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  1. At 45:10: "The Rhythm of Night?" To all my Listeners out there: https://youtu.be/u3ltZmI5LQw?t=63
  2. 102 minutes into Shardcast and chill and Evgeni gives you this look.
  3. /r/nocontext
  4. Have you ever heard a death rattle before? Do you think it'll live up to its name? Or will it just be a death... hairball? *coughs* Prepare... to evacuate... soul. 10... 9... 8...
  5. Also, was Ben wearing a bathrobe? I'm not complaining. I mean, it's fine: Hugh Hefner did it all the time.
  6. Maybe it would scream for ice cream.
  7. It's the J-A-D-A I got beef with the feds and the D.A.
  8. Kelsier <3 Good characters in TES too. Shai and Gaotona <3 Thank you for your answers. People know you a little bit better now. Hope you enjoy yourself here!
  9. Welcome! I was wondering why no one had replied yet. People are usually quick to welcome new users, to offer them cookies (some of which, apparently, contain hemalurgic spikes... but don't quote me on this) and to ask them a few questions. To answer your question: I agree. It was easy to read TFE many times, but I haven't read WoA and HoA more than twice. I did it after reading Era 2 and Secret History, as it was fun to look for hints I had missed here and there. Tbh, I still like WoA and HoA better than Elantris, which is the only book I haven't read twice. I don't usually do this, but since nobody else posted: 1) Who's your favorite Cosmere character? 2) Which is your favorite Sanderson book? 3) Are you a regular teaspoon or a shardspoon? 4) If you were a Knight Radiant, from which order do you think you'd be? Once again, welcome!
  10. Yes, exactly! From Mr. Sanderson website (https://brandonsanderson.com/edgedancer-is-out/):
  11. Well, though I prefer all of Stormlight Archive and some books in the Mistborn series (The Final Empire, Shadows of Self), I highly recommend it. IMO it is much, much better than Elantris (I'm quite sure most people here would agree), and it is very rewarding in terms of Cosmere-knowledge. The characters are a lot more interesting, memorable (and loveable) too. I bought my copy of Warbreaker because I didn't know any better, but apparently, the ebook can be downloaded for free: https://brandonsanderson.com/books/warbreaker/warbreaker/warbreaker-rights-and-downloads/
  12. Congratulations on noticing the problem and taking steps to correct it. May this road lead you to inner peace. I mostly lurk, here, but I haven't witnessed nasty behavior such as can easily be found on Reddit without looking for it. I guess the worst you'll get here are quasi-flamewars about SKA, but even that is pretty mild by Reddit standards. I do not know if 17thSharders are naturally polite or if they fear the banhammer, but either way, they are pretty well behaved.
  13. And Warbreaker?
  14. Read Edgedancer in between! Welcome!