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  1. 655 shrugged and followed. "You're the expert." The inspector grumbled. "Why are you here again?"
  2. 655 took a bite of cereal. "Well, anything's worth a try. Who were you thinking of?" The inspector seemed a bit miffed for some reason.
  3. Why wouldn't e!Wiz imply e!Ash? Plausible deniablity. Wiz formed the tie in response to Stick's prompt for it. Edit: Also, to be clear, I'm not opposed to flipping Ash, just think Wiz's actions are more suspicious.
  4. "Do I?" asked 655. "I don't remember any. Well, except for you. Sort of." "It's not immune. Nothing is immune. It's simply differently vulnerable, due to being distributed instead of centralized." "Interesting," remarked the inspector, making a note on his clipboard.
  5. "Is it Kaos-related?" X asked anxiously.
  6. X hovered awkwardly nearby, uncertain of what to do to help. "So... what happened to him?" he asked.
  7. "Do I know that?" said 655, his mouth partially full with breakfast. "Well, I guess I know that now." "Correction. I didn't know anything about it. Before it traipsed all over Onyx's domain, that is." "I imagine that is likely related to it not being a single coherent entity." The inspector blinked. "Wait. You made the monster?" @Nameless*
  8. Alpha (1): Wizard TJ (2): Araris, Alpha Wizard (1): Xino I will vote Wizard: I'm suspicious of his last-minute move from Ash to Alpha, and suspect there might be ulterior motives at play. (i.e. e!Ash). Definitely not opposed to a TJ exe though. Edit: Alpha's vote for TJ is sheepy, but like I said last cycle, never too early to sheep >:)
  9. Yes- what do I need to know to make a character?
  10. I'd be interested. What do I need to know?
  11. The destroyer narrowed his eyes further, feeling the power of Unity- how it was shattered, fragmented. Well, he said out loud. Let's fix that, then. With a massive heave, the two forms became one. The mass of the creature began to contort and shrink, until it had taken upon it the shape of the destroyer. The amalgamation raised his arm, bearing the fusion of the Plotblade of Unity and the Blade of Quidan. "I will find them," he called out in a voice echoed by hissing. "Wherever they are." In a flash of black light, he teleported away. "Curious," the inspector muttered, tapping his crystalline glasses-eyes and staring at his clipboard. "Perhaps it is similar to the incorporation of Onyx's authority into Lore...? I will have to investigate at a later date." He turned his gaze towards Subversion. "Now. You claim to know the nature of this Blade?" "Oh," said 655. "Is that what usually happens?"
  12. Additional angles blinked in and out of existence, giving details on the exact position of each star in the depicted universe.
  13. They, hmm? The destroyer narrowed his eyes. Which they? The inspector's pen stopped. "Oh?" 655 picked up the jug and guzzled it. "Ah," he said, clinking the jug back down on the table. "No, not that I can recall." Who's to say he can't?
  14. I think, given the circumstances, I'm pretty happy with my vote where it is. If I were going to move it, I'd likely move it to Wizard. I don't feel great about his swing to me in the light of Ash's sudden train.
  15. "Other things," said the inspector vaguely. "I'll be back later to check up on how you are doing." With that, he vanished. It's asynchronous. All the stuff with the ally happened before the stuff with Bookwyrm.
  16. "You have, as they say, 'gotten in it one.' They are indeed star charts. Our job- or, well, your job- is to take what you see here and replicate it out there." The inspector gestured out at the vast expanse of empty space.
  17. The destroyers thoughts stood resolute and Silent. Enough, he thought contemptuously. You fight and bicker, trying to destroy each other in your vitriol. You want revenge, but for what? Is there anything besides mindless hatred? "Curious," murmured the inspector. "Curious indeed..." He glanced up. "The blade appears to be fragmented. Without the whole, it is hard to say precisely determine its core Intent. If I took it back to my lab, perhaps I-" The inspector twitched slightly as Subversion appeared. "Hello," he said evenly, pulling out his clipboard. "And who might you be?" "Indeed. One of my favorites, in fact. I will have to show it to you another time." "Of course," the inspector replied, pulling out a sheet of paper and unrolling it. On it were several star charts, each representing a different angle. "Here," he stated, laying them flat on the floor. "We'll start with this." "Excellently!" 655 said in a raspy voice, then coughed. "But, ah, I might need some water."
  18. Stick (1): Archer Ash (3): Araris, Kasimir, Xino TKN (1): Alpha Araris (1): Ash Xino (2): Wizard, Sart Wiz (1): Stick Kasimir (1): Telrao Additional evidence: as elim, subbed out that game Though of course I'm fully aware of the expectation now, so maybe I am deliberately playing differently to throw people off.
  19. The inspector lifted his hand to his face and inspected the kitten.
  20. "No thank you. I prefer the board game." "Later in the project, it will be required. Now, not so much- though Onyx cannot be held liable for any injuries you sustain due to said decision." The guide tilted her head. A moment later, she was replaced by the inspector. He leaned down close to the Plotblade, running his fingers over the deep blue metal. "Hmm..." @The Bookwyrm is this the one that Rym took from the monster?
  21. Perhaps neither, answered the guide. For now, I am simply his messenger, his mouthpiece. What is it you desire?
  22. Really? :thoughtful: I thought it had been longer than that. Clearly I was not traumatized enough. I think it was like three or four in a row that I screwed up. What, do you not remember the last time you messed up a VC? Stick (1): Archer Ash (4): Wizard, Araris, Kasimir, Xino TKN (2): Alpha, Stick Araris (1): Ash Unvotes yay Araris Ash