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  1. Also, at the beginning of Bands, VenDell chooses Marasi for the quest to recover ReLuur's spike, after Wax initially refuses to listen to him.
  2. The correct response was: "The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."
  3. It is a sign. I saw it, and it opened up my eyes; I saw the sign.
  4. And I think it bears reminding everyone that only a Sith lord deals in absolutes.
  5. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
  6. Was there no "caw" or was it edited out? Is a new caw-less era upon us?
  7. On a related note, quite a few Sharders appear to have given their location on this thread (there's even a map):
  8. All the things they said All the things they said Flying through my head Flying through my head All the things they said This is not enough THIS IS NOT ENOUGH [synth solo]
  9. I've got a few things to say: 1) FREE DAVID'S HAT. FREE IT. 2) (WTCC spoilers):
  10. Spook for the guy.
  11. A radiant, without a doubt. I'm not really after super powers, though; I'd just love bonding a spren. I don't know which one I'd attract, but whichever would feel right, I suppose. As it stands, I'd like to bond a Cultivationspren and become an Edgedancer! WE ARE THE 99%. SWORDNIMIFORPRESIDENT FOR PRESIDENT
  12. Welcome! What does "bfg" stand for? Is it related to the BFG 9000?
  13. Off the top of my head the "Keeping Up With The Kholins/Davars" series is great. I'd recommend some others, but they're most likely full of spoilers if you haven't read every Cosmere book. In fact, even the Keeping Up With The Kholins episodes will likely contain spoilers. The "Who's that cosmere character?" games at the end of each episode might feature Mistborn characters, for instance. So be careful :)! By the way, have you read Warbreaker? It's great on it's own, but If you're obsessed with The Stormlight Archive, you owe it to yourself to read it ASAP, before you even pick Mistborn up :). I didn't know any better, so I bought my own copy of Warbreaker, but apparently, you can get it for free here: https://brandonsanderson.com/books/warbreaker/warbreaker/warbreaker-rights-and-downloads/ It seems there are some "bonus" features in the paid epub version I have (there's a commentary of each chapter, at the end of the book), but this free version appears to contain the whole story. Enjoy!