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  1. A lot of shards were lost to the bottom of the ocean, or scattered somewhere and covered in crem. some others were hoarded. but the point stands: there should be more blades than plate, and there is no answer to that. @DougTheRug is the only one that tried to come up with answers, but they are all purely speculative, and not at all convincing.
  2. when you swear the third oath, you get a blade. when you swear the fourth, you get the plate. We know a lot of radiants never swear the fourth.Yet there seem to be an equal number of plates and blades around. before the radiants started to reappear, the alethi and vedens were said to have both some 20 full sets. other nations had less, but always close numbers of plates and blades. why don't we get a predominance of blades from all those radiants that were still at the third oath during the recreance?
  3. i'd point out, though, that allomantic cadmium may not too dangerous anyway. cadmium is most dangerous when small dust is inhaled. this is a major industrial hazard, if you are doing cadmium metalworking you will have cadmium dust all around, but it does not apply to eating the dust. then there are many cadmium compounds that are highly toxic, but the thing is, if it does not dissolve in some way, the body will not absorb it, it will be excreted, and it will not be toxic. toxicity requires that the substance actually enters your body, not that it passes through your guts without being absorbed. now, cadmium is not oxidized too easily, but i'm not sure how it would withstand the stomach. a quick search did not find conclusive data, if the stomach can oxidize cadmium, then yes, eating cadmium dust would get cadmium inside your blood and that would be bad. as for a metalmind, again, there is the whole absorption thing; as long as the metalmind stays solid metal, it should not be dangerous. Still, i would not want to have regular exposure to cadmium without some form of protection
  4. temperature also depends on other factors, like sea and air currents. stockholm and the baffin island are at the same latitude, but the first has a temperate cold climate and supports farming to feed millions, while the second is a frozen tundra with a few thousand inhabitants. from that, i can guess that there could be a circular current around the continent, coming south from the steamwater ocean, warming aimia, then moving westward and getting colder, until it hits aimia as a cold current.
  5. but are they still invested? i may be wrong, but i was under the impression that gemstones would not charge in shinovar. Possibly because of the girl who looked up, that her people lived in the dark
  6. i checked to see if someone else proposed it first, but can't find a reference. the coppermind says that, according to an interview, the misted mountains are an homage to tolkien misty mountains. I do not think brandon would lie to us, but he's used a lesser truth to conceal a deeper truth so, the name tell us those mountains are full of mist. it may be regular weather, what with humid air getting colder as it rises. But it may also be invested. we know from mistborn that mist is one of the forms of investiture. and on the other side of the misted mountains, there are no spren - at least, not visible. highstorms stop there too, and while - again - this is connected to geography and the mountains barring the path to stormwinds, there is also the investiture part; highstorms are invested, and it stops on those mountains. so i'm thinking perhaps the mist on those mountains is a form of investiture, and it is part of what makes shin different from the rest of roshar.
  7. actually, it was this other oneĆ¹
  8. @HonorlessYou may appreciate to know that, after our unfortunate... heated argument earlier in this thread, I took an interest in the LGBT condition. I couldn't figure out why "being represented" was so important - after all, i don't care about being represented in any way, nor do I feel like I should discuss my sexuality in public - and I got curious enough to pay more attention to the issue. Thus I learned how, especially in small backwards communities, lgbt kids struggle with their identity. I am straight, as a child I was told growing up I would eventually like girls, and at some point I started liking girls, all ok; but those kids, they grow up thinking they'll like girls, instead they don't, but they don't realize it at first because their culture doesn't even tell them there are other possibilities; or at most represents those possibilities as a very negative stereotype, so that as they gradually come to develop their sexual orientation they are afraid there's something wrong with them, and/or they are afraid of being discriminated... speaking of which, I also paid more attention to homophobicity; I assumed it was, at least in the west, a thing of the past, as I come from a progressive social environment. People may occasionally talk politically incorrect, but I've never seen anyone actually discriminated, isolated, or treated differently. When push comes to shove, nobody in my social circles would deny everyone's right to equality, fairness, and freedom. Simply disliking a group of people is not a crime; i mean, if somebody told me he dislikes italians, i wouldn't be offended and i wouldn't call him a horrible person. Depending on his specific beef, I may even agree with him. but I'm going on a tangent here. Anyway, I also realized that some people, when they tell mean jokes, are not actually joking. And how this also makes for a fertile substrate where actual intolerance can take roots. And how people who are afraid of being discriminated may not be able to tell the difference when they hear an off hand comment. I did not see the problem, I did not even realize there was a problem; I was naive and ignorant. I also did look back at what the media were showing when i was a kid, and it was incredible at how backward some of that stuff was. I've been basically supporting the "don't ask don't tell" attitude not out of a mildly homophobic "you guys are disgusting, but as long as you hide away we'll tolerate you", but simply out of a privacy approach "unless i intend to date you, i prefer not to know about your sexuality. It's a private matter, and it should not be discussed publicly". But even in its positive acception, this phylosophy leaves those confused kids alone at a time when they'd really need to know there are others like them. So, I now understand why it's important for the lgbt community that they come out, that they are known, that they are widely represented across the media. I'm actually pessimistic about this stopping homophobia; after all, black people are visible everywhere, some even occupy important positions in the government, and yet there's still plenty of racism around, don't see why with lgbt it should be different. But it is fair, and it will definitely help those kids. I wanted you to know that with your effort you actually touched and moved someone. And that though we started with the wrong foot, you eventually won a supporter. P.S. I am still ambivalent on inclusion in the media. On one hand, I fully agree that it would be good to have more representation. On the other hand, forcing creators to be more inclusive - even indirectly, by shaming them on social media or by prejudicially rejecting work for not being inclusing enough - is the antechamber of censorship. Even worse, if you try to force people to like you, it never works. Just like I reacted poorly to a forceful attempt, while I reacted well to a slow trickle of information through the internet. So, the trick is to get more lgbt representation in the media, without giving the impression of being forceful. well, good luck with that P.P.S. On "normal" and "different", there's no reason normal should be good, in fact it is often the opposite. In italy, calling someone an "average italian" is a strong insult, as we built this stereotype of the "average italian" who encompasses all the worst attributes associated with italians, and none of the good ones. So, no need to be "normal" EDIT: Huh. I just read this, and I feel like I contributed to it. Also, I had no idea you actually came from some part of the world where you are actually discriminated by law. that sucks. All I can say in my defence is that I've actually had to deal with some people belonging with minorities actually trying to milk their status as specially protected to get away with stuff. The worst case involved my brother's ex wife beating my brother (a very nice men who's always ready to help anyone in need) and trying to frame him as the aggressor by playing the part of the woman victim of violence. it didn't work, but my brother had a hard time going to trial for divorce, even though he never lifted a finger against her and she sent him to the doctor several times. So, I'm probably overly sensitive when i see a minority asking for what looks like "special treatment", but my life experience gave me plenty of reasons to be. Unfortunately, that sensitivity can sometimes be triggered by people who actually had good causes for their requests
  9. I remember seeing a video of Brandon talking about being good vs being successful, about how we like to think that we build our success, but luck also has a part in it, and sometimes people are very good but they still are not recognized. And he advise that people work for themselves, for their self-improvement; this way, even if society does not recognize them, they still got their goal. he talked about writing and publishing, but it could be adapted to pretty much any career. I have a friend who's a researcher in physics, lately his academic career has been going downhill for no fault of his own, and i would like to show him the video, it may cheer him up. But I can't find it. I tried for some keywords, but there are just too many videos with sanderson, about similar topics, and I can't find the one. Can someone please help me help my friend? thanks
  10. quoted from that very article: vax is one of those few individuals. nowhere the article says that level of aiming skill is impossible. it is just impossible to expect your average policeman, even a highly trained one, to have it. especially considering that shooting is not a policeman's first specialization, and most of them never need to use their guns (at least in europe; one hears horror stories about violence in the usa, but not really sure how much is fact and how much it is inflated urban legend).
  11. i don't think it was ever stated. when the singers capture human land, they enslave the humans. when the humans capture singer land, what do they do with the singers? i don't think any of the radiants would stand for enslaving them again. but they can hardly trust them free during a war, when any one of them could become a fuse. perhaps they could relocate them, but it's very impractical for large groups of people over long distances. and the quickly shifting war fronts make the endeavor even worse. so, how are they treated?
  12. why not? we know detecting someone in a coppercloud is only a matter of power. and we can be pretty sure a massive spaceship will have much more power than a bird, no matter how magical
  13. actually, it's more of a sexual innuendo variety. like saying underwear should be banned. how did the teacher react?
  14. when you want to recover silver after an experiment with silver nitrate, out of a vague feeling that silver is important... but when you think of "uses for silver", the first thing that comes to mind is "wards against shades".