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  1. "From the Master."
  2. "Abilities we could grant. Such as my own."
  3. "There are measures we could take to prepare you, should you desire."
  4. The strawberries themselves had broken.
  5. "The sword will further our goals," admitted the specter. "But none can wield it except the heir."
  6. "Find the sword," repeated the specter. "Or wait, prepare, and then find it."
  7. I guess she does stop eventually... Y dropped to the ground, scanning the surroundings for enemies.
  8. "I have lived an eternity, child. I have forgotten more than you will ever know about these bindings, with enough left over to fill a thousand libraries."
  9. Y was flying determinedly in a direction.
  10. Sure.
  11. The specter smiled. "Simple. Find the sword."
  12. The room chilled. In the shadows, something stirred. "Who are you, to know what is possible?" asked the figure simply.
  13. "A natural feeling, when dealing with Blight essence."
  14. "You are free to decline, of course," replied the specter. "In that case, however, your brother would have no hope of resurrection."