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  1. Investiture: Immune to all forms of Investiture Age: 23 Guild affiliations: None
  2. plot

    Pheonix's face fell. He hated it when Star spoke like this, like she was the villain. "Oh, Star..." "She is another of you," said Tom, puzzled.
  3. Jacob smiled to himself but said nothing.
  4. Jacob noted down the size, shape, and color of the castle, as well as the uniform of the archers, their patrol patterns, and their weapon style. Then he followed Jaywalk and Granite.
  5. Jacob nodded emphatically.
  6. There was an uncomfortable silence. Then Jacob cleared his throat. "It's called the Spear of Light. The object." He took out his pen and began twirling it absentmindedly.
  7. Xinoehp gave her a level stare. "Do you want to save Trewee?"
  8. "Well..." said Jacob slowly, "I did hear once of something that might."
  9. "Is there any way we can reverse it?" asked Xinoehp, a tinge of desperation in his voice. "Any way at all?"
  10. Jacob shuddered. "Fate is not one to care about cages." Jacob sighed. "I don't know," he admitted. "The marks he bears..." He shook his head. "That attack was designed to corrupt him. It is not something easily reversed."
  11. "Not yours," said Jacob soberly. "And yes, I'm afraid so."
  12. Xinoehp suddenly realized with panic that Trewee was gone.
  13. Jacob shrugged, a slight smile on his face.
  14. It froze in midair and shot like a bullet towards Little Bear.
  15. Jacob bowed and accepted it gratefully.