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  1. So Sorry. Someone's slipping.
  2. And then it exploded.
  3. Woah. Was not expecting so many people to agree with my preference for medieval ages. Most of my friends prefer more modern era literature, but I've always found that it dulls the splendor a bit. I mean, I just can't imagine allomancy being nearly so cool when people can out-drive you on your pewter-drag or use a gun instead of a coinshot.
  4. Narrator Night gasps in shock. OneToday barks accordingly. She'sStillGotIt tosses her hair and scoffs. She doesn't like medals that aren't hers. Especially when made of dog-killing chocolate.
  5. I'm on mobile and it just kind of looks like a mermaid? so...A for effort and M for mermaid.
  6. ...And then what?
  7. Hello! I just listened to the GraphicAudion for Mistborn and have this roboarded the Sanderson train.
  8. You make a compelling case. I never read the second series because I have a thing against the gunpowder era, but if it'll have that much of an impact...
  9. Not that anyone called her that. No, us normal, life-valuing people call her "She'sFortyButLooksTenYearsYounger" or, alternatively, "She'sStillGotIt."
  10. Oh boy. More Mistborn? With secret in the title? You don't know how happy you've made me.
  11. I have not. *Intrigued whisper* tell me more.
  12. After a three month hiatus, I return. But his crotchety mother calls him OneToday because he'll always be a puppy in her mind.
  13. So I keep hearing people say Kelsier is a cognitive shadow. I am mildly familiar with this term; I've heard it in reference to Hoid and Vivenna. But if he isn't totally dead, then what was that conversation with Spook about in HoA? The wiki says that it was Ruin playing as Kelsier, which makes sense because he was so insistent about revenge, but I never actually heard that from a person who's read the books. Can someone give clarity?
  14. Right-o. You can now eat metal rods at will. You become an internet meme. I wish my neighbor's house exploded so I wouldn't have to listen to her obnoxious dogs barking all day.
  15. Narrator Night appointed herself General of vampire kitten enlistment. She explained to Narrator Taradiddle that the kittens were undergoing serious training in preparation to overthrow the Ghanderflaffle Empire. Important stuff.