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About Me

RP disclaimer: This is a work of (fan) fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author and/or original author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The actions, opinions, and/or affiliations expressed are those of the characters and should not be confused with the author’s.

About Me

A long time ago, I was someone else. That someone was me. It has been a long time since then.

New sprouts are growing from the ashes.

Old About Me (Archived)



Greetings, visitor! I am called xinoehp512 (and yes, I am aware it is misspelled). Welcome to my About Me page, where I tell you everything you need to know about me.

What I do on the Shard:

1. Roleplay 

2. Worldbuild

3. Discuss Roleplaying and Worldbuilding

What I Don’t Do (generally speaking) on the Shard:

1. Socialize

2. Theorize

3. Produce Visual Artistry


The majority of my time is spent either in the Roleplay section or on TLT (the Longest Thread). Roleplays I contribute to include:

Sanderson Elimination

If you’ve ever played Mafia, Werewolf, or Town of Salem, you know how this goes. A crowd of innocent villagers finds itself invaded by a small sect of evil eliminators. Every night, another villager is taken. Can the villagers find the murderers before it’s too late?

This almost doesn’t seem like it should be classified as a roleplay. But people do, in fact, roleplay quite a bit while playing- although it’s never been more than an embellishment. Anyways, this was my first experience with online roleplaying of any kind. A toe in the water, so to speak. The actual diving in would come soon after, when the references I saw to the “Alleyverse” in discussion and signatures finally piqued my interest enough to convince me to join them.


The Alleyverse

A long, long time ago, there was a guild of People you wouldn’t want to meet in a Dark Alley. It was a guild dedicated to the concealment of hemalurgic spikes in baked goods and the distribution thereof. From humble beginnings, it grew to one of the most powerful guilds on the Shard. Due to its less-than-altruistic motivations, many rose to oppose it- but none were successful, and all were infiltrated and destroyed. All except for TUBA, the Underground Baker’s Association, which used clever subterfuge and espionage to protect itself. From TUBA came the Ghostbloods, and from the Ghostbloods came something new; FFRP. It started off gradual, with only a few short segments describing single events and duels, then transitioned into a single main plot that everyone could get involved in. After that had finished, the members declared it the end of ‘Era 1’, and- shortly afterwards- the Alleyverse subforum was created.

Enter myself, a relatively new and intermittent user spending most of my time playing forum games. Intrigued by the many references I saw popping up, I decided to check it out, and - eventually - join.

It went well, at first. I joined TUBA, made a few characters, ran a plot, joined a few others. Later I would enter a period of low activity which continues to this day. Inspired in part by the Mountain of the Gods subplot, my attention would gradually turn to something new; the Longest Thread.


The Longest Thread

Originally created with the purpose of becoming the longest thread on the Shard, the Longest Thread is a mixmash of the craziest ideas that people can come up with. People post one after another, creating a storyline that goes pretty much wherever you can imagine it going.

I originally was drawn to this thread because of the fascinating chaos it provided; a story, totally free of all limitations. I sought to make my mark as soon as I entered, adding the girraffine aspect to the ghanderflaffle and inventing a new character: Tom Joebob the mad scientist. When I joined, the goal of Longest Thread had not quite yet been reached, but it was almost there. Just six days (ten pages) later, the Longest Thread officially became the longest thread on the entire forum.

But no sooner had the thread achieved its lofty title than a challenger stepped up to contend for it; The Last Post Wins, a thread dedicated to chaos and competition. Lines were drawn, ideological discussions were had, alliances were formed, and - eventually - the whole thing was left for fate to decide. Both threads raced to post as much as possible to keep/take the crown for themself.

As part of this fresh surge of posts came a set of two duels. Waged between @beantheboy12 and @Shard of Thought on TLPW, the fights saw two of Bean’s characters faced against @Shard of Thought’s most powerful character, the eponymous Shard of Thought. The first, Galavian, lost spectacularly. The second (AJ), however, did something unexpected; he won. From this twist ending began a roleplay that soon evolved into its own separate entity, called Fallen.



Soon after the roleplay broke off from TLPW, I joined. Fresh from TLT, I decided to try something different. Instead of creating a new character, I borrowed the character of Tom Joebob from TLT. As is my nature, before long I had created an entire backstory that tied together the characters of both myself and @Shard of Thought.

Unfortunately, the roleplay would slow down significantly when @beantheboy12 left the shard. But even as it did, the dual location of Tom Joebob enabled a crossover with TLT- eventually spawning a roleplay that still stands today. It wasn’t called then as it is now, but this was the beginning of CBST- the Cosmic Battle to Save the Thread. 


On the four hundred and eighth page of TLT, the character of Marsh was kidnapped from Star,  @Shard of Thought’s (lowercase-a) avatar on the thread. Star attempted to retrieve him- however, due to the fact that I had involved Tom Joebob in the events, a crossover with Fallen occured. The effects of this, and the events that followed (including the death of Marsh) triggered a dark transformation in Narrator Star. A new semi-roleplay spun off TLT called Queen of Shadows, detailed the short-term aftermath of this shift. In it, I introduced a new Narrator character, Narrator Master of Silence, and gave him a unique power- the ability to ‘kill’ Narrators, reducing them to mere characters. Intrigued by the possibilities, I killed off my own Narrator and replaced them with a new one, Narrator Pheonix.

A hundred fifty or so pages later, Butt Venture Ascended to become a Narrator and Silence attacked for the first time.

And fifty pages after that, Star was erased from reality.

The aftermath of that last event would split the universe in two, which would mark the point at which CBST split off into a seperate thread.

Ever since, more plot has popped up on TLT- but only tangentially related to CBST for now. We’ll see where it goes.