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  1. not a typo or an art error, but an error nonetheless: when delius explains that he's drinking expensive wine to spend money of the other merchants, he gives the price of a bottle at 1000 lak. the debt that cannot be settled, and that kept growing for centuries, is given at 700000 lak. that's 700 bottles of wine. I really doubt a sum that is ludicrous to even the most prosperous merchants cannot buy more than 700 bottles of wine. delius surely has drunk more than that in five years. I'm thinking a lak could be equaled to 1000 dollars roughly. 700 millions would be something well above the wealth of any merchant (discounting some big corporations that would not exist in taldain), while 70 millions would already be manageable. most important, the debt has increased a lot over centuries, and it was very big to start with. so a lak must be much more than 100 dollars, otherwise when the debt was smaller - say, only 200 thousand laks - it could have been paid. the other reference we have is 20 thousand to set up mining operations. I have no idea how much money it would take to set up mining in a preindustrial society. $ 20 millions seems a bit high, when there is no expensive machinery. so perhaps a bit less than 1000 dollars per lak. anyway if we take a lak to be 500-1000 dollars, then a bottle of wine, no matter how expensive, cannot really cost more than 10 or 20 laks. 30, tops.
  2. only 50% of being Hoid try 150% 100% because even if the person isn't him he will know everything that happened and 50% because it might be him physically  :).

  3. i think brandon picked aluminium because it's super rare with early technology, but super abundant later. he knew his magic systems would get overpowered with advanced use, and he wanted to put in a limitation that would only arrive later in the tech three. as for in-universe reason, i don't think there's one given. it's probably just the way things are. like the exhistance of gravity
  4. No. it would lock them only if you write down the measure. on the other hand, a modern instrument giving the value on a display and saving it in memory authomatically could be said to be writing it down. unless the instrument was programmed specifically to avoid it, maybe. does it mean that an analogic measure doesn't lock a spren and a digital one does? men, we need many more experiments now!
  5. and how exactly would that make it worse than a regular armor? even discounting that, if i understood graendal correctly, it takes a specific weave of the true power to destroy cuendillar, and it may not be fast. of course a cuendillar breastplate and shield won't protect against a dedicated channeler, but i believe it's got to be more useful than a power-wrought sword anyway.
  6. and it's mat, with one T. before seeing that it was in the wot subforum, i assumed from the title that the thread must be about some rock musicians
  7. interesting idea... does it mean that if we could measure them with modern instruments after the ardent has measured it, we would see it changing slightly, within the error limits of the ardent measure?
  8. but the book also says that once they are complete, they keep working evven if disturbed
  9. yeah, because he totally doesn't have already more than enough open projects that he should end
  10. eh, it's possible the project will fail, but if they manage to make a decent first season, it will already be something. although the last book, with all the cinematic battles, is probably the most suited for the screen. anyway, fantasy is selling a lot lately, and wheel of time was big, and this has the potential to make a huge load of money if they make it well. so, i believe they will at least try to make it good
  11. not only. in rithmatist, we see people having a lot of hang-ups with rithmatists.
  12. the fact that you can tell aes sedai by sight is a plot point several times. however, I agree it's not so important it cannot be changed, which is probably what they'd do. otherwise, the closest they could do to represent the ageless look is pai mei, from kill bill. someone who looks old and young at the same time. i don't know how much the look would work without white hair, or how recognizable it would be. or whether you can do that with any actor with make-up, or if you need the right face underneath. anyone else could have fulfilled that role. in fact, rand going back and forth between the wisdom and the major and thom is unlikely to figure in the tv show. screen time is at a premium, and movie makers always try to shorten scenes whenever possible. i think it's more likely either nynaeve will directly tell rand that moiraine can heal, or the major will tell it immediately. But I still think the two rivers is the right place to introduce thom. it would be more awkward to introduce him later and explain why he'd join the party, and it wouldn't gain anything.
  13. I also wonder how they are going to represent aes sedai ageless faces. according to the book, it's something subtle enough that people not familiar with aes sedai won't pay much notice, but also distinctive enough that one who is familiar can tell an aes sedai by sight. I douubt it can really be done that way.
  14. As all the emond fielders are very young (or at least look very young, in the case of nynaeve), it makes sense that they'd pick new young actors for those roles. I just discovered from reading brandon's twitter that racial issues were raised over the actors. Personally, while I default to imagining people caucasian unless described otherwise, I think the actors (who look indian to me) fit right, for a detail: rand had never seen blonde hair before leaving the two rivers. he mentions that when visiting the grimwell farm. So, if the two river population were caucasian, there would be blondes among them. I'm not aware of any blonde indian, so that seems to fit better. EDIT: the important thing was that all emond fielders, except rand, looked of the same ethnicity. say what you want about the value of diversity, they have been an isolated population who intermarried among each other for two millennia; that's bound to be uniform /EDIT EDIT2: actually, the emond fielders are described as blushing in several occasions, and other characters reacting to it. which implies they are not deeply black, as it would be virtually impossible to see the blushing on a person with a very ddark skin. so, dark enough that they have no blond hair, but light enough that they can clearly be seen blushing. indian seems just right/EDIT Perrin doesn't look nowhere near big enough, unfortunately. but it's hard to find someone with the right physique. you get plenty of actors with heavy muscles, but those are different from what I envision, which is someone who's not particularly sculpted from the gym, he's just very big. I think the only person who would have fit my mental image for perrin would have been bud spencer. which unforrtunatley would be way too old even if he was still alive
  15. the lack of tour is good news. tours keep him from writing, and he already does a lot of those anyway.