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  1. Totally serious! If a severed Aes Sedai entered the cosmere ( let's say a friend helped her Travel), could lift Heal heal her like she did Gawx? Would you have to know the flows? A dead shardblade spren has a certain look in the cognitive realm. Would a severed Aes Sedai had a marker or some noticeable wound or mark that can be seen due to a Spiritual wound?
  2. No, I just meant Dullform is a lower tier ( the lowest) form for the parsh. I think when 'they' abandoned Odium and went dullform they still had spren. But they were so 'low' that they flew under the radar of BAM. In reading the posts above, it may be that the spren they did have were kicked out by voidspren when the everstorm hit. Or they are now roommates with the voidspren in the driver's seat. It's just interesting to know if all parsh spren have a hole in them that allows Odium in. If they did, then is dull form so low that Odium missed them? You'd think he'd be pretty po'd at deserters.
  3. My read on this is that the Heralds tap out of torture time in Damnation/Braise then come to Roshar, presumably ahead of the Unmade to train new radiants. Then the Unmade come back, somehow power up the parsh (via BAM? void spren?) and fight the humans. Then, do the humans win when they defeat Odium's champion? Does that mean in the past? 'What does a win mean as far as what happens to the non-humans? (Not the wildlife) If Odium's champion loses, and all the Heralds are killed, do all the Unmade go back to Braise? Parsh warriors too? Or just the Heralds? Maybe the Unmade don't all die, they just jump to the Cognitive realm and then do the electric slide over to Braise? If the Unmade are cognitive shadows, some are less sapient and can be in the physical realm without a body/vessel and others more aware and sapient who need a body/vessel to operate (I guess they have all been seen on Roshar in "spren" form, just seems some are smaller versions of themselves as seen on Roshar vs larger versions as seen in the Cognitive realm, I'm talking more avl out being able to use powers, their form of void lashings, etc). Is Damnation in the cognitive realm? Because the Heralds are porting in their bodies, they aren't cognitive shadows. They are akin to worldhoppers, though a forced transfer rather than voluntary, but moving at the time of death and somehow when they tap out from Braise to Roshar. This seems to be predicated on the deal between the Heralds, Honor and Odium (and maybe Cultivation). But for the Heralds, is it a forced trip from spot a, to the cognitive realm, to spot b? T'aln certainly wasn't in any condition to wander through the cognitive realm. Kinda picturing Braise spren bouncers bodily dragging him through and then giving him a heave ho through a portal. And what about the parsh warriors/people? Since this is not a true desolation, we don't really know what's up with the "leftovers"; the parshendi/Listeners and parshmen. If the true desolation was ended, would the parsh people have left Roshar? Would they be devolved? If there was a true end to the last desolation, and if the parsh warriors of old were taken off world, would the current Listeners and parshmen have been affected (again, if the parsh get taken offworld) since they were either without spren, in dullform, or somehow affected by BAM's imprisonment and either voidsprenless, depowered, spiritually lobotomized, tweased, or had their Connection severed? Also, we know the Everstorm is new, so how did the Parsh get powered up back then in past desolations? Just BAM empowering? Did they have voidspren (seems likely), and then when Odium lost, what happened? The voidspren got flushed? The actual vessels/people/parsh went off world? arg!!!!!
  4. Was posting in another thread and was thinking about severing of Aes Sedai. We know this can be healed. Could a person with Stormlight heal this would if they knew the flows? Could the severing been seen in the spiritual realm? Would it be a loss of Connection to the One Power (Dar/din)? Could you create a medallion that would mimic the Connection to the One Power? Is that the same as a ter'angreal allowing a non channeler to channel?
  5. @thegatorgirl00 you bleed orange and blue!!! The orange has me a little worried, all things parsh considered ;p I am totally with you on the everstorm, using odium's investiture, to heal the slaveform parshmen. @Heir of the VoidWe can call it an event (lower case e. Or occurrence) if that is a better term. Concentration camps are no laughing matter but I hear you. I'm with you on the Listeners being separated at the time of BAM's imprisonment (presuming the timing is right which it seems to be). My only issue is whether the taking of dull form severs Connection. I took it as a flying under the radar, rather than a repudiation or disgorgement of their Spren. Considering how the Everstorm placed voidspren within them to create a change to Stormform, maybe going dull did require an expulsion of their Spren, which would sever their Connection. But then the Listeners would be on the same no-Spren status as the Legion. A major difference being one had voluntarily removed their spren and the others had a forceful act to sever their Connection (either via removal of voidspren or removal of facilitated forms of power). Does that mean sealing away BAM removed their spren as well? If they had them? It seems you are leaning toward the FFoP over spren. Would that cause a Spiritual lobotomy as @thegatorgirl00 said? almost like the wound you would see when an Aes Sedai was severed and you viewed their "wound" in the spiritual realm. Also why they could be healed and channel again? (Hmm..maybe more appropo in another thread). Because as I read your post, that would mean that in the past the Parsh warriors would not have voidspren bonds, just powers/upgrades due to their Connection to BAM (not including the dead/recycled Unmade). Not sure I agree with that. Any quotes or WoB on whether the desolation time parsh warriors were bonded with voidspren or just powered up? I think that by the Listeners becoming Listeners they went dullform, but they can change form to mate and others, and those don't require voidspren, so it must be a natural ability to change form without going void (or now Nahel like Vendli). Meh...
  6. Hello! Long time listener, fist time caller. I remember when the WOT FAQ was Usenet! RD
  7. @thegatorgirl00 (Fla gators??) I thought about lobotomizing but that has too much of a permanency to it. Yes of course with enough Stormlight I guess you could unlobotomize someone, but that doesn't seem to be happening here. It seems that here, it is more of a functioning state but on a vegetative level. I think of it in my head like the Robin Williams and Robert De Niro movie Awakenings…… Brandon, have you been watching movies again?
  8. agree it was a process. I'm not sure if it was an accident. It was clearly a byproduct of imprisoning the unmade. But by imprisoning the unmade, the specific act of the imprisonment, did not in and of itself, cause all of the parsh people to turn into slave form. We still had the listeners. So there must've been some separate process, not trying to be snarky, which further stripped away and or removed any voidspren that the parsh people had causing them to turn into slaveform. Does that make sense?
  9. theory

    Was just reading in the Arcanum that moving Sprenger across lines in Shadesmar is very difficult, so doubtful they are off planet. Gavilar didn't bond Stormfather, but certainly used the visions (for his misguided purposes). I think Gavilar handing over the parish sphere was void light only. He wanted them to power up, but not unleash the unmade at that point in time. He and the GB's wanted to return Roshar to Radiant fighting form. If they unleashed the Unmade at that stage they would get slaughtered. He needed to awaken (..too punny?) his Radiants and train them first before engaging in all out war.
  10. Anyone name the process that was discovered at the time of the last desolation, or false desolation, that downgraded the Parshendi (listeners, last legion, non-human Voidbringers, insert name here) to Slaveform? Dulling (though would that be limited to just Dullform)? desprenning? Unmading? Unsplintering? Tweased?
  11. Anyone have a WoB on whether someone can level up on their Heightenings with Stormlight? Or do they need (can only use) breaths to level up? Yes, Stormlight and Breaths can be used interchangeably. But is there anything on whether you can have a sufficient amount of Stormlight to create a heightening jump. If yes, did Peter work out the math for this? If you need 200 breaths to get the the second heightening, how much Stormlight would you need? thanks!