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  1. Light shines through the cracks. The dream disintegrates into an endless field of white. In the waking world, the amulet glows brightly. Cupra (who is on guard right now chronologically) glances over. She gazes at the amulet, an odd expression on her face. Then the amulet fades, and the moment is over. Corundum sighs. "A shame." His eyes flash black as shadowy figures blur into existence besides him. "I will regret killing you." @Condensation Whenever you are ready, Cupra wants to have a discussion with Melody. Chronologically before Q's watch. "I would converse with you," said Cupra to Melody.
  2. "Are you sure?" asked Corundum. Ariana clenched her fist. The world itself began to shake, cracks forming at the seams. "You think you can choose to deny your destiny?" She laughed. "You really are a fool."
  3. Corundum snaps back to reality. "Nothing, nothing... just a memory."
  4. "Conflicted..." said Corundum, his attention seeming to drift away. "All the voices, speaking in discord..."
  5. "Already you have begun to bend the world to your will," said the woman. "Is this not true?" Quick tip about revenants- they aren't actually that zombie-like, generally speaking. (At least in a decaying, rotten sense). The Gray Man has been creating them from normal people, so they fight like normal people and (except for being drained of color and having eerily unfocused eyes) look like normal people. The one way they are like zombies, however, is that they are totally, utterly mindless. If one is talking, it is not a revenant, but another creature like the Gray Man. Corundum watched Q intently. "You are conflicted," he murmured sympathetically.
  6. "You don't, hmm?" The woman twirled her fingers, forming an image of the amulet out of black mist. "And yet."
  7. "So you would rather blind yourself than face the truth." "Wouldn't you rather?" asked Corundum idly. "It's better to enjoy what you do, is it not?"
  8. "We have seen you unleash destruction upon your adversaries. That is something that I admire."
  9. Corundum raised an eyebrow. "You're worried that you will turn on them."
  10. "And when they turn on you?" asked Corundum.
  11. "Why?" asked Corundum. "Why care?"
  12. "And yet," replied Corundum, gesturing at the group behind Q, "Here you are. In service." "Oh?" sneered the woman. "And who are you meant to be, then? A weakling? A fool?"
  13. Q isn't having a dream right now (or if she is, it isn't connected), and the new kid skedaddled. There is someone else in the dream, however. The woman's eyes flared, and a massive wave of power flung Ellis backwards. "Why will you not just listen to me?" she snarled.
  14. Hm? Which dreams? "You have met a lesser one, I believe?" remarked Corundum, giving the knife a bored glance. "Known as the Gray Man? His power is crude and clumsy... but it will serve the Dark Lord's purposes for now."
  15. The woman simply folded her arms, meeting Ellis's stare. The pressure increased. "You join me," said Corundum, spreading his hands. "Us."