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  1. Two Spren types/SHARDPLATE theory Ok so I have a theory that eacg Radiant order has two different types of Spren. The first one is one of the ten higher types of Spren, which forms the Nahel-bond and once the Radiant swears the third Ideal of his/her order, can turn into a Shardblade. The second type of Spren is one of the lesser Spren. My theory is that once the Radiant swears the fourth oath, these lesser Spren form into that person’s Shardplate. Which explains why Sanderson has said that Shardplate isn’t as invested as Shardblade, it’s made up of weaker Spren then Shardblades. This theory is backed up by the fact that when Kaladin was about to swear the fourth ideal of the Windrunners (I am aware he didn’t) hundreds of windspren where spinning around him. And when he said to Syl that he couldn’t swear the oath, he apologized to Syl and the WINDSPREN. This theory is backed up further as throughout Oathbringer the closer he got to swearing it the more windspren appeared in Shadesmar around him. So I think it might work something like this: Windrunners: windspren Bondsmiths: gloryspren Elsecallers: logicspren Willshapers: intoxicationspren (JK) Lightweavers: creationspren Edgedancers: lifespren Skybreakers: ???? Truthwatchers: ???? Stonewards: ???? Dustbringers: flamespren With this in mind, think off the various statements about Spren throughout the series. No Spren in Shinovar: this could mean that no Radiants lived here, so no lesser Spren needed to be there to form into Shardplate. Logicspren only common in Urithiru: this could be where most Elsecallers lived, as I can totally see all the scholars hiding away in some hidden corridor somewhere. Windspren super common in Alethkar: we know as a fact that most Windrunners came from and lived in that area. If someone could confirm this at I signing for me, that would be great. (Ps. I want props for this theory).
  2. Ummm... this got leaked earlier today.
  3. Ok, so I’m reading AOL again, and I noticed how the illustrator made Wayne carry a gun. Was this just a mistake, or is there some reason to it?
  4. I may be going out on a limb here... but I think that Sanderson names the Shards...
  5. Ok, here we go. I was thinking last night about the end of Oathbringer and couldn’t get over the fact that Dalinar is able to talk to Evi at the end. Now, the three possible answers are as follows. 1. The first idea was that the realms were so close at the end of Oathbringer that Dalinar was communicating directly with the Spiritual Realm. However, this causes greater implications for the Cosmere as a whole, since at this point Evi would have passed “beyond”, which is said to be a different place than the Spiritual Realm. Yet, here you have Dalinar being able to talk directly to someone in the Beyond? 2. The second idea is that Cultivation knew that Dalinar needed to hear Evi forgive him, so kept her around. Kind of like (MISTBORN SPOILER) 3. The final idea is that Evi is actually an Avatar of Cultivation. It is further possible that Cultivation saw with her future sight how Dalinar’s life would unfold, so she created a body (we know shards can do this, look at odium) and came down to help prune him to were he needed to be. I feel as if it is not that big of a jump for Cultivation to see so far into the future that she starts setting pieces in motion that fast. This explains why Sanderson won’t reveal the name of Cultivation, we all know it, and he wants that reveal for later. (You could go a little deeper, and say that the reason Evi feels so much for Dalinar is that he is so much like Tanavast, her old lover) TL;DR Cultivation created an Avatar of herself (called Evi) to come down to Roshar to help prune Dalinar to were he needed to be. I am sure this will get shredded to bits, but there really needs to be some explanation of Evi talking to Dalinar at the end.
  6. Well, of course she didn’t say anything. Cultivation has Shardic Sight above most shards. It is not a stretch to say that if this theory is correct, She would know what she is supposed to say, to get him to where she wants.
  7. When was this?
  8. Granted, you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, and you eat waffles, over and over again until your stomach explodes from eating to much waffles. I wish for the highest, best quality, freshest Sushi in the world.
  9. I present the perfect casting for Prof.
  10. Moash is going to eventually become a Skybreaker, I think. Think about it, in WOR Syl tells kaladin that he shouldn’t kill Amaram because he is not a Skybreaker. Obviously he doesn’t, however Moash took the direct opposite approach here and killed Elhokar. Meaning that Moash believes in the same peverted Justice that Syl compares to the Skybreakers. In addition, Moash agrees with Nale that the Singers are the rightful owners of Roshar. And, like Nale, Moash has sided with the Singers and with Odium in this conflict. In terms of the story, this makes sense, as Moash has always served as a “Dark Kaladin.” This while further add to this balance as Kaladin represents doing the right thing, while Moash represents vengeance. Eventually I think that Moash will take up the Shards of Honor and Odium, and take on the mantle of “Vengeance.” The attribute that has governed his life. TD;LR: Moash becomes a Skybreaker and eventually the Shard of Vengeance.
  11. immortal words

    Ok, so I saw this Magic: the gathering card, and the flavor text sounds like it could be Kaladin’s next oath.
  12. 1. Only if you are working under the assumption that it’s the person who died talking; and not an unmade. 1. Look at Sanderson’s answer, it wasn’t SOMEONE ELSE talking, because it wasn’t a Death Rattle. (Ps. I can’t find a WOB were Sanderson answers a question about if the death rattles are actually the person talking. I think his answer was RAFO but maybe an Arcanist will be of help @RShara @Calderis) 2. This might not be completely literal, it could be nothing more than a poetic way to talk about murder. 3. I honestly think that on such a harsh world as Roshar, most people would be okay with the Machiavellian collection of the death rattles.
  13. This death rattle is referring to the members of the Diagram killing people off to receive more death rattles.
  14. Wind tunnels Sky realest Dustbin edged anchor
  15. I like seeing the various Magic decks that people have come up with, so I thought I would make a place for people to post their various decks. I’ll post mine below. (Hidden for size) The deck above is a combo deck revolving around the interaction between Izzet Guildmage, Training Grounds, and Manamorphose. It can also serve as a Aggro deck that beats down with Delver of Secrets, and Burns your opponent out with Lightning Bolt and Shock (Which makes it a Hundred times more Consistent). Mana Leak and Swerve included to protect the combo/slow down your opponent. JTMS helps set up the combo by brainstorming, and can also serve as an alternate win condition. Also, the interaction between Ludevic’s Test Subject, and Training Grounds is pretty epic. Anyway, enough rambling. What decks are you playing in Modern MTG?
  16. immortal words

    I was not saying that MTG knows the next Oath. What I was saying is that the idea behind it, (admitting to not being able to protect everyone) sounds like it “could” be an Oath.
  17. immortal words

    If someone does die, I hope it is Moash. However, it will most likely be a core member of Bridge Four. Probably Rock or Teft.
  18. Granted, Sanderson has such a spike in popularity that he stops the Cosmere, and only writes Skyward sequels. I wish that pineapple on pizza becomes illegal.
  19. Granted, all of your food is hemalurgicaly spiked, granting you the powers of a Fullborn Fullbinder. However, Jar Jar Binks ascends to Ruin and now controls you. I wish I had the power to mute people.
  20. Alas, the nightwatcher tells you that creating a new reality is beyond her, so instead she turns you into a FAKE character in said “Inception.” I wish for the ability to create magic cards out of thin air.
  21. Granted, you undergo surgery where your hands are cut off, and scissor blades are attached instead. I wish to never be sick or injured.
  22. Granted, but your blood is now made of syrup, and your skin is made of congealed butter. I wish that I was a master of every skill and ability.
  23. immortal words

    The reason I disagree with this line of thought that a that it doesn’t fit thematically. His arc right now is about how he has never grown calluses to death, and he doesn’t know who to protect. Having an Oath about leadership right now, is like having an Oath about being more Pious, while Dalinar was struggling with taking responsibility. First and foremost, Stormlight is a story. And as such the Oaths that fit best thematically, are the ones that will most likely take place.
  24. Granted, but by president I mean the “President of the Ramen Noodle Society.” I wish for unlimited chocolate coins.
  25. Granted, all people have undergone a surgery connecting their blood veins together, in result all the people of the world undergo organ failure, because of the mixed blood types. (Also, you are now a Bondsmith for uniting everyone) I wish that Dalinar will come alive, and be elected president.