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  1. https://www.coppermind.net/wiki/Cultivation. The last paragraph on Influence. Though that's not a confirmation, it's speculation. Edit: Whoops. Didn't realize there was a second page.
  2. Is that how it works? I seem to remember Szeth thinking in the books that the Knights Radiant could hold Stormlight perfectly. Also, the way to test which is more efficient would be to see which orders that have the same abilities use the Stormlight more quickly than others, e.g., Windrunners and Skybreakers; Lightweavers and Elsecallers.
  3. Granted, but all of your attempts to bring down the crime rings and government programs will have absolutely no effect. I wish that I could never be tired again.
  4. Odium is actually a word in English with Latin roots. It literally means hatred.
  5. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
  6. Just some science; people with blue eyes actually have no pigment in their eyes. It's the way the irises reflect the light that makes them appear blue. If the Alethi understood this science, who knows how they would classify those with blue eyes.
  7. I was just confused because on the chart in the book, it does not show them together. All of the other ones on any list you find lists them differently than the other ones. For example: All of the metals that are counterparts are listed next to each other on the sides. All of the enhancement metal counterparts are underneath each other. It's confusing.
  8. It wouldn't quite be the same principle, as chromium and aluminum aren't counterparts (internal vs. external), rather duralumin is aluminum's counterpart, and nicrosil is chromium's counterpart. So they would definitely have different effects.
  9. I think you added a C.
  10. Yes, I have checked out Arcanum. It does exactly what you said it does, and for that reason, I can't get on it too often, so I'm not completely informed.
  11. Thanks, that was perfect.
  12. I think this question may have already been answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so here goes. While I was listening to Edgedancer recently, I heard that Nightblood's sheath was made of a silvery metal. For some reason, I had always thought his sheath was black, like his blade, but since it's shiny, it made me think of aluminum. It seems to fit with aluminum's properties as well. Thoughts?
  13. I love listening to The Black Piper's Kaladin album, but there are many times in the songs where there are chants and songs in a foreign language. Does anyone know what these words are? As in, specifically, the lyrics, and is there an English translation perhaps? If anyone can answer this, please post the actual words used and possibly an English translation.