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  1. If only this was black. http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Worldslayer
  2. Plus, their is this quote I only just found.
  3. Makes sense.
  4. But she should still be able to SEE him, right?
  5. Like I said above, what about the scene right after Kelsier gets out of the Well, and sits right beside Vin at the funeral.
  6. I understand, I was thinking mainly about the part where he first gets out of the Well and sits right beside her at the funeral.
  7. I understand all of this, my question is about this quote... Vin had both through the entire trilogy, so why did she not see Kelsier when spook did?
  8. Did you read Secret History?
  9. No, it was just a random inquisitor spike; that Spook used unaware of what it would do.
  10. Ok, so I was reading Secret History and I realized that Vin had on a hemalurgic spike (her earring), and was technically “broken” throughout the book, so why did she not see Kelsier like Spook did? Is this just a rare plot-hole, or is there actually a reason?
  11. Bleeder wins, she can dash around at insane speeds and rip out his metalminds. Next Battle. Free-for-all death match. The contestant’s are⬇️ A awakened metal man; with the full powers of nightblood, only he can also move of his own accord. The Lord Ruler with enough of all 16 metals to last 3 hours, metalmind bracers of all varieties, and atium for 30 minutes. A Fullbinder (controlls all surges and voidsurges) with enough stormlight to last for 3 hours; and shardplate. And Kelsier, as a fullborn with the same metal amounts as the Lord Ruler.
  12. Some new Wobs from Sanderson’s Skyward Reddit page.
  13. *EDIT* I just realized it autocorrected the second meme to envelope.*EDIT*
  14. And of course there is this...
  15. You know you are a Sanderfan when you hear some loud music thumping in the other room and immediately wonder what parshendi rhythm it is.