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  1. Good idea - that would certainly be the considerate thing to do in the circumstances.
  2. Thanks! No one is bound to do what is impossible. Some thoughts on determining which titles are spoilery and which aren't: perhaps it is a function of screen resolution, but only the beginning of titles are visible on the main forum page. So if I open with a spoiler, everyone will see it, but if I start with something innocuous and end with a spoiler, it might be fine.
  3. Hi! When we open the main forum page, the latest thread with activity on it, for each board, has its title displayed next ot the board's link The Rhythm of War spoiler board is a part of the Stormlight Archive board, and if the latest thread with activity is from that part of the board, its title will be displayed on the main page, next to the Stormlight Archive board link. I humbly suggest that thread titles from this spoiler board should not be displayed on the main forum page, as they are spoilery. If not possible, maybe advising users to keep spoilery information out of titles, maybe? Thanks!
  4. @25:50: Llarimar = "Llama" @30:08 Susebron = "Subaru" (Confidence in motion ) At this point I expected "Pancake" instead of Pahn Khal.
  5. I'm going off the rails on a Shardcast train
  6. Ha! There's few things I've obsessed over in my life, but the 90s NGE series is definitely one of them. What a show!
  7. @Overlord Jebus I think I see Sachiel on your shirt pocket.
  8. To complete the picture, I'd say Kelsier likes Kelsier, and Kaladin doesn't like Kaladin. I think nuances could be made and evidence to the contrary could be presented, but as a general rule, Kaladin is an incredibly harsh self-critic (hating himself for not saving everyone, even though he already went far above and beyond) whereas catastrophes have to happen before Kelsier starts to realize that maybe he was reckless. Both kind of need external voices to fight their tendencies (Dockson, Sazed, Marsh or Vin, for Kelsier; Syl, Bridge 4 members, Wit, Adolin, etc. for Kaladin).
  9. This part cracked me up: For a minute there I thought she was referring to the Lord Ruler.
  10. Welcome! (RIP Sureblood, btw, I'm still not over it.)
  11. Chemoash
  12. Thanks btw! (Meant to edit my post, but I got this message everytime: "We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code 2T252/F")
  13. Ok, that makes sense: all is right with the world.
  14. @Chaos Math is not at all my field of expertise; I didn't go beyond linear algebra and integral calculus, and in terms of proofs, I only ever regurgitated proofs of theorems that were proven centuries ago. Plus, it's been years since I ever had to do any of that, so my "math knowledge" is pretty basic. Thus, I might not know enough axioms (it's the first time I hear about the axiom of choice, actually, and I don't think it has to do with me not paying attention in high school...), but when you say people "can" argue about axioms... I'm assuming that you mean different axioms could be agreed upon, and you could still establish truths from there. Or is that not correct? I guess a more important question would be, for me: are the basic axioms I was taught about in school, and that allowed me to eventually make sense of algebra and calculus... do people actually argue about those? And if so, what point are they trying to make?