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  1. X looked up listlessly as Matra entered the room, his now-gray eyes empty of emotion. He took a muffin wordlessly and began nibbling on it.
  2. (1909-1542)/25= ~14 more pages. So one more day like this would definitely do it.
  3. Had me fooled for a moment there, I was wondering if I was misremembering who claimed Stab voter. @The Wandering Wizard you and @Amanuensis have a plan, right
  4. Clinic: Calano's Office X slumped against the door and slid to the ground. The room seemed duller now, grayer. Unreal. Gone. Everything he knew, everything he loved. Taken by some vast, dark force beyond his understanding. "No..." he tried to say, but his voice had vanished again. His appearance shifted. His eyes bled to a strange gray, and the lines on his skin began to darken. He didn't seem to notice.
  5. Orlok seems legit. Mat I think is probably legit? Gut read though is honestly elim. Not sure why.
  6. "But my family- my home-" X seemed near to tears. "Are they just... gone?"
  7. X felt himself tense. "What do you mean?" His voice held a note of panic. "There has to be a way to cure it. To fix it."
  8. Someone's going to pull an exorcist and the thread will simply die. Danex, have you anything to say in your defense?
  9. "How can you cure it?" asked X.
  10. X exhaled and opened the door and stepped into the office. Dr. Calano was inside, sitting at his desk and writing something down on a sheet of paper. "Uh," X started, suddenly intimidated. "She said- I mean, I heard you know more about Kaos?"
  11. Clinic: Outside Calano's Office X banged on the door, knocking until his knuckles were raw. With each knock, images flashed through his head. The mirror. His family. The sky, bleeding in ink. "Hello?" he called, his voice hoarse. "Is anyone there?" @CalanoCorvus
  12. X sprinted off as soon as Matra pointed.
  13. "Okay. Which way is his office?"
  14. "Calano," X said abruptly. "You said he knows more about this... Kaos?" He looked at Matra desperately.