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  1. I'm somewhat disappointed. I'm sure they're both very good, but it really should've been: @Chaos as Kenton @Chaos as Praxton
  2. FYI your name is literally the best name.

    1. go_go_gragdet


      Thanks! :) I'm quite partial to "hoiditthroughthegrapevine". Love these types of names.

  3. I feel like Mistborn (especially era 1) is the goriest and most violent of his series. I don't remember there being a lot of "on screen" sexuality, but rape is mentioned and discussed a few times. I'd say in Stormlight, the TWOK prologue (Szeth/"To Kill") is where it peaks (so far, of course) in terms of explicit violence, but it's on par with descriptions of say... Kelsier's actions (let alone the Lord Ruler's or the Steel Inquisitors'). Sexuality and sexual violence are discussed in SA once or twice, but even then, the references are rather implicit. So, if the violence and sexuality in Mistborn weren't a problem, I'd say she's good to go with SA. I do feel like SA is more complex than Mistborn (longer books, larger scale, bigger cast of characters, more subtle foreshadowing), but it would only be a problem if, say, your daughter didn't like to read, had struggled with Mistborn, etc. and you were trying to pick a more appropriate series. But it isn't the case, she loved Mistborn and wants to read SA, so you have the opposite of a problem, really. Rejoice, ha, ha, ha! Welcome to the forums, btw.
  4. No complaint from me, here! I got it early!
  5. I subscribed with Podcast Addict (which, I suppose, is a different app). It's using the Soundcloud RSS feed (don't know if there's another). Got the episode a whole day before it was posted here.
  6. Felt a bit out of sorts yesterday. This episode was a moodsaver
  7. He will kill Odium by throwing him down the Death Star's reactor shaft.
  8. Thanks a bunch, hadn't listened to that one! Clearly, he will have to be hired to deliver Praxton's lines (and Kenton's), if an audio version is made. There is no alternative.
  9. I've been listening to Shardcast, lately, and I've heard Eric aka @Chaos say "KENTON? KENTON?" in a cookie monster voice a few times. The tone cracks me up, but I'm wondering if there's a meme I missed somewhere. An audiobook, maybe? I read the White Sand bit in Arcanum Unbounded, but that's all. Haven't felt like reading more, but I might if it means I'll get more layers of funny.
  10. Started reading through; there's this part in chapter 108 / Honor's Path: Also, in 97 / Riino:
  11. Speaking of @58:11 (in the video version) and the discussion that followed: Shallan's case might help us refine our understanding ot what Identity is. I don't remember how "mentally stable" Shallan is in the Cognitive realm section of Oathbringer (I'll have to read it again and pay attention ot this), but there are parts of the book where Veil and (to a lesser extent) Radiant appear to take over to the point where Shallan isn't there anymore. There are parts where she cycles quite rapidly through her different personas, and there are parts where the other personas "peek through", or make/help her do or say things that are somewhat out of character. If appearance in the Cognitive realm depends on something akin to self-image, wouldn't Shallan literally "shape shift" in the Cognitive realm during such episodes? It would be quite a sight, and I suppose it would yield a reaction from the others. Now if such an episode did happen during the Cognitive realm section, and Shallan's appearance remained stable, then Identity may not depend quite as much on self-image. Either way, it would help make sense of that WOB and Identity. Feel free to chime in if you've just read Oathbringer (or that part of the book). @2:05:44: https://youtu.be/lFeLDc2CzOs?t=48
  12. I knew, I knew! That's the tune I was singing to.
  13. Spiritual mumbo jumbo, spiritual Spiritual mumbo jumbo, spiritual , ayye yo Spiritual mumbo jumbo, spiritual Spiritual mumbo jumbo, spiritual , ayye yo
  14. At 45:10: "The Rhythm of Night?" To all my Listeners out there: https://youtu.be/u3ltZmI5LQw?t=63