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  1. "Should we go with them?" whispered Yerik, noting nervously the swords that the strangers carried on their waists. @Ookla the Kobold @Ookla the Crow
  2. "Do not spend too much time deciding to accept," warned the man, his smile fading slightly. "The Queen is not a patient woman."
  3. "Heartfire's a good girl," Anikel replied, patting the side of his steed lovingly. "She'll be fine, won't you girl?" The horse whinnied uncommittedly but did not dispute Anikel's claim. They were waiting on the other side of the village, where the land sloped upwards. Ten men and women, dressed in white and gold, crowned with silver circlets. Their faces were eerily expressionless as they watched the group approach. One of the men stepped forward and spread his arms wide in a welcoming gesture. He spoke, his mouth turning up into a smile but his eyes remaining as they were. "Welcome, weary travelers, to the Nameless Island. You have traveled far and faced much tribulation; now you may rest. The Queen extends her invitation to you to attend her court this day." @Ookla the Kobold @Ookla the Crow
  4. Yerik took a deep breath and followed.
  5. The village bell rung out its frantic warning to the town's inhabitants. The streets were empty- evidently no one wanted to be outside the safety of their homes for whatever came next. "Newcomers!" a voice boomed out. "Queen Lethe requests your presence!"
  6. You know @DrakeMarshall I would much rather vote Shining than Fifth. (Hael) (Also the rules I'm looking at for Sabacc don't have the third card you mentioned so I think it would be good if you narrated that.) Xino (3): JNV, Mat, Hael Fifth (2): Ash, Bookwyrm Shining (1): Xino Fadran (1): Fifth Turtle (1): Drake
  7. Yerik sucked in a breath. "Do you think that means...?" He didn't need to finish the sentence.
  8. Yerik blew out a breath. "Well, maybe the army is only that big," he replied hopefully. "After all, there don't seem to be many people here." All of a sudden, the noise of a bell rang out.
  9. "If they have, they aren't telling me," grumbled Nodice. "I'm just annoyed I can't watch my favorite comlink show. The finale is supposed to be in three days. At this rate, I'm going to miss it!" He jittered the spike dice in his hand, waiting for Tantyck to make a decision. @Ookla the [Redacted]
  10. Aha! I knew I'd missed one. Shining (1): Mat Fifth (3): Ash, Bookwyrm, Shining Xino (2): Hael, Mad Hael (1): Xino
  11. Shining (1): Mat Fifth (3): Ash, Bookwyrm, Shining Wizard (1): Mad Xino (1): Hael Hael (1): Xino What happened is that I saw that had Drake had changed his vote, so I swapped out the target with Szeth. Except that I missed and swapped out Madagascar instead. Y'know, if the vote manip was a Sith (as I think it has to be, the Jedi have much better things to do with their actions) then I wonder if the purpose was actually to frame me. If that is in fact the case, perhaps Hael is the culprit.
  12. Yerik glanced at Miyako. "Did you mean it? When you said you could take on an army?" @Ookla the Kobold
  13. "Do we have a plan for what we'll do after that?"
  14. "Gatherer said that the Queen would probably send people looking for us." Yerik spat a pit out. "What do you think we should do about that?"
  15. "We don't know yet." Yerik popped another pebblefruit in his mouth. "I mean, our goal is to get off the island, right? And we need to deal with the Queen somehow. Maybe by killing her."