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  1. Can I do that if it's busted?
  2. Just a vanilla, sorry. Otherwise I probably would have put more effort into this game.
  3. plot

    You think that you were a monster, Star?
  4. plot

    You think being hurt gave her a right to forgiveness?
  5. plot

    Silence narrowed his eyes. Why?
  6. It loved steak more than anything.
  7. plot

    So, you do what you do to help your friends.Tell me, do you include Shadow in that, too? Is she your friend?
  8. But unbeknownst to him, the tiny Ball of Dooom didn't actually want him dead.
  9. "Squares!" he screamed as he ran from the giant Ball of Dooom.
  10. I know that, I just don't get what the quotes were originally.
  11. plot

    Because I'm curious, of course. *pause* Tell me, Star, why are you here?
  12. I understand nothing.
  13. plot

    A heavy question, Star. Ome best answered later, I think. For now... well, how has your day been?