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  1. To be fair I'd rather get Kaladin with a brand new character, than pair him with Tarah again.
  2. That is it! It's interesting how it did not mimicked anything from the past in OB.
  3. This is how I feel giving rep in this thread:
  4. I think there's a WoB saying that the triangle mirrors something that has happened in the past.
  5. Probably because he was not worthy of a Rhysadium until he is touched by Cultivation and starts to grow.
  6. He is overcoming his hate towards lighteyes after all these years hating on them all. Would you expect Kaladin to be hating on them until bok 8 or 9? He still hasn't overcome it fully, but it's almost done and it was well paced. I think that Kaladin is not a racist. He just drags hate for the dominant class after being treated as a mere resource, being stomp by the lighteyes because they are the nobility and can do as they please. Anyway, it's possible to cure racism. The bias con be eliminated by growing as a person and empathizing with other races. You think that racism can't be cured, that's a nonsense imo. Racism often comes from fear, being it conscious or subconscious. It is possible to overcome this, of course, traveling, opening to new experiences and cultures, etc. Kaladin's hate doesn't come from cultural differences, it was forged by the losses and humilliations he suffered, so he ended up hating lighteyes in general. He's wrong, as he has already realised. What better proof of a gone racism behavior than marrying a lighteyes? This is not even needed, he befriended Adolin, respects him and Dalinar (specially Dalinar), come to terms with Elhokar and feels guilt for his death. Yeah, I see no ingrained bias. I'm sorry that all the love triangles you read were bad. It's just a normal plot device, handled poorly most of the times (but blame that to the author of the piece) but that doesn't mean its a bad idea if you know how to handle a triangle. To start, how can what we had in OB be a triangle when Kaladin didn't move an inch to try to get Shallan? He was passive, telling himself that she's bethroted to Adolin, and did not make a single move. So I wouldn't call this a triangle. I think that in this paragraph you are stretching it alot, as msot of these things can be applied to Shallan (or one of her personas).
  7. You mean the same Alethi property and honor that Navani and Dalinar ignored to get married?
  8. I don't think he will die, too, but the chance of him being severely damaged/injured because of Shallan is very likely. As you have stated, he already said that Shallan would eventually kill him, and this could be foreshadowing a situation where Shallan is close to lose him. Edit: typed we instead of he.
  9. The path of a Lightweaver is self awareness. I think that Shallan still struggling with her lies and hidden traumas are the obstacle she finds in her path, similar to how Kaladin in OB wasn't ready for his fourth oath because he still want to protect everyone on his own.
  10. I know, but it's the problem with only having 3 books as material and being so recent. New readers come, same old theories, guesses, etc. For example, in Spain Oathbringer hasn't been translated yet, so expect more to come hahaha.
  11. Don't worry, the comments berating the romantic subplot are also pretty shameful to read.
  12. Lately I've read a lot about the triangle discussion being about purely shipping. I can't help but disagree. I'm not a 'shipper' myself, the subjetive involvement I get with fictional couples or pairings is close to 0 most of times. I may like or dislike a pair of characters together, but I'm finr with as long as it respects the narrative. My point is that this triangle was brought as an important part of the Shallan reintegration arc, and thus, the resolution of it was underwhelming according to the hints at earlier chapters. It's important to attend at the triangle as an important subplot more than something subjetive like pairing preferences, because it envolves the character development of 2 main characters. Anyway, I admit that subjectively I'm a bit biased towards Shalladin, but if we take this point in the narrative as a red herring it is cheap drama. Cheap drama because as it was handled in the ending brought nothing to Kal's development, neither for Shallan nor Alodin! You may differ and say that indeed showed the further fracturing of Shallan but that could be showed with other facts and not with a supposed love interest that is not from Shallan's. The foreshadowing and hints have been introducing something subtle between Kaladin and Shallan, something that even happens off screen like the flight to draw Urithiru. Things like this makes you wonder if Sanderson has been hinting to something between these two and just changed his mind like a writer does in the middle of his magnum opus. So it's not a matter of preferences, it's a matter of writing. I'd like to explain myself in more depth but I have to take a bus. A total waste of pages if it was a red herring, not necessary and not bringing something useful to the story, just a bait for potential shippers and other fans.
  13. Yeah, she's treating Adolin as an anchor to keep Shallan as her dominant personality. It's not character development, it's a regression.
  14. @Rainier Thank you! I'll listen to the video while I dive a bit in the thread