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  1. Granted, all people have undergone a surgery connecting their blood veins together, in result all the people of the world undergo organ failure, because of the mixed blood types. (Also, you are now a Bondsmith for uniting everyone) I wish that Dalinar will come alive, and be elected president.
  2. Granted, pop songs are now the most enjoyable, entertaining, amazing songs ever. However, listening to these songs makes you never die. Now, you be thinking “that’s not to bad” but you still age, your skin shreds, and your bones crumble, but you still live. I wish for the ability to see the future.
  3. Granted, however you constantly hear pop music ringing in your ears for the rest of your life, also the song keeps changing, so it never becomes white-noise. I wish to be able to binge watch shows that haven’t come out yet.
  4. Granted, but everyone on the internet suddenly knows both your location, and the fact that you caused this. I wish for two Jace, Mind Sculptor.
  5. Granted, your succulent didn’t die, instead it killed your dog. Dumb plant. I wish to never lose anything ever again.
  6. Ok, so most you guys might of heard of Sanderson’s MTG Novella “Child of the Nameless.” In it we were introduced to Davriel Cane, a Black aligned Planeswalker who can steal the magical skills of other wizards. Now, flash forward. WotC has unveiled the planeswalker bracket, a March madness themed event that pits 36 planeswalkers against each other. In this tournament is Davriel Cane. Let us the great Sanderson fans of the forum band together, and vote for Davriel Cane. Together we can beat the other Planeswalkers, and show WotC that Davriel Cane (and by extension Sanderson) is the best. Voting takes place on “Wizards of the Coast’s” social media accounts. The Planeswalker bracket is below.
  7. The most important words a man can say are “I will do better.” These are not the most important words any man can say, but I am a man, and they are what I needed to say. -Dalinar Kholin
  8. I understand this, I really like Bolas, and JTMS is really overpowered. *EDIT* sorry about double posting.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/MagicTheGathering/
  10. 50% Bondsmith 50% Skybreaker 47% Elsecaller 41% Truthwatcher 18% Windrunner 3% Stoneward 0% Dustbringer 0% Edgedancer 0% Lightweaver 0% Willshaper
  11. I wasn’t comparing Dalinar to Hitler, I was using an over the top example to show that the idea that killing thousands of non-combatants is never justifiable.
  12. Right, and Dalinar is responsible for the Rift. I used an over the top example for a reason, society should never be used as an excuse for Murder.
  13. In my opinion Kalak is Roshone. The evidence for this is as follows. • Roshone owned several Silversmith shops; Kalak is the Herald of Craftsman. • When Kaladin tells Roshone that the Desolations have returned; Roshone actions and responses fit that of a cowardly herald who knows that they abandoned Taln for no reason. • Even though the Spheres Lirin and Roshone fought over were mere pocket change to lighteyes; Roshone refused to give in and twisted Resolution into mere stubbornness. Also, who does this sound like?
  14. The theory proposed [email protected]_reckoning about how Honor helped Odium kill The Shard of Unity.
  15. This is like saying that Hitler bears no responsibility for the Holocaust because the German society of Nazism wouldn’t blame him for it. Dalinar bears responsibility; and it makes him a better character for taking it. If he didn’t he would become someone like Moash who is an absolute idiot.
  16. Ok, so at the end of WOR lopen is sitting in New Herdaz in Sebrial’s warcamp with Elhokar and his mom; and manages to draw in stormlight. However at this time Kaladin is at Urithiru/Narak so how would Lopen draw in stormlight at a range more than 50 miles? (the distance Sizgil placed the squires range at) @PeterAhlstrom Is this a continuity error?
  17. Perhaps like almost everything else in the Cosmere it is about perception; Lopen didn’t know/think about his range being tied to Kaladin, so it wasn’t.
  18. The biggest evidence that Heleran isn’t a skybreaker is the fact that he thought Lin Davar killed his wife; we know that Skybreakers have the ability to “divide the innocent and the guilty”. So if Heleran was a Skybreaker, he would know that Lin was Innocent, and wouldn’t call him a murderer.
  19. Has anyone asked Brandon if Nale could feel emotions when Dalinar United the realms? We saw Taln become more sane when the realms were united so did the other shards lose their issues temporarily as well? If Dalinar ascends more will the heralds become better and better?
  20. Granted, but you may only wish for the ability to make people poop their pants at will. I wish for the ability described above.
  21. poll

    I was curious which Radiant order is most prevalent on the Shard, so I started a poll.
  22. How about a Mistborn Skybreaker? Gravitation mixed with steel and iron is God-Level stuff; not to mention throwing burning coins. Besides, you would look EPIC.
  23. This was Adolin.
  24. Granted, but you lose the memories of all other Cosmere books. And if you ever read any Cosmere book in the future the story is immediately wiped from your mind. Meaning that you are in a constant state of both wanting to find out what happened in books 1-3, and what happened in books 5-10. Ps. Thank you, if it is released in May, that means the rest of us can read it without a curse, your sacrifice is appreciated. I wish for unlimited investiture and the powers of a Fullborn Fullbinder.