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  1. Right-o. You can now eat metal rods at will. You become an internet meme. I wish my neighbor's house exploded so I wouldn't have to listen to her obnoxious dogs barking all day.
  2. Narrator Night appointed herself General of vampire kitten enlistment. She explained to Narrator Taradiddle that the kittens were undergoing serious training in preparation to overthrow the Ghanderflaffle Empire. Important stuff.
  3. Sure. Now Atlanta reigns. Unfortunately, that means dry seasons don't exist anymore, pushing the ecosystem into crisis. I wish for everyone to get the previous pun.
  4. Jasnah Soulcast Bozo into an axehound.
  5. That's how I always felt. I guess I always viewed her story as a child forced to grow up too fast. She feels young to me. Unlike Kaladin, who seems older than Dalinar sometimes, Shallan's narrative always felt like the musings of a woman new to adulthood, still clinging to childish ideas even while the world contradicts him. She suppresses her feelings in the hope that they will disappear. In the same way, she seems to deny truths because with them, reality will become too terrible to handle. I see her secondary personas as a way to cope, different facets of her nature exaggerated into their own characters. The Shallan we see on screen has parts of Veil and parts of Radiant in her. She's either suppressed those parts over time in order to be the perfect daughter/ward/wife, or discarded them because they didn't serve her for the situation she was in. I think that Shallan is the main personality, yes, but the others are just as valid, and a healthy Shallan will find ways to incorporate all her parts into her life.
  6. Hallelujah! Back in business! Including milbenkäse. Look it up, kids.
  7. Welp. Thread is dying. Syonara, folks!
  8. Jasnah and Kelsier walked into a bar. Ouch. (Cue laughter)
  9. Adolin was said to have wandering eyes and seems open-minded. Shallan has fancied how many characters now? Kabsal, Jasnah, Kaladin, Adolin... And that's just in the (year?) we know her. With the apocalypse upon them, propriety is falling apart. I can see them...experimenting. The only reason I'm skeptical is because Brandon's focus is never on sex — he's deliberately stated so multiple times and I think he'll stand in keeping relationships vague. But who knows. Perhaps he'll surprise me. Anyone think this is possible, in canon or just as a real-world hypothetical?
  10. Marsh decided to commit suicide and was thus banished from the narrative. Problem solved. Now let us please move on to Lift in the waffle house. And waffles in Lift.
  11. Can someone explain what happened to this thread? Are we know telling macabre stories?
  12. Woah. Let's sort those ninjas please.
  13. Ninja So Jasnah bough an axehound. She named it "Boot" because that was what she greeted him with whenever he followed her into her room.
  14. Hamilton. But all the actors are mute. I wish I had money.
  15. Hm, I didn't think of this. Good point! I suppose her behavior leaves more to blame on the stifling society she lives in rather than she herself.