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  1. Turquoise and indigo? Please, don't make me laugh. What about maroon and burgundy?
  2. "Better"? "Better"? We are not talking about value here, we are talking about attractiveness.
  3. Santonio folded his arms. "Really?" he murmured. "Well, I'll let the king be the judge of that." He turned to Fadran. "You- you look like a leader. What are you doing here?" @Channelknight Fadran
  4. Blue is a far prettier color than red. Case closed.
  5. The new voice turned the corner- a humanoid covered from head to toe in blinding white reptilian scales. "Elaine? The King said that you were facing... difficulties. Care to..." his eyes fell upon the group, "...elaborate?" "Too late," whispered Elaine. To the newcomer, she turned with a smile plastered on her face. "No, Santonio; I assure you, I have this under control."
  6. Narrator X wisely explained the nature of breadmunks. They're chipmunks made of bread. Highly energetic from being literally made of carbohydrates.
  7. Borzen heard the screams even before he landed. He jumped off his carpet and into a run as soon as he landed, shooting a quick glance back with his magnifying glass to turn his carpet back into a sword. Thus armed, he marched into the village to confront whatever was threatening it. The threat in question turned out to be an ogre. An albino ogre, of all things, clad in dark blue leather. Oddly enough, he didn't seem to be doing anything particularly ogre-y; that is, he wasn't bashing in people's heads, or knocking down houses, or... well, anything really. He was just standing there, oversized club in hand. Talking. His tirade cut off when Borzen walked in, and he turned to face him. "Ah!" he boomed. "Greetings, newcomer. My name is Alveolus Penrodius Greene Smith V, son of Gedric Felvon Auterius Smith IV, son of..." Borzen felt an odd sleepiness overtake him as the ogre began to list his lineage. His eyes began to slide shut before he snapped to and shook his head to keep himself alert. He was already asleep. He didn't need to be put to sleep again. "Fascinating, I'm sure," he said, interrupting the ogre. "But perhaps you could explain why the villagers seem so, er..." he gestured around. "...terrified?" "Ah, that!" boomed Alveolus. "Funny story, that! You see, I was crossing through Kitchen City looking for a cup of sugar. I was baking a cake for my grandma, who lives in the Garden Wilds, but I'd used up the last of my sugar on a plate of cookies for my next-door neighbor, who's youngest daughter had a birthday party that I'd been invited to-" "Interesting, I'm sure," cut in Borzen sharply, who eyes had begun to feel heavy again. "But can you just answer the question?" "Of course!" said Alveolus. "As I was saying, I was going to get a cup of sugar, but nobody seemed to have any. Not my brother's friend Stevious, not my second cousin Dergish, not either of their next door neighbors. In fact, all of their houses were burned to the ground, on account of a dragon coming through the day before and spraying fire everywhere. The city wizard was apparently no help at all, and got burned to a crisp trying to fight him off. Anyways-" "I'm sorry, what?" said Borzen, frowning. "A dragon?" "Yes," said Alveolus with a slight tinge of irritation. "But as I was saying-" "Forget that," said Borzen hurriedly. "Where is the dragon now?" Alveolus frowned. "Still around that area, likely. I didn't stick around to find out. I had to come here to find a cup of-" "Thanksnothankssorrygoodbye," said Borzen in a breathless rush, spinning his magnifying glass to turn his sword back into a carpet. "Kitchen City!" he called to the compass on the stern. "And make it snappy- we have a dragon to catch!" --- Oh dear, I'm being sacrificed. What is this list that I'm on that everyone seems to be condemning me for?
  8. "King Aridith," whispered Elaine. "I don't know. He might." Another set of footsteps echoed in the passageway beyond. "Elaine?" a new voice called. "Is everything going smoothly?"
  9. "You can't know," whispered Elaine. "Otherwise... he will kill you."
  10. Elaine swallowed. "I was commanded to be here. To... guard something."
  11. "Yes," said Elaine. "Named after Hyxlia, our first and greatest, blessed be her name." Anguish flashed in her eyes for the briefest of seconds as she spoke.
  12. "Oh. I, my kind... we are called the Hyxali."
  13. "No..." whispered Elaine. "King of a different world." "What do you mean?" asked Elaine, confused.
  14. "I am called Elaine," whispers the woman, her eyes fixated on the point of Baalhan's weapon. "S...servant of King Aridith."
  15. Faint echoes carried down the tunnel ahead of the group. "...destroyed? Already? I only just created them, my lord..." A pause. "Well, you did say that we weren't expecting anyone." Another pause, followed by a faint sigh. "Understood, my lord." The echo of footsteps grew louder and louder until their source turned the corner and came face to face with the group. She appeared human, for a most part, but with a few striking differences. First of all, her wings- even folded up and from the front, at least the tips were visible. Second, a pair of apparently arthropodic antennae sticking out from the top of her head. And third - perhaps the most striking of all - shimmering, multifaceted pupils. If one looked closely, one would also notice a ring of pure blackness within the violet irises that surrounded them. Those eyes widened slightly as they met those of the group's. For a moment, she seemed stunned speechless. @Channelknight Fadran @AonEne @Mist @RadiantDramaQueen @Vapor @Spren of Kindness @Nathrangking