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  1. ‮Narrator Pheonix revealed the existence of the RTL override.
  2. main plot

    "Did he give a description?"
  3. Xino waved his sword in the air. "I can help, too."
  4. *Silence cackles*
  5. He chuckled, and withdrew.
  6. Zeoy chose to become a mime, Star. And you did see what happened. I just erased it from your memory.
  7. Close. But not quite correct.
  8. But it was another imposter.
  9. Draug fell to his knees as a vision swept over him. Flames, burning bright against the darkened sky. Figures with glowing red eyes and skin the color of ash and fire. He saw the others gathering around him as if in a dream. He opened and closed his mouth, eyes unfocused, unable to speak. Children crying out in pain and fear. A young woman fighting clumsily against a man clad in carapace. Unbidden, the surroundings began to shift to match his vision he was recieving. Men wearing glittering armor laying on the floor, unmoving. A child with empty eyes holding a sword that screamed. He saw it, and he knew it was true. Sha-thoexis was attacking this house in the real world, wherever she was. And she was winning. Not only that- she was destroying. "Almighty help us," he whispered.
  10. main plot

    As Tena spoke on the phone, Daa continued. "I suppose we cannot entirely rule out some sort of DA 'rouge faction' being the cause of these phenomena. I must admit, it does seem quite like their style... but then again, it doesn't seem like something that would happen to the DA, if only because Voidus would never let it happen."
  11. Gut read. It's 8:00 where I am, can't exactly think clearly. I could be persuaded to switch.
  12. Rae has three votes on him. I'm trying to avoid an elim hammer...