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  1. Are you saying that he was just some random pagan god and the Skaze co-opted him for their religion? Just looking for clarification And I don't think he was some obscure god. That's like saying Protestants worship some obscure god. It's the same as the major god, just different rules. Shu-Dereth was just a minor offshoot of a major religion, no? We do? Aren't all Shards roughly the same size? The Dor is both Shards squished together and forced into the Cognitive Realm. How can the Dor be more one than the other? Or were they not squished together and it's more Devotion in some places and more Dominion in others (because location matters in the CR)?
  2. I'll grant you that, but then your argument is basically that they all came together and agreed to use "Jaddeth" as their stated reason for wanting domination. Wouldn't it make more sense if there was actually something giving them orders, rather than them all lying and saying something is giving those orders? It just seems too convoluted for them all to be lying. Those slight variations in personality can make a big difference as well. They could all agree on a goal (domination) but disagree on how to get there. That would lead to a lot of infighting. The more I think about this, the more strongly I believe that something more powerful has to be guiding them.
  3. The only version I've read is the original. I just got the 10A audiobook and I'm still near the relative beginning. "The Magics of Sel" is definitely my weakest class in Cosmere University, so pardon me if I'm rehashing old arguments. That being said, if they were all bent on domination, wouldn't they go after each other as much as anyone else? They would need a strong hand guiding/coordinating them. We know it can't be one of the Shards, so what else is there? Anything on that voice from the pool? Is it different in 10A?
  4. Skaze are essentially just Seons, but from Dominion right? Maybe they're just acting as "servants" of Jaddeth, and there is actually a big one giving orders. Kind of like how Syl refers to the Stormfather as "father." Skaze are supposed to be very similar to Seons, and considering the mundane, everyday way Seons are used, I have trouble believing that a simple Skaze would be able to sell itself as Jaddeth. Hence why I think there is a SF-like spren Skaze (I could see it working through the more mundane Skaze though). Another thought I had was Dominion's Shardpool. When Raoden is in Devotion's pool, he hears a voice asking him something that I can't remember. Maybe Wyrn controls Dominion's pool and a similar voice influences him through it? Has Brandon said anything about the voice Raoden hears?
  5. While rereading Elantris, I had a thought about Jaddeth. I doubt I'm the first to think of it, but it probably warrants discussion. Throughout the book, Gyorn Hrathen is constantly preaching that his god lives underground and will rise again blah blah blah. Now, a semi-realmatically aware reader might see this and be like "Shard!" However, we know that the Shard Vessels on Sel are dead, and the actual Shards are splintered and trapped in the CR, where they fused together to form the Dor (someone correct me if I'm wrong about them fusing). Knowing this, we assume that Hrathen is just a priest preaching his god and Wyrn is just the Pope preaching some mythical god that doesn't exist (side note: this is not a shot at anyone's religion. I don't care what you believe. To each their own.). BUT what if Jaddeth is real and Wyrn is actually talking to him? Jaddeth could very easily be a mass of sapient Investiture, possibly but not necessarily combined with the cognitive shadow of one of the Vessels. Picture a Selish version of the Stormfather. Unless there is a WoB directly refuting it, this is 100% plausible and could put a very interesting twist on the conflict. Any thoughts/insight?
  6. I buy it. Not because there's any evidence, but it's fun so I'm sold
  7. Maybe birth name? Either one will probably just get a RAFO though
  8. You can't be sure of that
  9. Right, which is why I said NO OTHER MAGIC! Dalinar doesn't get Stormlight or the Thrill, Vasher doesn't get to use Breath. Just two normal dudes who happen to be experts in combat battling it out in a cage match Also, if you respond to a scenario, you need to reply with a new one. So I'll repost my scenario so someone else can pick it up and the thread can continue Next Battle: Dalinar vs Vasher (both in their primes) Plate and Blade- no other magic at all Location: Cage Match (cage is made of aluminum so thick it can't be broken/damaged at all)
  10. Skybreakers easily. Mistborn can't heal Next Battle: Dalinar vs Vasher (both in their primes) Plate and Blade- no other magic Location: Cage Match (cage is made of aluminum so thick it can't be broken/damaged at all)
  11. There's a WoB that Sadeas had the flute after Kaladin left, so there's actually a pretty good chance it made it's way to Urithiru. The same WoB also says that Hoid wants it back, so there's a good chance that the flute will show up again, even if Kaladin doesn't end up using it
  12. Intent is probably the best term we have, as long as we know that it refers to the intent of the Shard, not the intent of the Vessel. The intent of the Shard will override the intent of the Vessel over time. That's biggest challenge to finding a proper name. None of the terms that we have come up with properly express the limitations. A person who has a mandate to preserve something (a priceless artifact for example) will have no problem destroying a group of criminals that are targeting it. The Shard Preservation is physically incapable of destruction. It would want to preserve the criminals as well. Not a perfect example, but the point stands. It's closer to an OCD-like compulsion than a purpose/mandate, both of which imply a level of choice. The more I think about it, the more I think capital "I" Intent actually makes sense for Shards. Bare with me for a second: In the normal (Cosmere normal anyway) usage of Intent, a person's intentions influence the way the magic behaves. At the Shardic level, it is just the opposite. The intentions of the Shard influences the way the person behaves. It's the same principle, the only difference is the influencer/influencee is flipped.
  13. Preface: I just realized that I have made 99 posts on the Shard and I want to make #100 count. I've spent the last few minutes or so (which is a long time for me) trying to figure out what would be appropriate. On my first day as a member of the Shard, I was reading an interesting thread about The Iriali and the long trial and decided to insert my two cents. I had a good idea about the name of the Shard that the Iriali call "The One." No one ever responded to my post, and the thread died (my post is still the last one). I have wanted to create a new thread about it for a while now, but I never got around to it. So for post #100, I decided to dust off this old theory and try again! The Theory: The basic story of the One is this: There was a single great entity that knew everything but had experienced nothing It broke apart it many pieces, becoming the people known as the Iriali The Iriali were destined to live on 7 different worlds (great speculation on this in the thread I linked above) After the 7th world, they would reunite to reform The One (which we assume is a Shard) So the question is, which Shard is The One? In the thread linked above, there was some interesting speculation on this, but I feel like everyone is missing a glaring, obvious clue. How has Brandon named all of the Shards so far? It's based off of their capital "I" Intent driving motivation. What is the Shard's purpose? Why does it do what it does? This purpose drives all of the Shard's actions and it's reflected in the name of the Shard. So let's ignore all the (super interesting) speculation about which worlds the Iriali have gone to, and which they will go to next. These questions are just distractions. The relevant question is WHY. Why do they travel between worlds? Why did The One break itself apart? The answer: to experience. It knew everything but experienced nothing, so it broke apart and forced its people to travel from world to world in the Cosmere. The purpose is to gain experience. The Shard is called Experience Closing: Ok, that was a lot to type and took longer than I expected. Now that I'm done, I fully expect someone to pop in with a WoB totally disproving my whole theory. That, or for someone to say "duhhhhh, why do you think no one talks about this? It's like having a theory about water being wet." Anyway this is my 100th post and I'm sticking to it! Thanks to everyone at the Shard for enabling my Sanderson addiction! P.S. Wasn't sure if this should be on the OB board or in Cosmere Theories, so admins feel free to move
  14. Sell Kelsier will make at least one appearance in Stormlight 6-10
  15. Ohhhhhhhh hahahaha that is not what I thought you meant. I'm guessing Calderis thought the same as me. I'm not so sure though. I'm assuming it would drain his metalminds before killing him, but if he's actively compounding multiple metals, it might take longer than we assume