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  1. Can two people grab and hold a Shard together? I feel like a pregnant woman would behave very similarly, as their are two lifeforms connecting to the Shard. I'd say the only difference is the lack of the infant's development. I don't think the child would be born while the woman is holding the shard; Vessels do not need to eat, drink, sleep, etc. It seems all bodily functions pause with that much Investiture. While the pregnancy probably wouldn't continue, the child would still be very much alive and very much a Vessel of the Shard itself. Shards grant a ton of inherent knowledge when held, and I don't if that would necessarily make the child develop mentally far faster than normal (would be pretty dang weird to be conscious in the womb), but if the Vessel ever did let go of the Shard and then had the child, that kid would be just as affected from holding the Shard as the Vessel herself would be. I can also easily imagine the child having some mental issues growing up, as a Shard's Intent is probably not healthy for an underdeveloped mind. It would probably warp the mind so much as to possibly remove any Identity the child might have normally had, and make it a sort of human embodiment of the Shard - if that makes sense. WoB:
  2. speculation

    Awesome theory! The only problems I have with it are points 1 and 3. In Hero of Ages, Ruin doesn't realize what is going on when Elend and the others burn the atium. I don't think that seeing the future by drawing on a shard grants the Shardbearer any knowledge about the user. Also, I'm pretty sure Odium was wrong about seeing the future. Unless he's super-meta manipulating, the way he acted when interacting with Dalinar at the end showed that he was absolutely confident that Dalinar would join him. Which, is EXACTLY what Renarin saw in the future. Since Renarin is maybe seeing the future through Odium, by his corrupted spren, wouldn't that show that Odium, and through him Renarin, can only see one, or a few versions of the future? Maybe the infinite possibilities are too much, or the Shards intent distorts the future, letting the Shardbearer only see the future based on their intent? That seems like that fits with the Cultivation and Endowment future-seeing as well.
  3. To my understanding, the way healing works in the Cosmere reverts oneself to their perceived cognitive self. This is why Kaladin's brands don't heal, yet Lopen's arm grows back. With gold feruchemy, it would seem like one would still age. Their stored up health can only heal them so far, and their cognitive self would age. However, if one was able to have an absurd amount of healing, like a gold compounder such as Miles Hundredlives, AND they considered themselves immortal, would they age? I feel it is a reasonable inference to say Miles thinks himself immortal, considering his mentality seen in Mistborn, especially after he mentally moves beyond pain itself. If he imagined himself at a consistent age, believing that his healing prevented him from aging, and he always had copious, near infinite, amounts of healing readily available, I think he would achieve immortality. Plus, I feel like adding hemalurgy into the mix would only increase his already insane healing abilities, especially if he had a Trell spike that had some sort of power along the lines of healing. Thoughts?