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  1. Danex. (No reason, just instinct).
  2. Probably an inactive/less active player.
  3. I don't believe your claim, though unlike Orlok I don't think it's impossible. Because of that, I'm slightly suspicious of TKN, though I admit I'm not sure what he gains from claiming. Striker's reaction to being dead seems extremely village to me, for what good that does. (And also no elim would deliberately invoke suspicion on themselves like he claims to have done.) I think I slightly v!read Bookwyrm for not immediately self-pressing when the trains were tied.
  4. Obsidian tried unsuccessfully to poke at Zirn'rii as he zipped around. "And he is a spirit of some sort?"
  5. Obsidian extended a hand curiously towards the strange dragon-like creature. "And what is this?"
  6. Indeed, the legendary Dead Gazelle Gambit.
  7. "Hello, stranger!" said Obsidian. "We are making soup!"
  8. Guess that explains why the game is flipless. What is this Rollovet of which you speak? Is it a Disciple role? I remember there were a few of those in the other SE themed game. If this is a one off event, my guess is that it's specifically for the person that gets removed D1. I think it will apply to all exed players though. We could have someone drop a vote on Striker to see if it appears in the final result.
  9. X closed his eyes. He remembered his family, staring at him silently, black teardrops under their eyes. Asking him to join them in their transformation. He felt sick. "I need to get back," he found himself saying. "I need to go home."
  10. "So a corrupting evil that is spreading?" A cold feeling entered X's stomach. "How would one tell, theoretically, if someone else had been corrupted?"
  11. "What sort of soup is this?" asked Obsidian in a voice slightly louder than necessary.