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  1. Xinoehp struck. He struck again. Each blow caused the Witherlord to shrink back further, power dissipating in flashes of light. "You. Will. Not. Tear. Us. Down. Anymore." he snarled. With a mighty swing, a beam of light shot from the spear, pinning the Witherlord in place. "Any last words?" asked Xinoehp.
  2. plot

    "Well," said Xino, "Let's get going." He smiled. "This is going to blow your minds..."
  3. plot

    Xino's expression sobered. "True enough." He sighed, then gave a sort of half smile. "But we do the best we can."
  4. I decided, somewhat rebelliously, to break the pattern.
  5. plot

    Xino smiled back, catching her as she rushed into him. "Glad to see you've woken up! I was beginning to get worried."
  6. Someone had switched them out without them noticing.
  7. You should come to the Longest Thread more. I may have killed it by mistake, it could use a revive.
  8. plot

    Pheonix led the way through the ship and into the mime tunnels. As they walked, Xino popped out of a corner. "Xino!" exclaimed Pheonix. "You're back! How'd it go?" "Pretty good," said Xino. "Where are you going?" "I'm taking them to see the Branch." Xino's eyes widened and he smiled knowingly. "Mind if I tag along?" "Not at all."
  9. plot

  10. Xinoehp flew through the air on radiant beams of light. As he reached the tip of the mountain, he raised his spear. With a mighty swing, he smote the Witherlord. Light exploded outwards as the tendrils of darkness that the Witherlord had sent throughout the worlds evaporated. Millions upon billions of withergeists across the universes halted what they were doing as their commanding authority ceased to command. Billions more simply evaporated in flashes of light, annihilated by Xinoehp's incredible power. And that was just the first blow.
  11. Xinoehp looked up in wonder at the light streaming down on his face, squinting his eyes against the stark sunlight. The withergeists froze in place, stunned by the sudden sunbeam. The Witherlord stopped and stared, speechless. Xinoehp slowly stood. Slowly, but surely, his spear began to shine again, powered from a spring deep within his soul. His eyes shot open. Two beams of light shot out, vaporizing the withergeists unlucky enough to stand in their way. "No," he said, and his voice echoed across the land. "You will fall." With that, he leapt, ready to face the Witherlord again.