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  1. Um actually, Helaran went to kill Amaram under the direction of the Skybreakers. At the first meeting of Wax and the Harms Wayne pretended to be the butler.
  2. I think there is a case that the two shards do not yet see themselves as one entity yet but the longer they are together the more they will. Harmony has only had them for 300 years in the second era; in terms of the time scale of shards that’s tiny. We’ve seen that objects take time to understand that they have changed in the universe ie Dalinar using his powers to fix things or Renarin only being able to heal within a given time frame or the seals on Sel. I could go on but it seams pretty clear that things take time in the Cosmere to understand that they have changed. I think it’s unsurprising that Ruin and Preservation are still Waring with in Harmony but the longer they are together the less the powers will see each other as separate entities and the more agency Sazed will have. Adonalsium held all 16 of the shards but all those opposing shards didn’t imobalise him because they saw themselves as one entity only after the shattering did they become opposing.
  3. I'm completely obsessed with the Stormight archive, Kal struggle is so fascinating. I also got to meet Brandon at a signing in London 2 weeks ago. My life to yours, my breath becomes yours. I'm reading warbreaker at the second
  4. Hi all, signing in :-) I've read all the stormlight archive books so far and the original Mistborn trilogy. Plan is to work my way through all of the Cosmere books :-)