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  1. Brandon has practically confiirmed that Wisdom (or something similar) is a Shard as well.
  2. The utter blandness of the dust sucked everything interesting out of them. A flash of irritation passed over Michael's face for a brief second. The way is closed, he said. None can cross. Except perhaps Silence.
  3. I don't think that this is allowed...
  4. What is this about a book? Granted, but they're the quality of the text that comes out of I wish to create my own boon after receiving my bane.
  5. A nice, healthy salad that I unfortunately cannot discern the ingredients of. 9/10
  6. It came from the pen, declared Michael, who had bent over and begun sketching something out on the ground. The pen does not lie.
  7. The painting began to play again, looping through what had just been shown.
  8. And what would that mean for memories? Would it make copies? Make them stronger...? Brandon has said that there is a use, but he's consistently RAFO'd it.
  9. I don't think there is any canon benefits for copper compounding.
  10. Michael watched the message in silence all the way through until the end. Michael closed his eyes, but the image didn't fade from his view. His father... dead. Just like his mother. Gone in an instant. He remembered feeling grief, when she'd died. He didn't feel that now, oddly. He just felt... numb. Empty. All emotion gone. He opened his eyes. They'd turned inverted, now. That was probably significant of something. But he didn't really care. We will find the Witherlord, he said. And then we will destroy him.
  11. One day, a letter arrived in the mail.
  12. The jellyfish made absolutely no sound in a rather happy way. It was immune to fire, but it appreciated the warmth. The jellyfish was unable to answer via voice (having none) but it placed the answer in his mind. It then departed from the thread, leaving for less dangerous lands.
  13. But it was only a temporary death- not really a death at all.