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  1. Lately I've been reading Bernard Cornwell. I'm on to the fourth book in his Saxon tales series, Sword Song, and I'm loving it. I also read his book Fools and Mortals, which was decent but not nearly as good.
  2. So this deleted scene from aMoL just came out it Unfettered 3. Personally I enjoyed it, though I felt the ending was a bit of a deus ex machina. What did you think?
  3. I don't know if it's the strangest I've read, but Philip K. Dick's Ubik was definitely weird.
  4. I recently finished Trudi Canavan's The Black Magician trilogy which has a female protagonist. Though there was really nothing special or original about these books, I still enjoyed them a lot.
  5. It sounds like the main character will be moiraine. I hope that doesn't mean they'll be changing too much.
  6. So Brandon just posted on his website that in the upcoming unfettered iii (march 19th) we will see a deleted sequence from a memory of light, about perrin in the ways. brandon says it will answer a major question left unanswered at the end of the wot. Any idea what that may be? Anyway, i can't wait to read this!
  7. So, there's a Kenton street in Luthadel. Coincidence?
  8. I recently finished the web fanfic Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It is probably the longest book 've ever read (about 650,000 words) and was absolutely amazing. I'm now reading Six of Crows, and though it didn't start out so well it's actually gotten pretty good.
  9. I didn't like The Name of the Wind. It didn't seem to have any plot. I like the star wars prequels too.
  10. Balefire burns you from the pattern backwards in time - meaning you didn't exist in the past, so I'm not so sure that atium could forsee a future in which Rand blasts TLR with balefire, since if that happened TLR wouldn't exist in the present either. Though I do remember it saying somewhere in the WoT that the prophecies can't guarantee that Rand will win the Last Battle since if the dark one wins he'll break the wheel of time and then there won't be a future - so that even if the prophecy says that Rand will win it means nothing. It's possible that balefire works in a similar way, and then maybe atium would work the same way that there are prophecies. Though I'm not sure I worked out the logic of that correctly.
  11. I just finished Dan Brown's newest book, Origin, and I must say I was seriuosly disappointed. Not only did this book fall into the same basic formula as all the other Robert Langdon books, it also failed to be as interesting as Brown's other books. Felt just like your average thriller to me.
  12. So, as an orthodox jew living in Israel, I'd be interested to hear what the christians here think about the state of Israel. To my understanding, for centuries christian theology said that the jews were fated to be a nation without a home, constantly harassed and suffering. That actually happened to jews for centuries, but is no longer true. How do you deal with this, theologically?
  13. I feel the same as a a lot of people here, graphic novels just aren't for me. Here are two things I noticed: Is that a lamp by Ais's daughter's bed? I'm fairly certain it is which is very strange since I've seen no other evidence that they have such things on lightside (they don't even have gunpowder...) The High Justice person tells Kenton that in the second vote about dissolving the Sand Masters he would need a unanimous voting to prevent the dissolving. And then she tells him that he won't even have a vote himself. But isn't that rather irrelevant, since he needs a unanimous vote in his favor in order to win? It wouldn't help him at all to have a vote!
  14. Penguin Flamingo Chicken Goose Duck Turkey Ostrich Emu Raven Pigeon WLIU name 10 different dinosaurs Oops
  15. Penguin E Flamingo Chicken Goose Duck Turkey Ostrich Emu Raven Pigeon WLIU name 10 different dinosaurs