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  1. I'm loving Episode 5! Spoilers from the new episode since it was only released an hour+ ago.
  2. Definitely felt an Arturo-Alanik vibe! Am I the only one? He was watching me quizzically, like he didn’t understand why I was hesitating. “You’ll be right here,” I said. He looked surprised. “Yes,” he whispered, his voice barely a breath. “I’ll be right here if you need me.” I was a cytonic. With the inhibitor gone, I was in power here. I didn’t need some human watching my back. --p. 178 Arturo put a hand on my shoulder, pulling me outside. “Are you okay?” he asked in a low voice. “You’re shaking.” My whole body was trembling, and though I tried to get a grip on myself I couldn’t make it stop. “I’m fine,” I said. “The hell you are,” Arturo said. “What’s wrong?” --p. 190 Saying that out loud steadied me a little. Arturo dropped his hand from my shoulder. I wished he hadn’t, because that was steadying me too. --p. 192 Arturo came up beside me, staring up through a skylight at the battleship that was breaking into pieces above us. --p. 200 “I told you he wasn’t going to turn on you,” Arturo said. He leaned against the corridor wall, watching me. --p. 203 Arturo at least had been open to talking about his former girlfriend when we spoke before. Though the idea of asking him about human mating rituals felt…disorienting. --p. 205
  3. The sole narrator typically has plot armor because if the narrator dies, the story ends midsentence and we never know if she's really dead. I guess there could be exceptions if they cheat and add a second narrator at the very end.
  4. Love, love, love, love, love!!! I am actually blown away by how much I love the series and surprised by how much most dislike. That said, though, for those expecting television to closely follow the books and keep all the favorite moments, I can understand why they'd be disappointed. Good adaptations are never very close to the books unless, like Pride and Prejudice, say, the book is 250 pages long. I'm not happy with the politically correct female edition to the Dragon Reborn candidacy because it creates all kinds of logic issues that have already been mentioned. Spoiler through Episode 4, which has been out for a few hours because they release at midnight GMT!!! (That's 6 PM CST and even earlier for those out west.) We discovered this by accident at the end of Episode 3 when it just let us go to 4. We will get the good side of Mat, but it may take a while. My eldest called him the prick, but I defended him. (That's another thing I absolutely adore! I've been begging my eldest, the only other reader in the family, to read Sanderson for aaaaages, and she wouldn't. So I'm finally getting to share something that will hopefully make it into Sanderson territory with them all: husband, eldest, and youngest. They all absolutely love it, too! We watched all four practically back-to-back tonight. I insisted on bathroom breaks and the youngest complained!) I absolutely adore the landscapes, sweeping vistas, idyllic countryside, storybook villages, cinematography, gorgeous lighting, and scenes that occasionally bleed into each other. I loved many of the costumes, as well. The full clothing color thing is really helpful to newcomers, though it did make me wonder how someone in all one shade could so easily pretend not to be Aes Sedai. I believe that both story and characters are extremely well developed and similar enough to the original storyline and characters to please me well. All four of us are very eager for Episode 5. I hope the eldest, who is visiting from college (and why I'm just now watching the first three), won't make us wait for Christmas break to watch Episodes 5 and 6 with her. My eldest is shipping Nynaeve and Lan hard, and she's sussed out that Rand is the Dragon. And she's calling Perrin wolf-boy. They are laying the groundwork well. ETA: I forgot about the intro! We all loved the intro, too, with the colors of the ajahs being woven together in a tapestry. Not only was it gorgeous, but the loom itself reinforces the central theme that "the wheel weaves as the wheel wills." The intro starts with the threads of time being pulled apart and moves on to some individual threads and then reaches the massive loom where the threads of time and the threads of people and their life trajectories intersect and weave together to form the tapestry of this new age.
  5. Loved: References to Elysium and Jason Write and his blindness and his little bell pin The reveal that Chet was actually M-Bot's pilot and then the reveal that Chet wasn't actually M-Bot's pilot - screamed both times. I realized Chet was the pilot when he gave his age, but I didn't quite see the delver thing coming even though I knew something would be coming with him. Doomslug saying that her reality ashes were poop and thinking of all the times Chet had fondly held and sniffed them!!!! The reveal that Jason Write's silvery "sphere" was his Baby AI and was actually a Baby Delver!!! I screamed, again, realizing the truth and what that meant for M-Bot the moment the sphere's spines and tunnels were described. "I melted a little. Girlfriend? Was that how he thought of me? I mean, we’d kissed. Once. But…I didn’t think it had been formalized or anything. I hadn’t even brought him any dead orc carcasses, which I was pretty sure was the way the stories said to show a guy you wanted to go official." (Fun Fact: Just as Spensa is the current pirate champion, I was once the Grand Champion in a carcass show. I have a trophy and everything! Alas, not orc carcasses, though.) “You fly like a sunset, Spensa,” Hesho whispered. “Like a living glimmer of light escaping the horizon at twilight’s last moment.” Favorite Theory: Since reality icon ashes, created from taynix in the edges of the Nowhere, humanized DelverChet, could Spensa and Jorgen bring in hundreds of taynix to create mountains of ash to use to humanize the delvers? The key to reconciling with the delvers, as the memories have hinted, will be Spensa growing in touch and radiating her softer side, which she started to do at the end by accepting delver pain. Using the ashes could be a way of softening delver hearts, too, in a first step to finding common ground. Overall: Nothing will ever live up to the perfection of Skyward, but I will be very put out if all the major characters I love fail to have significant and cohesive roles in Defiant. The greatest weakness of the 2nd and 3rd books is having to start from scratch character building without relying on pre-existing characters from the series.
  6. Honor died, but we have several clues in RoW indicating that he may be re-emerging. We've known since OB that Dalinar has taken up Honor's perpendicularity. Rayse believes Dalinar ascended, but I don't think Dalinar is the one ascending, actually. Like ... like ... like Odium. Everywhere we see red and gold together, it is Odium. Perhaps this is merely an indication that Kal is close to becoming a Child of Odium at this particular moment, howling after losing Teft and then these eyes. At the same time, Odium-red eyes have previously always been caused by a bond with voidspren, which seems not to be the case here. And why would soldiers fear a child of Odium, like themselves? Instead, perhaps these colors point to Kaladin's coming ascension. Honor's robes are gold, as well. Moash's continual insistence surrounding Kaladin's immortality certainly points to ascension. Finally, Tara-Odium notices a "growing" and "verdant" power, which is clearly pointing toward Cultivation. However, just as the back of RoW falsely implies that Navani will be a Lightweaver with its half-dozen references to truths and lies, I believe this most obvious allusion to Cultivation is not the one actually intended. Verdant can also mean brand new and budding. Growing points to something new.
  7. Audible is working but I don’t believe it ever downloaded, just streaming. But working is working! Not a spoiler: Barely into Part 2, and I’ve decided that when Veil cheats on Adolin with Kaladin, Adolin won’t be too broken up. He’ll have realized he’s gay by then and come out of the metaphorical closet. Not the literal closet, mind. That boy will never abandon his wardrobe!
  8. Is anyone else having an issue with the Audible version? I submitted a help email to Amazon Audible. It says 0 parts and so will download nothing! The Kindle version works without a problem.
  9. Love. Love, love, love, love, love!!! I think I may have salivated more than Veil at all the theories, ideas, research, and connections that Mraize inspired in me in this chapter! I'm going to talk a lot about all of the prologues, too, because that's where we tend to get the most info on what Gavilar was up to and who his cronies were. Gavilar had two meetings the day he died: the first was with the Heralds Nale and Kalak, and the second was with five others - two soldiers of whom one was Amaram, two females of whom one was almost certainly Ialai, and an old dude in robes. I'm 75% certain that the other female was Aesudan because, like Amaram, she was easily lured by the enemy, and there is another huge reason that I'll get to later in this post! As someone else has already mentioned, I believe the Stormfather was previously sending Gavilar visions from the Almighty and was likely to bond with Gavilar before his death. I also suspect that, with nine of the current heralds forsaking their oaths, we might see replacement heralds in this series. However, as another person already said, I think that Gavilar's aims might be even higher than that. I suspect Wit's mission might be to "unite them" with "them" being the shards, and that may have been what Honor meant, too, when he said "unite them." I'm reasonably sure that's how Gavilar interpreted his messages from Honor, and I'm also reasonably sure that Gavilar intended to be the new Adonalsium, the new holder of the shards, the new single God. So Mraize wasn't lying about power, both literal power (Investiture) and metaphorical power (all powerful God). I wonder if that might be Mraize's aim, as well, but it could just be making money by transporting literal power. I believe that Wit's aim is to find someone else worthy of holding all of the shards, like Sazed or Dalinar. I had thought Adolin being the new Adonalsium would be perfect because of the similarities in their names, but I no longer view him as capable of handling that much power well. Perhaps no human is worthy. Someone mentioned that the spheres Gavilar had in the prologue seem to have come from Braize, and that might be true, but I tend to think they were at least not transporting the Unmade back and forth from Braize. Surely at least some of these spheres contain the Unmade: Navani's RoW prologue implies they contain Voidlight and spren; Szeth's WoK prologue implies something extremely dangerous is in the sphere Szeth received from Gavilar; and Eshonai's OB prologue implies that the sphere Eshonai took contained the Unmade Ba-Ado-Mishram (BAM). Immediately before Gavilar gives BAM to Eshonai, he shows her a fabrial and explains that they work by trapping a spren. And then he says, "with a very special gemstone, you can even hold a god." He said that humans robbed the parshmen of their abilities to transform by capturing "an ancient, crucial spren," the spren that he gives Eshonai to bring the Everstorm. So I think that humans had captured BAM and perhaps some other Unmade spren he had trapped in his Voidlight-infused spheres. I don't think humans would have stored trapped Unmade on Braize, because Braize is controlled by the Fuzed. However, Gavilar may be sending empty gemstones back and forth to Braize, and Braize is surely where the Voidlight came from that infused the spheres. So, how did the Voidlight and/or spheres get from Braize to Roshar and vice-versa? That's the six-million dollar question, innit? And I think I know part of that answer!!! From Navani's RoW prologue where she sees Aesudan and her famous artifabrian: Later, Ausudan claims that Gavilar was the guy who invited Rushur Kris, and I thought that was the worst lie I had ever heard. Until now. Now, I believe that was 100% true. Because what I hadn't noticed the first time I'd read through the RoW prologue was the box connection!!! Rushur has a box that might work like a fabrial because he is the fabrial master, after all, and Gavilar had mentioned his heating fabrial to Eshonai a bit later in Eshonai's prologue. Before that, though, Gavilar has a box, in Navani's same RoW prologue after we see Aesudan and where Navani overhears this exchange between Gavilar and the heralds: So Rushur's fabrial box that he was showing Aesudan seems to be an identical box (both likely designed by Rushur) to the one Gavilar is using to transport "them" (spheres?) back and forth from Roshar. So Nale and Kalak and especially Rushur seem the best candidates for knowing what is going on followed by the five with Gavilar, three of whom are (probably) dead (Amaram and Ialai and Aesudan). But that leaves one soldier and one guy in robes. Restares, Torol Sadeas, and possibly Taravangian (he'd definitely been playing the game with Gavilar but seems less likely to be a Son of Honor than Restares or Torol) seem the best candidates for these two positions. Sadeas is dead, but Restares and possibly Taravangian might be good sources. ETA: The epigraph of Chapter 13 may provide further clues as to how the box works. Are there conjoined boxes with matching half-spren and half-gemstones? Was one box delivered to and left on Braize via Shadesmar while the other box is in Gavilar's hands? And they're transferring gemstones via these boxes? Are the boxes lined with metals? What kinds of spren? What kind of gemstones? I'm thinking transportation gemstones and spren from either the Elsecallers or the Willshapers. Other thoughts?
  10. I think the pilot is the FTL. M-Bot says that the component is missing. The pilot is missing. Doomslug isn't missing. When Rig tells Spin that someone must have taken the hyperdrive device, she speculates that the old pilot took it. Irony. Yes, yes he did. He takes it everywhere he goes. The empty box is a red herring and a nod to the room at the PC that held the secret FTL communications device, guarded by some dude wtih a strange lever. The lever was a coffee machine and the guard was the FTL device. Gran-Gran-Gran (Gran-Gran's mother) was the engine. Spensa was the FTL. And the pilot before her was, too. Doomslug could possibly become M-Bot's FTL, too, but I don't think he has been before.
  11. Defending Elysium describes one of the primary alien lifeforms, the Varvax, as crablike creatures with exoskeletons but who were actually tiny creatures living inside nutrient baths in these exoskeletons. Varvax consume nutrient baths, but WoB says that they consume something else that would be extremely telling. My thought: mushrooms! Doomslug could be an alien creature who lived inside an exoskeleton until he crashed on Detritus and busted his exoskeleton open. M-Bot has been finding Doomslug mushrooms to survive on. And the "Krell" are actually Varvax, so while M-Bot isn't Krell, his passenger in the foldout jump seat was. Questions still remain. Who was M-Bot's pilot, other than his name of Commander Spears? What were Spears and Doomslug trying to accomplish? Will Doomslug be able to liaison with other Krell on Spensa's behalf or give Spensa vital info to escaping the Krell? If Doomslug were imprisoned in the same way that other Varvax in Defending Elysium were, no Sense or FTL would be possible at all - or at least that's my impression. The cytonic-suppression device would also likely never be able to cover an entire planet.
  12. Here are some more quotes I'm reviewing on the Varvax and their similarities to the Krell, and what that may or may not mean for Doomslug. From Page 503 of Skyward: And then from Defending Elysium, describing Sonn the Varvax: The murdered Varvax ambassador was described as a "burned carapace." From Page 255 of Skyward: So the Krell (creatures inside living crablike armor that is squat, squarish, and bulky) seem amazingly similar to Varvax (creatures floating in nutrient baths sealed within inorganic exoskeleton shells, also called carapaces). Knowing Brandon, I cannot think these similarities are coincidental. So, Skyward tells us several times that most burned out Krell ships are empty, which jives with what we learn at the end when Spensa discovers that the Krell are "prison guards who fly mostly unmanned drones." However, some Krell ships contain burned out armor with no bodies inside. Those nutrient baths could be consumed by the fires, but what about the creatures inside? Would there be nothing left? Is Doomslug the only one who survived?
  13. Thank you! I need to spend some Skyward time on the Arcanum... This one is pretty cool, too!
  14. In Defending Elysium, Faster Than Light (FTL) communication and transportation - and all of cytonics, really - were viewed by alien life forms as interchangeable with Primary Intelligence and Civilization. And later, near the end of Defending Elysium: So the aliens have assumed that a civilization must reach Primary Intelligence and a completely peaceful society before attaining FTL travel (cytonic hyperdrive). Both Jason and Spensa seem to prove this theory incorrect to a degree, though I am certain that M-Bot's cytonic hyperdrive would never have been engaged had the Battle of Alta not been won a decade before, allowing the clans to come together and Spensa to grow up with some civilization in Igneous. The primary mission of the Krell (Varvax? Tenasi? Those and more?) seems to be preventing humans from congregating in large enough groups to form a society and gain civilization because they know that this is the path to FTL. Pre-Battle of Alta, Spensa's dad (Pages 6 & 9) says, And then later, from the top brass (Page 95): And then the big reveal at the end (Page 509): So annihilating civilization without annihilating human race is the Krell goal because the Krell know that civilization leads to FTL. The Krell must suspect Spensa is close to FTL, as they suspected her father was, but Spensa indicated that they didn't know she could listen in on them and that they certainly didn't know she could FTL travel. The Defiants are far too uncivilized for FTL, yet, at least according to Varvax theory, and still, humans seem to be defying this law of reaching a peaceful civilization before achieving FTL. So this theory seems both partially right and partially wrong. I'm convinced Spensa's cytonics bloomed as a result of the Battle of Alta and Igneous's civilization, but Spensa is a far cry, even at the end of Skyward, from a peaceful person, and Defiants are a far cry from a peaceful civilization. So perhaps the aliens are wrong about what constitutes civilization. Is peace at all costs civilized? Are cytonic-stifling concentration camps civilized? Is what the Krell have done to the Defiants (bombing to scatter, making Defiants warmongers) civilized? My hope is that the Defiants will soon be undergoing an FM revolution, one that will raise them all to Primary Intelligence even if they aren't the same peaceful civilization the aliens insist must occur to reach that level. FM's philosophies on civilization are explored on Page 190: And as a bit of an aside but still related, Doomslug! That Doomslug FTL travels seems at least 90% certain given how she moves with lightning speed whenever Spensa's not looking. Aliens tell us that one must reach Primary Intelligence to obtain FTL, and so Doomslug appears to be a creature of Primary Intelligence. Dude!!! That would mean, at the very least, Doomslug is sapient. So is Doomslug Krell? I think that is a distinct possibility, but I definitely see her as friendly even if she is the enemy. The Varvax are "small creatures that floated in a nutrient bath sealed within their inorganic shells [enormous exoskeletens]," but what if Doomslug lost her exoskeleton? Could Varvax survive without these and their nutrient baths?