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  1. Except for the etymologist, who was allergic.
  2. Rotcennoc glanced up at the aerial craft hovering above him. He squinted against the sun. When had that gotten here?
  3. "What are those?" asked Gerald.
  4. WaffleIron.png.e098d175fd95ea68758de3665f504a70.png

    A smaller version of what fell out of Gerald's arm. :ph34r:

  5. Who was an expert on homonyms.
  6. "Is high velocity movement taboo in your culture?"
  7. Rotcennoc placed a gauntleted hand against the ground. Still nothing. He ground his teeth. It had to be here, somewhere. He was sure of it.
  8. Not that any of this was particularly confusing to the Agerians.
  9. " don't want them to know you're a fast runner?"
  10. The actual Sun was on leave.
  11. Depending on which direction the sun was facing.
  12. So their weapon made things older.