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  1. ketek

    Sorry, I’ve been going through an email transfer, the inactivity was a mistake. Thanks for all who’ve contributed to this post, I plan to add some more keteks to this in due time my friends.
  2. unmade

    I like the idea, and it would be a great foundation for a book, but I don't think Brandon would go that way. He likes his twists, so I think this might be a little too straightforward for him. If anything, this would be a side quest of some sort. Love where its going though
  3. unmade

    There's an option right under where you choose to add tags where you can select a tag you wrote and use it as "prefix".
  4. ketek

    That's nice! I can see it fitting well with Szeth.
  5. ketek

    I love all of these. Thank you so much for contributing.
  6. ketek

    I like it, but try to use the middle word only once. Great idea though!
  7. heralds

    So your point is that it was because he didn't reveal everything? Here I was thinking it meant something.
  8. heralds

    Not all of you may remember, but before the prologue of WoK, there was a section that took place 4500 years ago. It detailed the abandoning of the Oathpact, the pact forged by the Heralds to defend humanity from the Voidbringers. This moment was never important until now. So why was the section taken from Kalak's point of view? Why not Nale, Jezrien, Ishar, or Taln himself? Is this fact important? Am I over thinking this? Let me know what you think below along with any theories.
  9. ketek

    I wrote another one about peace.
  10. Agreed. Plus, BS is Mormon, and while he did include Drehy's situation, I doubt he'd do it with a main character.
  11. ketek

    This thread will be dedicated to the holy Vorin poetry form, a ketek. They must read the same forward and backward, but you can alter verb forms. Please promote this thread, because there isn't much about the ketek on this site, and I love this poetry so much, so let's try and fill this to the brim. Make keteks about life experiences, characters, or anything. My ketek below is about forgiveness.
  12. I chose Other for book 4, but I think for book 5 it will be Venli. Choice for book 4 below.
  13. I haven't been able to reread, but I think you're on to something. Usually, in SA, the chapter title is directly quoted in the chapter itself. Whether through dialogue, description, or character thoughts
  14. Odium was confirmed to have settled on Braize after bringing the humans (a.k.a. Voidbringers) to Roshar, however as of Oathbringer he has moved back to Roshar.
  15. Unlikely. The gas giants of Greater Roshar are confirmed to be uninhabited. Adonalsium is in only 16 pieces, all of them are mortal (proven by the splintering of Honor) so none of them can be at a gas giant, especially since the location and condition of 10 Shards are confirmed. There are many unknown Shards, but it is proven through Oathbringer that a Shard's influence is most powerful when the Shard is physically there. Investitures also play a part, however no other Shard has been on Braize, Odium's Shardworld, so no Investiture could have been made. I like the idea though, and it's definitely thinking outside the box.