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  1. thank you ♥♥
  2. i love em, they're my favorite characters
  3. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Brandon Sanderson, deciding to keep Gaz around instead of just killing him offscreen in Way of Kings like any other writer would've: Aw shoot, now i have to figure out something for him to do or people are gonna say i forgot about him again *just plops him down getting completely wasted for a book and half in a row*
  4. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Gaz but from a parallel universe where every male character is a woman and vice versa
  5. thank you! ♥
  6. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Burnt myself out on this comic SUPER hard, but idk if that’s just general burnout or comic-specific burnout. I had the same around the end of part 4, where i was like “screw it, i’m done with this”. That didn’t seem to be the case. I actually got super bad burnout+insomnia from stress lately so there’s that. This part of the comic (still hesitant to call them chapters for some reason) is all about trust-building. What i was trying to depict through the chapter is that at this point in time (both in canon and in the AU) both kaladin and gaz have been pushed so hard against the wall the only way out they see will probably get them killed. This is also effectively Gaz deciding to go out of his way to help the bridgemen, which on top of the planning to desert the army, is pretty much gambling with his own life, which checks out given what we know of him from canon. I’m very excited about almost every page for the next chapter, to the point where i’m worried i won’t be able to pull them off properly…
  7. From the album All The Other Dudes

    genderbent Sebarial and Palona for a friend! male!Palona is based on Jeff Goldblum lol
  8. AGGRESSIVELY BALLER. This is such a high quality rendering and composition, i'm losing my mind
  9. This looks stunning already! What a powerful, unsettling composition!
  10. Already said so in the discord but, this is amazing! You did such a great job! ♥
  11. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    this would be sometimes during early WoR, with Shallan and her caravan on their way to the shattered plains. I guess someone let Gaz guide one of the chulls to be nice bc he wanted to make himself useful. His backstory in Last Bridge Standing is he was a chull farmer, so i guess he'd know how to ride one. Also i'm pretty sure this submission box is haunted.
  12. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    This is a "Let Gaz Have A Kitten" AU, ok. Inspired by a cute conversation on the discord channel!
  13. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    I love Gaz, Red and Vathah so much guys help
  14. From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    no need to run, we’re just waiting for someone no eyes to see what we have become Sort-of-quick picture of Gaz, Red and Vathah! Inspired by the song The Things We Believe In by Orden ogan. The lyrics really make me think about them, thematically- it’s a song about (i’m pretty sure) dying in a nuclear winter, but the hopeless tone of the lyrics work well for deserters as well. (also “self-deceiving” and “the words that we say are ice” seem very fitting to me since as of OB we’ve at least had Vathah confirmed as Lightweaver squire, and you’ll tear the “Gaz is a Lightweaver” headcanon from my cold dead hands)
  15. From the album All The Other Dudes

    Brandon give us Red's real name you coward