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  1. These are all great ideas, so thank you, and I'll definitely try them out to see which one works best for the story.
  2. What's you Endgame theory?

    1. Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper


      Basically that all the characters surviving have connections to Thanos which will allow them to convince him to reverse the snap. Examples of the connections I'm talking about are things like Tony being "cursed with knowledge" like Thanos, Clint & Scott both being fathers (if you could call Thanos Gamora & Nebula's father), and Nebula being his daughter. Its probably more likely that time travel or the soul stone will be involved, though. 

  3. Yes. That is actually... a decent summary of my Avengers: Endgame theory... This is also just me. It's a really interesting way to go with his character (both this element, and everything else they do w/ Loki). I have one other thing to say, which is that I need to take back my anti-John Green controversial opinion from last year. Sort of. I have now read TFIOS, and loved it.
  4. I "bought" The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Choshki. (Techinically I got it as part of a subscription box which arrived today, but thought I'd share it, because it is THE BEST).
  5. I have reappeared on this thread! Yay! Anyway, someone mentioned Children of the Whales, and I am currently obsessed with that anime.
  6. Elantris was my first cosmere book, but I'd already read The Rithmatist (and possibly Steelheart) at that point.
  7. game

    I'd like to play.
  8. So, one of the two main races (in a vague sense) that exists in my story are half animal, half human. One of my main characters is currently half koi fish, with an orange and white tail. This is partially to emphasize that she is less strong and mobile than other characters, and partially for the mermaid/siren imagery (which serves as character development later on). However, I'm struggling, now that I'm beginning to actually write the story, to figure out how to have her move, as typically, you know, fish can't move on ground. Does anyone have any advice for being able to get around this without stretching suspension of belief too much (and all that), or otherwise a way to keep the same story telling elements but making it more practical for her to move? Thank you for helping me out with this.
  9. Don't take the cookie! Welcome to the shard, I hope you enjoy Mistborn.
  10. Yes
  11. Yeah! It was pretty good. Or, maybe the OnePlus Two was.... I can't remember. I have a Galaxy S7
  12. These are more a collection of ones I hate. The least favourite is listed at the end. Denna from the Kingkiller Chronicle. The main characters of the The Selection Series(s (Do you pluralize Series for this?)) - America and Eadlyn were both annoying, and I'm not a big fan of Erik either. Mare, and to a lesser extent Cal, from the Red Queen Series Anderson from Sherlock And the least favourite is......... Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.
  13. Basically, put what genre this character is from, and then a description of them/ introduction to their character. Try to make them as typical a main character for that genre as you can. You can also include stuff that's true but wouldn't typically be included in a book (like how bad your character is at making descisions). Self aware characters are great! For Example, this is my attempt at a YA dystopian/romance heroine: My name is Lena, short for Magdelana. I'm ordinary, but pretty, with bright blue eyes. I love art, music, and reading. I also have a great, but slightly weird, fashion sense. I have a unique ability that only 5% of the population has, but I hate my powers. I want to be normal. I absolutely love my parents and sibling, but I don't always agree with them. I'm just different. I'm also super athletic, even though I never excercise and rarely spend time outside, though I do love nature. People always underestimate me because I'm a girl, but I'm the best, and can do anything I want without any consequences or problems. I'm also not very good at social interactions, but we all ignore that and pretend it's everyone else's fault when I fight with them. There you go! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Hope I put it in the right forum thingy.
  14. This has actually been scientifically analysed by Game Theory. You should have a look. And for my question: Why?