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  1. Hi guys! I’ve read through all of Brandon’s books multiple times and decided that it’s time for me to try something new during this Cosmere dry spell. Any ideas?
  2. I agree! I really want to see all of the Vasher/Vivenna stuff. I’m hoping we get a huge chase (through Scadrial, Sel, maybe even a little Threnody) while getting Susebron and Siri on Nalthis
  3. Warbreaker has always been my favorite Cosmere book and I’ve been so hyped for the sequel. Just wondering if anyone had any speculation what’s going to happen in the book and when it’s going to come out? Love to hear your guys thoughts
  4. Nah, I feel like she’s pretty dead. I think having her come back would ruin the whole Venli arc.
  5. I came up with this theory the other night and wanted to know what you think. I was thinking about a lot of the themes in all the books and a lot of it seems to be balance. Now, we know that Adonalsium was shattered by some outside force, right? That leaves the whole entire Cosmere unbalanced (that outside force being alive and Adonalsium dead). Now, from HoA What if one of the eventual goals is to bring together all of the shards in a new version of Adonalsium to balance out this outside force? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  6. I think Ben Mendelson would be an excellent Sadeas. And Gillian as Shallan is brilliant. I would the guy who plays Davos in GoT to play Teft but he might be a little too old. Kaladin was one I had a lot of trouble thinking of someone that would fit well. I ended up going with Aaron Tveit. I think he could do the brooding depression of Kal and then do the happier Kal in the flashbacks
  7. My favorite scenes (I know they are both from Oathbringer but they’re fresh in my mind because I just read it) And the one that took the cake and made me cry:
  8. Hi guys! I’m new here. Just started getting into Sanderson this summer but have quickly read through everything in the Cosmere. I’ve been really loving it. My question was related to the Bondsmiths. In the coppermind wiki it was saying that only three spren create Bondsmiths: Stormfather (honor), Nightmother (cultivation) and then one unnamed spren. Because the stormfather and nightmother are each a child of one of the main shards, could the yet unnamed spren be one of Odium, say one of his Unmade or something. I’d love to hear your ideas. Thanks