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  1. Wow, I've looked through the whole thread and I haven't seen one of my favorite funny moment mentioned yet Or maybe I'm having a cheesy sense of humor, I don't know xD I definitely died here, I even had to stop reading for a few minutes to calm down: This is hilarious, I can literally see the horror on Kal's face anytime I read it. And with his ordinary scowl, there's no wonder a citylord got a little concerned about his well-being And since I love Pattern, this one really got me as well: And I absolutely fell in love with Szeth and Lift interactions:
  2. It could be both, it could be none, but I know one thing for sure - such dreams are fun and I'm always happy to have them Some examples from my own experience: I had dreams about highstorms a few times. I remember the first one the most, it was the most dramatic - I was in the forest, desperately trying to find the shelter since the highstorm was approaching. Finally I managed to hide under the large rock. The storm itself was terrifying, with all of these winds, rain and red and white streaks of light passing me by. When I woke up my heart was pounding like crazy, but I was quite impressed how real it felt. Another time I was dreaming about the highstorm rain, the one with crem. I had always wondered about its consistence, so with all my curiosity passed into the dream I just put my finger into the fresh layer that covered the nearby wall. If you're curious - it felt a lot like a liquid foundation used for make-up. Even the color was quite the same! xD My latest Roshar/TSA related dream was quite peculiar, but this is probably why I loved it so much. I'v had it right after finishing Oathbringer and watching Star Wars VIII. Here we go: I was REY THE WINDRUNNER (!), on the mission to find the mysterious gemstone which cannot be drained out of Stormlight. I had no idea where to look for it, so I decided to ask for help the one person who might have seen the thing before. It was ...Szeth. We were enemies at that time and we had even fought before, but I went to him anyway. I knew that after his own failures and the fact that his latest master had failed him as well (I didn't know the details, though), he decided to change his life and start all over. I hoped he would listen to me now. So, after some flying and searching, I finally found Szeth in the backyard of the small farm, far away from civilisation. He was BROOMING the HORSES there. Szeth freaked out when he saw me at first and he wanted to attack, but I Lashed myself backwards towards the nearest building. He was really surprised to see me Surgebinding, because I hadn't had the ability during our previous fight. I told him that I needed his help to get this gemstone back. He said that he is no longer interested in looking for the stolen gemstones for the rich guys - he apparently had no idea what the thing was capable of. I told him that the thing isn't just money, but the ancient gemstone which cannot be drained out. It took his attention, but I don't know what happened next, because I woke up. Too much weirdness to go on with it, apparently.
  3. I've always admired your works! You are actually a sort of a legend in the history of Stormlight fanarts to me <3
  4. I finished the OB about two weeks ago, so the first hype is fading. I can be more rational with the final rate. Basically I enjoyed the book. The problem is I might be saying that just because I'm already so much attached to the characters that I'm likely to be excited watching them eating their breakfast. Just like @EC11 said, the arcs were less interesting than in TWoK and WoR, at least for the first half of the book. Some flying, some detective stuff and some exploration - nice to read, but nothing special about them. The parts 4 and 5 were much better, just as I expected, but even then... somehow... I felt unsatisfied when I finished the book. As if it was lacking something, though I can't precise what it might have been exactly. As for characters, Dalinar and Jasnah were at their best for me, the took such a big step forward! Kaladin on the other hand, oh my... I was really sorry to see him that way, but I must admit that with all of that god-like aura surrounding him so often lately, he felt more like human again. Shallan freaked me out with that splitting. She felt like falling apart as well, but she somehow managed to hold this process, at least for now. I was surprised with her wedding, though. Yeah, there have been some preparings and mentioning it throughout the book, but it has never felt like something that might happen already in OB. I was happy to finally have some Renarin's POV and Renarin-related scenes. I've always found him one of the greatest mysteries of TSA and OB only confirmed that we should keep an eye on him. My final rate would be 7/10 though it basically hurts me. Maybe I just can't be objective with this series after all...
  5. My thoughts, exactly. I can't understand why people always assume that if the character doesn't seem to be interested in relationships at first glance, it is because he or she is gay or must have been abused in the past. Maybe Jasnah just doesn't care? She has a lot of different stuff to do and to keep her mind occupied, anyway. At the moment I am quite willing to believe in abusement, though. Something must have broken her and this is one of the first things that comes to my mind. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing the actual backstory. As for the character, Jasnah is my second favourite, after Kaladin. I like her logical thinking and that she always stands her ground. At first, I had a feeling she was too firm and perfect, but I realized it was Shallan's point of view.
  6. When you realize that you might die before Stormlight 10 is out and it frightens you more than the actual dying.
  7. Inspired by a topic about Stormlight movie cast, I decided to start a different thread - what sort of TSA adaptation would you like to see the most, would it be movies, TV series or maybe a cartoon? The idea comes from the fact that I can't imagine TSA as a movie at all. There's so much fantasy stuff there with flying and glowing in a first place, I just think it would be really hard to make it not look somewhat cheesy... I just wonder if it's just me What I would LOVE to see on the other hand, is a cartoon series. It's probably because I actually see TSA more as a cartoon in my head - I can't explain it, but Brandon's way of describing sets, characters poses and gestures mostly ends up in my head as an epic screenshot from some sort of anime or Avatar: The Last Airbender series. If I wasn't that lazy I could probably even draw a storyboard out of these books! Anyway, I think that the style used in The Last Airbender would be the perfect match for TSA. I find them both quite similar in many ways - the unique world, the dark vibe, even a sense of humor. And if Thomas Bergersen was the one to write the soundtrack, my life would be complete Yeay, just imagine, how awesome would that be: (found on pinterest: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/337418197063999884/ ) It always kills me
  8. That would be cruel and inhuman, I don't want them to be tormented for eternity! Though I am afraid that Brandon is actually able to do such a horrifying thing.
  9. Nice job! Though you've made me just realized that I've imagined the sun on the wrong side of the sky all along... Any hints on the axial tilt of Roshar? I wonder if they have white nights there.
  10. Storms, I didn't assume there were that many Kadolin lines in OB Ha, I already know what I will be looking for in the next books! Anyway, I think that Adolin's interest in Kaladin is driven by somewhat different reasons. For the first time in his life, Adolin isn't in the middle of attention and he can "hardly compete to that". He might be trying to figure out how did it come to the point where "the storming bridgeboy" is the actual hero. He definitely can see what Kaladin can do and looks up to him, but at the same time he loses part of his confidence. Seeing Kaladin's growth is quite a turning point in Adolin's life and his way of perceiving the world, so it seems natural that he wants to keep an eye on him. If they are going to be as cheesy and rainbow cute in the next books as they were at the meeting with Dalinar, I will have to grunt and roll my eyes all the time, unless Kaladin do it. Yeah, this is probably why I am waiting subconsciously for some drama to come...
  11. Elantris. I was in a bookstore trying to pick the third book for the 3 for 2 sale. I was looking through the random books and ended up with Elantris as I liked the description the most. I didn't know a thing about Sanderson back then, so I like to think the winds of destiny were involved there
  12. They're too perfect, aren't they? Yet since we barely can see Adolin's point of view, it's hard to say if he really had changed. We can see how Adolin acts mostly through Shallan's eyes. I believe this is the point in her life when she is completely convinced that Adolin is what she needs to keep her more or less sane. Shallan wants to see him as an adorable prince charming and this is how we are seeing him as well. So there might be a lot going on with him behind the scenes. Btw, is there anything about how Adolin sees Shallan in his chapters? Anything like "she was so beautiful"I can't remember that. I like the guy but he seemed to be caring more for his new clothing and Kaladin's reaction to them. @Dreamstorm thanks for finding the original quote. And you've probably just convinced me that I really NEED to re-read these books
  13. *waving* Hello, everyone, another newcomer here. To have any sort of a starting point, I've just looked through that brief summary (cool that there are stuff like that here!) of what you have been discussing so far. My first reaction was simply 'wow'. I know it's a little off-topic, but I have to say it - what you're doing in this place is absolutely amazing! I am more of a math person who prefers simple facts, so all of this theories and search for second meanings has always been a kind of a sorcery for me But hey, it's never too late to try new things, right? Anyway! I must admit I had supported this pairing in WoR a lot, I didn't feel like that anymore at the end of OB. I was actually glad with the ending. Shallan went... so weird here. She started to be so mean to Kaladin, that I actually found her annoying. It definitely had to do with Helaran issue, but somehow I completely didn't like how she coped with it. First of all, Shallan skipped the topic so easily that I was completely baffled. She will have to finally deal with it anyway. What would it be like? Grudge or reconciliation? I can't really tell with her current state of mind. Until this issue is unresolved I just don't see them together. So, from my point of view Shalladin was done at the end of OB - with Kaladin's statement and Shallan's wedding. At least at this point of timeline there's nothing serious going on between them - I believe they're both too busy trying to handle their own twisted minds to actually be able to create a relationship anyway. As for the future, I haven't thought of it much yet. It only came to my mind that Adolin would have to die or turn evil, but that would be a completely new and complex story to read before we could even consider Kaladin and Shallan together. I think I would even like to see it that way, but I just feel sorry for Adolin whenever I consider that. And that last part of the summary! if you say that Brandon actually confirmed that Kal and Shallan are going to interact a lot in the future... hmm... this might prove... very interesting.
  14. As for me, Two Steps from Hell is the best match for TSA and cosmere in general. Lively, epic and full of emotions. I could literally write here a wall of titles which remind me of it... Ok, so let there be three first pieces that come to my mind: Such a wonderful melody! Lyrics somehow remind me of Kaladin and Syl relationship. After reading Oathbringer iI think it might also fit to Dalinar/Evi, at least partially. That one because... well... the title maybe? i don't have any particular association with that one... it just sounds like the soundtrack from TSA to me
  15. Oh, good to know it gets better. As for favourite book, I would say The Way of Kings. Brandon has that weird manner of holding the most interesting events until the very last moment, but in this case there was plenty going on throughout the whole book. The bridge runs, fights on the Shattered Plains - that was absolutely breathtaking. And the dark part, with Kaladin fighting off his own demons and trying to stand up again. This dark vibe is probably why I admire the Stormlight Archive above all.