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  1. Wait, didn't we only get three votes?
  2. The spear! exclaimed Aqua in exasperation. Michael didn't give it to you because he thought you needed a weapon.
  3. Jacob appeared to give severe looks to those who were bothering the mimes.
  4. Xinoehp is about to die! snarled Aqua. If you don't help him, he will!
  5. plot

    Pheonix ran after Star as she sprinted towards the cargo hold, where - he knew - a broken girl sat among a pile of shattered glass. Tom was sure he could reverse what had been done to Heather, if only she would let him. If anyone could help her, Star could.
  6. Aqua floated reluctantly out from behind Sophie. Trying to get this girl to stop moping around, she said with a clipped tone. This world isn't going to save itself, you know!
  7. Narrators gasped in horror as AI mutant beings invaded the thread.
  8. Apparently the AI has read the Coppermind.
  9. “Naturally,” murmured Rekaerb, glancing around the inside of the forcefield. His eyes came to rest on the small blue ball of floating light that was attempting to hide itself behind Sophie. “There you are,” said Rekaerb. “What brings you here?”
  10. Rekaerb bowed slightly. “Greetings, Sophie. Would you happen to know where we are at present?”
  11. A quiet cough came from behind her. “Greetings, young lady,” asked Rekaerb politely. “Can I inquire as to your name?”
  12. They can have a say through polls, and some people won’t want the PM clutter/chatter, or won’t want to be involved in the worldbuilding process but merely vote when it’s done. You can. That’s because for most people, the reasoning is that they prefer it and think it will work better, whatever it may be. Pretty simple. And trust me, I’d much rather have people ask than have this discussion. If you ask nicely, which I’m sure you will, then it won’t sound anything close to that. I disagree, but this is a matter of opinion so I won’t go on. You should always keep track of the results of a poll, at least when it’s happening. Doing some through one method and some through another doesn’t sound at all worth the effort. I put enough effort into these. And again I reiterate, the odds aren’t in favor of everyone approving of the idea. Many contributions have been had about both plot and worldbuilding. Less contributions have been had when it comes to your worldbuilding. It seems you interpreted it differently from how I intended. Never mind. Xino, I don’t know what you mean to say, because it was voted against and the word ‘actively’ doesn’t make sense in that context. Everyone should have read the question before choosing it, and if they were aware of what they chose, then they were actively deciding on that option. I believe that you have been defending what you believe is canon. Clearly others don’t agree. My idea of canon is what we agree on as canon; the majority vote. That is, in fact, the definition of canon in this setting (disregarding the non-RP meaning, since all RPs are fanfics and what Brandon writes is the real canon.)
  13. Is this the end? asked Aqua, seemingly to nowhere.
  14. It turned out that there had been some suspicious manipulation of Fantastic's castle rocks that caused time slippage. Sophie had been waiting for only five hours. Sutton stared across the street at the shadow of the streetlamp, in which she could have sworn she'd seen something.