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  1. Rekaerb watched the fighting dissolve into chaos, helpless to do anything. He couldn't resist the opening of the barrier. But he didn't want to help, either. All he could do was wait, and hope that when Voidus was released, things wouldn't be too horrible. Suddenly, he had an idea. He pulled his sensor out of his pocket and selected "pineapple". He nodded in satisfaction. There were none within distance to be any danger. He breathed a sigh of relief. That could have been bad.
  2. Rotcennoc sighed. "If I only had time to explain... Perhaps. My task is not yet finished." He turned towards her. "But I can try. There is a little time before the next stage begins." He shot a brief glance upwards, then returned his gaze to her. "There are people that live on these islands. You have seen little of them, I think." His lips turned upwards slightly. "They are not overly fond of strangers." He sighed. "Maybe it is because their life here is so simple. Being part of an island in that way..." He trailed off, a wistful look on his face.
  3. Rotcennoc moved evasively, switching his gaze between the members of the party. "Don't you understand? I need- we need this power. This is for the good of all. Some sacrifice is necessary. All good things require sacrifice, after all. You know this, right? Surely you do." He became aware that he was babbling and stopped. Surely, he didn't care what these shortsighted fools thought of him. Didn't he? ~~~~~~~ Nogard heard the man begin to stutter out an explanation and felt his anger rise. What this man had done... and he dared claim the greater good? He felt the power crackling inside of him and inside of his gemstones. Might as well put that to use. He raised his hand and shot a burst of fire at Rotcennoc, who yelped and jumped out of the way. Only it was more like flying; he cleared the gemheart pillar entirely, landing in the shadows behind the pedestal. He felt the island rumbling in dismay. Stop! Cease your conflict. Please.
  4. I attacked someone, but they didn't die.
  5. You know, I didn't attack Lumgol.
  6. Could we do circular destruction?
  7. Finally got around to updating my character for era 3.
  8. main plot(ish)

    Nekorb panted as he followed the others. He looked around in confusion. What was going on? He didn't even know anymore.
  9. Nogard moved closer in towards Rotcennoc as he began talking. An explanation? It had better be a good one... He felt Investiture flow into him suddenly. He stopped, surprised. He had but a moment to wonder before the alleycane hit. ~~~~~~~ Rotcennoc felt the impact of the alleycane jostle the island. At the same time, he felt the island channeling the power of the storm through the gemheart to steady them all, to keep them from harm. It made sense, he supposed. The islands by nature were inclined to protect all who lived on them. From what he could tell, having plants and animals on an island was what gave it sentience, so in a sense, the inhabitants were the island. He just wished that this particular island hadn't decided to keep this particular group of people safe. It was making his job a whole lot harder. He ducked the punch and stepped out of the way, moving towards the other end of the cavern and trying to get away from the others. ~~~~~~~ Michael pulsed in dismay and followed after Kate. Sister, stop!
  10. I'd join forces, but then who would we fight?
  11. Wait, so I'm the enemy now? Argh. I knew I should have prepared better...
  12. Rotcennoc frowned. This was going south. He stepped forwards. "Do not get upset. I can explain..." At that moment, the alleycane hit.