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  1. The stones seemed reasonable enough.
  2. creator games

    Ay! How the time has flown away.
  3. Cupra muttered something under her breath and began to descend on the rope.
  4. Gerald sighed. "Look, let's just use the rope."
  5. I am about to attempt something potentially dangerous.

    I will take three randomly generated literary tropes plus one randomly generated noun and write a story that uses them.

    The tropes are:

    Digging Yourself Deeper
    Funny Background Event
    We Gotta Stop Meeting Like This

    The noun is: editor

    This should be fun.


    Maniacal laughter filled the streets of City A as thundered flickered in the sky. Bob the newscaster sighed. Looked like it was going to be yet another boring Tuesday. Dutifully, he took out his microphone, put on his best fake smile for the camera, and started broadcasting.

    "Breaking News!" he exclaimed. "Heinous Supervillain 'The Editor' Launches An All Out Attack On City A! Your weather forecast; 100% chance of rain with a chance of - " he stepped carefully to the side as a bolt of lightning grounded itself next to him, "- thunder. May be a good idea to postpone that late-afternoon trip to the grocery store, folks!"

    All of a sudden, lights began to flash against the undersides of the clouds as a heavily-muscled, handsome man glowing brilliantly rose into the air. "Editor!" he boomed out, his voice unaccountably audible throughout the city. "Your crimes against the citizens of City A end today!"

    Bob the newscaster fought to keep his smile from becoming strained. "And look at that! Here comes Meta-Man, ready to save the day as usual. I'm sure you're all riveted to your seats to learn whether or not City A's favorite superperson has acquired a new power for this confrontation! Be sure to stay tuned; we'll be covering the battle live right after this break."

    He exhaled as he cut off the recording, his mouth feeling strained from his forced smiles. He wouldn't be covering that, thank goodness. It was his lunch break now, and nothing- nothing- was allowed to violate his burrito at the Taco Treasury.


    Nothing, he thought determinedly to himself as he munched his burrito at the one table still standing amidst the rubble. Absolutely nothing.

    Behind him, he heard a soft yet familiar ahem. Slowly, he turned around to meet the gaze of the speaker.

    "Alice," he said neutrally. "You just can't leave me alone, can you?"

    Alice folded her arms. "Still the same self-centered twit, I see. Surprising as it may seem, my world does not revolve around you. In fact, I am here for my job."

    "You work here?" said Bob through a mouthful of burrito. "Don't they usually hire younger people for the cooking? Uh, not that you're old, I mean. Just, you know, not a teenager anymore..." He trailed off into an awkward silence as Alice glared him down. In the distance, the squawk of a giant rubber chicken could be heard as the two superhumans duked it out in the sky.

    "No, I don't work here," she snapped. "Even if I were interested in fast food , I'd have to be an idiot to work at any place you frequent. Is this not the tenth destroyed burrito store I have met you in?"

    "Eighteenth, actually," replied Bob. "Or maybe nineteenth. I lose track."

    Alice stared, momentarily nonplussed. "...nineteenth? How?"

    "Coincidence," declaimed Bob confidently. Alice rubbed her eyes.


    That's going to be it for today, I'm afraid!




  6. Gerald floated into the well. "Decent, I suppose." Gerald frowned. "What did I tell you about using that?"
  7. "Well, there are certainly other options. Although I would not recommend falling. The water at the bottom will do little to cushion your fall."
  8. "No, but I can see a bucket on a rope," replied Gerald.
  9. Can you feel the fear
    feel the fear
    it is near
    in the air
    on the ground
    all around
    it is here
    it is here.

    Everywhere I go
    be it fast
    be it slow
    I still know
    let it pass
    make it last
    it is there
    save nowhere
    safe nowhere.

    Hear the ticking clock
    as the rock
    of the wall
    falls down
    to the ground
    as does all
    in the end
    once again.

    Can you feel the fear?
    It is here
    It is near
    I still know
    As the rock
    Falls down
    Be it slow
    In the end
    Everywhere I go
    Once again
    It is there
    Feel the fear.


    1. Zephrun's Imperium

      Zephrun's Imperium


      "Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth." - Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky)

    2. DramaQueen


      Xino that's incredible!


      Also Star I've been reading that in English. It's a good book, but...AGH


    3. Zephrun's Imperium

      Zephrun's Imperium

      Crime and Punishment is one of my all time favorite books. Right up there with Mistborn. Changed my life.

  10. Yay! Task failed successfully, I guess.
  11. Man these 24 hour cycles really do catch you off guard, huh Well, TUO is least likely to be Candidate given the lack of votes, at least by my reckoning.
  12. Surprisingly, this had no effect.
  13. Hehehehe I am Sacrifice: End this charade! Xino