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  1. @Channelknight Fadran
  2. "It's hopeless," said Gerald the squid gloomily.
  3. James smiled slightly. "I haven't been burned yet. Also- I don't think we've been introduced. My name's James." @Negative_Null
  4. Here I am, caught up on events...! sort of. Here's the vote as I count it: Xino (2) Venture, Elk Lotus (1) Gears Gears (2) Illwei, Xino I don't have an abundance of time, so here are some quick thoughts. I don't think that Lotus is evil- a claim gains her nothing if she's an eliminator. (Elims generally have the goal of drawing attention away from themselves, in fact.) Losing minority lynch would be a nuisance, but not enough of one to lynch her for it. I have a slight elim read of Gears for his attack on Lotus, and nothing better to go off of yet. @Gears
  5. "May your path be bright until we meet again," calls James in farewell as he steps off down the hallway.
  6. James nods. "I will remember your words, great one." He bows, and turns to depart.
  7. "I would like to know who my family was. My birth family, not my adoptive one." "Who?" asked James.
  8. X's avatar could not hear the voice, so he was somewhat confused.
  9. X's avatar sighed. "I fear that Fate has forgotten me." Don't worry, character of my character! We'll get you out of this.
  10. "None that I can think of," said X's avatar gloomily. "I'm fairly certain if I left this place, I would just disappear."