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  1. Marsh sobbed. "You... You don't deserve me."
  2. Marsh pushed her away, still sobbing. "You... You..." he hiccuped.
  3. Tom Joebob smiled and nodded. "You are welcome." He thought about what she had said. Twisted his words? If he could have, perhaps. But that was not a skill he had. He just couldn't talk very well in general. Tamika could, though. That was part of why he had loved her. Still loved her, in fact. Seeing her with another tore him apart. She's not herself, he reminded himself. It's not her fault. -------- The woman stood on the ground. In front of her was a shadowy figure, holding a key. "Come on," she whispered. "Come on..." With a pop, Sam appeared in the Cognitive realm, clutching his Portal Key. He looked around, confused. The woman smiled, and decked him. She grabbed the Key from his bewildered grasp. In an instant, she was standing on the deck of the ship. She pulled out her Skeleton Key and ran it through one of the handerfles. "Where are you, Joebob?" she called out. "And where have you hidden her?"
  4. It neutralized exactly the effects of the potion. His selflessness, sadism, and recklessness were reduced. Unfortunately, it wasn't powerful enough to cure his either his current grief or the grief of all the things he'd done while under the influence of the potion. He collapsed to his knees, sobbing.
  5. Kelsier looked around, helpless. "Cause it's good, man! You gotta try it!"
  6. Kesier thrust the vial towards Marsh. "Just drink, man! It's totally sick!"
  7. Kelsier took the vial and Steelpushed after Marsh. "Hey bro," he said. "Check out this great cranberry juice."
  8. Kelsier shrugged. "Sure."
  9. I thought it was obvious, said the next note. Oh well. Just reverse time so it's back in the bottle. That shouldn't break any rules.
  10. Another note fell. You weren't supposed to drink it. You were supposed to give it to Marsh!
  11. Another note fell. Sorry, can't help you there. Can give you this, though. Attached was a vial of red serum.
  12. The air shivered. A note appeared, addressed to Star. What do you want, woman?
  13. Marsh ripped the door off the cage and ran off while Star was distracted. Inside his head was a mess of conflicting emotions. He didn't even know what to do anymore, especially when he was around her.
  14. Unfortunately for her, Calamity was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Marsh was murdering puppies.