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  1. Question....does the fullborn ingest all of their metals via whiskey shots? Could level the playing field hahaa (pretending they can’t heal the intoxication)
  2. What if we take away the Atium and then grant someone (cough couh who doesn't constantly cry and drown in self pity cough cough kaladin) every surge available on Roshar to fight the Fullborn? Also let's give them unlimited metal and unlimited Stormlight. Go
  3. We need spiked beavers first and then cognitive shadow beaver army next!
  4. I think this point is exactly what that Storms! was referencing in her original post. T is allowing Odium to think he has the upper hand and that T is going to be influenced and act as an agent of Odium (hence the Snape comparison). I believe T is sincere in trying to save the entire world and he is attempting to achieve that by giving the appearance he only is trying to save Kharbranth. One a side note....damnation you Sanderson! Take my money...take all of it!