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  1. You know you are a Sanderfan when you hear some loud music thumping in the other room and immediately wonder what parshendi rhythm it is.
  2. No there was not, the Diagram was involved, but the ghostbloods where not.
  3. Ok, so here is my idea. A Bondsmith, and an Awakener of the 10th heightening, team up to make the Bondsmith immortal. Here is how the do it: • First, they forge a solid metal man made of steel. (interlocking plates, joints on the arms and legs, opening mouth/eyes. Movable fingers and toes, ect...) • Secondly, the Bondsmith uses spiritual adhesion to bind his soul to the metal man. • Third, the Awakener Awakens the metal man using all of his breath, creating a nightblood esque sentient object, only this one can functionally move, and has the mind and soul of the Bondsmith. • Finally, they sew together a cloak of thin aluminum strands and the metal man puts it on to inhibit his world destroying powers. (though he can take it off to level his enemies) So, what do you guys think? Is there a way to use hemalurgy to give the now Metal Bondsmith the powers of a Fullborn? What awakening commands should be used on this Metal man? Would the metal Bondsmith keep his radiant powers? *EDIT* Ok, so I guess my the only thing that works here is awakening a metal man, and therefore have a walking nightblood.
  4. I actually forgot about that part, it makes sense considering the spren (which is sentient investiture) fills in the cracks in the Radiants soul. So I guess your right, the bondsmith would have to bind someone else to the metal man.
  5. The bondsmith is only invested if they have infused themselves with stormlight. So they could bind themselves to it and then wait for the stormlight to run out. Or they could bind a mistborn who has no metals to the metal man, and after they have awakened it they could give the metal man metals and now you have a walking “mistborn” nightblood.
  6. This thread only relates to Mistborn, and should probably be moved to the mistborn forum, instead of the Cosmere forum, to avoid spoilers.
  7. I found this WOB on Arcanum. QuestionerIf you were entrusted with a Shard of Adonalsium, which Shard?Brandon SandersonUmmm... Heh heh heh... maybe Ingenuity. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/123/#e3299 so is this an actual shard? Or is this just Brandon making one up for an interview?
  8. Actually, we know that kelsier’s bones are intact. iwinUlose2In Mistborn 3, What happened to Kelsier's bones, and will they play any significance in any of the sequels?Brandon SandersonThe bones survived the events of the last book. We might see them again. Speaking of relic-like items, Sazed's rings survived as well. We might see those again.https://wob.coppermind.net/events/202/#e5951
  9. Well your theory could have merit, the pewter Elend burned was in the vial that Vin gave him to wash down the bead of Lerasium.
  10. My theory is that the fourth oath is where the Windrunner must choose who to protect over everyone else. Which explains why kaladin has so much trouble with this oath, he wants to protect everyone. Also, this is officialy my one hundredth post.
  11. Ok, then dalinar wins because he is better used to the extra strength/speed of plate. Next battle: Teams team one: radiants (SKYBREAKER) szeth: at forth ideal (blade and plate) with nightblood. (WINDRUNNER) kaladin: at fourth ideal (blade and plate) with 5 windrunner squires (no blade or plate). (BONDSMITH) dalinar: at fourth ideal (plate) with the ability to supercharge all radiants with stormlight. (ELSECALLER) jasnah: at fourth ideal (blade and plate) (LIGHTWEAVER) hoid: fourth ideal (blade and plate) unlimited investiture (metals, stormlight, breath, etc..) all radiants get unlimited investiture team two: all marvel heroes from the mcu (marvel cinematic universe)
  12. If their both in their primes, vasher holds a great trove of breath, dalinar has zero magical abilities.
  13. The battle goes to Kelsier/Windrunner. Next situation: head to head battle to the death. Location: football stadium Team one: five mistborn with their metals fueled directly by preservation. Team two: five skybreakers of the fourth ideal (blade and plate) with stormlight fueled directly by honor. Both teams have complete knowledge of the other teams abilities, and complete knowledge of the layout of said stadium.
  14. I think it’s April 1st.
  15. Granted, however you don’t gain anything so what’s the point. I want the Lopen to become the lord ruler.
  16. The Final Empire>The Hero of Ages>the well of ascension.
  17. I actually really enjoy your theory. I’m not trying to poke holes in it just for the sake of poking holes.
  18. Sorry, but I found this on Arcanum CognizantasticWas Adonalsium Shattered by an external force?Brandon SandersonAdonalsium was not Shattered by himself, herself, or itself.https://wob.coppermind.net/events/143/#e2651
  19. Alas, spirtual adhesion is of Honor and the nightwatcher is unable to grant your wish. I wish that whoever gives me my curse would do so in old English.
  20. Granted, however after visiting the future you must return and watch the Twilight Trilogy over over and over again for eternity. (You will never die) I wish that I was a Fullbinder.
  21. Granted, However suddenly can only talk in Lopen quotes. I want To bond a highspren
  22. I posted these in another thread, but figured they would work here too.
  23. Nope, just one: Kelsier
  24. You’re missing Arcanum Unbounded.