatose!
  2. Just dropping by to say I love this new podcast and I'm here for it.
  3. Thank you all for the confirmation, the WOB and added nuance.
  4. I tried searching the forums for a discussion on this, but didn't find anything. Maybe it's obvious (I am due for another read through, after all). It's from chapter 30 or RoW (emphasis mine): I'm assuming he's referring to eight types of Radiant spren, and that one of the remaining two is highspren. If so, which type is the other one? The Bondsmith spren (I don't know what they're called, collectively), probably? Thanks.
  5. Great episode! Had a laugh at 2:13:53: "This character had a bad accident with their staff." Every non-Australian on the show: Stuff? Staff?
  6. At 1:39:12: I was a bit confused; wasn't the dock registrar a cultivationspren? I could've sworn he was. He reminded me a lot of Wyndle in some ways. @Overlord Jebus Is a poop deck really what I think it is?
  7. From 23:20 to 23:30: I was jogging outside with my earphones on, and started looking around for a dog chasing me.
  8. See if you can work out the answer to your question using this explanation (you really have everything you need, in there, except for the answer!): http://mathforum.org/dr.math/faq/faq.birthdayprob.html The author does put aside the objections I made earlier to make the problem more manageable:
  9. It is! I mentioned it because it is used in a famous scene featuring a boombox (in the movie Say Anything...).
  10. Don't forget about leaplings, lol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_29 Also, some food for thought: http://thedailyviz.com/2016/09/17/how-common-is-your-birthday-dailyviz/
  11. Thanks, this is very interesting! Both accents are lovely, by the way.
  12. 1. Are you guys from different parts of the UK (or even different neighborhoods)? I'm not familiar enough with the different accents to know if this is a regional thing (or even a neighborhood thing). But I did notice the Overlady does some th-fronting whereas the Overlord does not. Ex.: from 19:30 to 20:30, Ben says "theory" "things in threes", and Lucy says: "fing of frees feory" ("thing of threes theory"). She also says "ovver" (for "other"), "fink" ("think") etc. 2. You guys recreating the Azish's progressively more intense reactions to Dalinar's gifts reminded me of this wonderful bit of sports commentary (downhill biking; warning: some "foul" language): 3. That discussion at the end reminded me of the Bechdel-Wallace test. The Stormlight Archive isn't a movie and given its scope, it'd be hard for it to fail the test (it's such a low standard anyway).
  13. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Oh yes, Dalida's French version of this song was/is very popular (Le temps des fleurs); hadn't heard the Italian version, but it is very good. Thanks (Speaking of boomboxes, for a minute there I thought you would link me to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes".)
  14. "Galinar", "Davilar", etc. Can't wait until the Overlady meets Elhokar's son.
  15. I plan to do a re-read of the Shadesmar section of OB to gather evidence of Kaladin noticing (or not noticing) Maya physically defending Adolin during the fight with the Fused. It would indeed seem cold of Kaladin to dismiss her like this if he did notice her intervention (and even more so if Adolin told him about what happened during the battle of Thaylen Field (i.e.: the sword telling Adolin her name, him summoning her in fewer than ten heartbeats, her seemingly warning him of danger despite being a "dead" spren, etc.). In the meantime, I choose to chalk Kaladin's response up to him being used to hanging out with extremely eager proto-Windrunners who feel horribly socially excluded when unable to draw stormlight or bond a spren. It could make sense for Kaladin to think Adolin might feel the same way as the bridgemen (and Adolin did feel this way, at least for a while, as he told Shallan on at least two occasions that he felt somewhat "beneath" Radiants). Thus, Kaladin's reaction was to explain away Adolin's "failure" to bond a spren by blaming not a personal shortcoming, but his insistance on keeping his shardblade. I'm trying my best to make it make sense, ha ha ha!