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  1. Granted, but you may only wish for the ability to make people poop their pants at will. I wish for the ability described above.
  2. How about a Mistborn Skybreaker? Gravitation mixed with steel and iron is God-Level stuff; not to mention throwing burning coins. Besides, you would look EPIC.
  3. poll

    I was curious which Radiant order is most prevalent on the Shard, so I started a poll.
  4. This was Adolin.
  5. Granted, but you lose the memories of all other Cosmere books. And if you ever read any Cosmere book in the future the story is immediately wiped from your mind. Meaning that you are in a constant state of both wanting to find out what happened in books 1-3, and what happened in books 5-10. Ps. Thank you, if it is released in May, that means the rest of us can read it without a curse, your sacrifice is appreciated. I wish for unlimited investiture and the powers of a Fullborn Fullbinder.
  6. The funny thing is that defines half the theories on this site.
  7. What if it was reversed, and Odium called Honor over to Ashyn? That way your theory still makes some sense. Also, welcome to the Shard!
  8. Makes sense.
  9. Has anyone asked Brandon if Nale could feel emotions when Dalinar United the realms? We saw Taln become more sane when the realms were united so did the other shards lose their issues temporarily as well? If Dalinar ascends more will the heralds become better and better?
  10. Dalinar Excepted; also, Honor picked Dalinar by making him a bondsmith.
  11. The champion thing ended with Oathbringer. Odium chose his champion (Dalinar). Odium lost the contest of champions. It happened, so why is everyone ignoring that it did, and that that thread is over?
  12. 1. A novella from the Lord Ruler’s POV. 2. The full book “Oathbringer: my glory and my shame” 3. A novella of Marsh’s infiltration of the ministry. 4. A novella where Lift meets Wayne. 5. The full book “The Way of Kings” 6. The novella Sanderson actually did write about Jasnah in shadesmare.
  13. Not from Dominaria, but still. Also, from the Emporor’s Soul.
  14. You may not remember this, but the Skybreakers actually name their oaths. The Second Ideal is called the oath of Justice. The Third is the oath of dedication. The Fourth is the oath of Crusade. The Fifth is the oath of Law. See the Copermind: https://coppermind.net/wiki/ And Oathbringer Chapter 90 Moash is dedicated, and has his own sense of justice, so I see no problem with this theory. Also, Justice has nothing to do with the Oath of Justice?
  15. I believe that what a person views as Justice can differ from person to person, Moash wants Justice on Elhokar for murdering his grandparents; yes what he believes is twisted, but I think that one highspren “might” see what Vyre does in a different light than another highspren. Multiple people can have different interpretations of the Law, and Sanderson likes to show different views on the same subject. See, Moash does want justice in his own twisted way. “One form.” There are multiple kinds of justice, Kaladin chose his, and Moash chose his, I think Highspren might just have different ideas of justice.