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  1. i'm aware of that wob, and it doesn't answer my question. yes, preservation listen and ruin speak, but why ruin only speak to spiked and preservation listens to everyone?
  2. I'm rereading mistborn secret history, and I noticed that kelsier, upon ascending, can hear the thoughts of everyone. it's long been known that ruin can speak in minds but not read them, and preservation can hear but not speak. However, ruin can only speak to the spiked (and the insane), while preservation can hear the thoughts of everyone without distinctions. why this disparity?
  3. last time brandon gave a reddit update was in june. he outlines his progress, but he didn't, unlike previous times, state when he was gooing to give a new update. anyone knows when we can expect more news? I already look at the progress bar every day, but would like something more substantial
  4. brandon says in the commentaries he has no intention of doing it and he feels the story of alendi is better left vaguely sketched. i'm too lazy to dig out the exact references
  5. I just have to go offtopic to remark how similar this situation is to dalinar. and now i weep for what denth could have been
  6. great job! kaladin should only get buffed and tapped when a creature you control dies, not when any creature dies. also, i think he regenerates too cheap. eshoni should be eshonai. also, i think forcing her to spend a full turn to change form is too punitive. either she could do it faster, or she may cost 1 less coppercloud would be better off as "you or target creature you control gain hexproof until end of turn". the effect is basically the same. I like amaram. his ability is virtually useless, but so fitting! If shardblade gives deathtouch, shardplate should give the ability to ignore deathtouch as well. ashertmarn is way too strong. it kills one artifact or enchantment every turn, and it only costs 2.
  7. I'm playing ogame, a sci-fi based browser game. the details are unimportant, but there is settling of planets involved, and I decided to name my planets after the cosmere. Now, on one of my planets I want to make a bunker - basically a lot of defences. I would call it Yolen, because the planet is impossible to reach, so it's the best fit for something well defended (detritus would fit much better, but it's not cosmere). However, for game reasons, I also would want at least another planet in the same solar system as the bunker. So it would fit better to call it roshar, so that I could settle two more planets in the system and call them braize and ashyn. So I'm really torn. I don't know if I should call the bunker planet yolen, to better fit with the "unreachable" theme, or roshar, to better fit with the "more planets in the same system". I decided to open a poll for it.
  8. I was missing the part about the tower moving. thanks
  9. exactly what the title says. though water is inefficient for dissolving chalklings, a moat would still be a difficult obstacle for them. I think it was said they crossed the isles on logs or stuff, which on a moat you cannot do - as of course there will still be the army around to stop those attempts. Seems more effective than a chalk circle that can be broken with effort. If nothing else, you can still put the chalk circle outside of the moat.
  10. So, a circle has specific bind points, which are determined according to geometric rules. One thing that's not clear, though, is how the circle determines them first. I mean, once you draw a circle, does the circle know if it's supposed to have 2,4,6 or 9 points? Say you decide to draw a 2 point circle. those points could be north and south, or east and west, or any other way. how are they determined? the first point can be drawn at any place, and it determines the new point opposite to it? But then, those two points are councident with 2 of the 6 points in a 6-point circle. Can you turn a 2 point circle into a 6 point one by adding more points? Intent always matters in sanderson magic, so maybe you have to think of the triangle when you draw the circle, and it determines the bind points? i couldn't find anything on the coppermind
  11. predicting the future is not frowned upon in the whole cosmere, only on roshar. in roshar it makes sense, as seeing the future is a power from odium on that planet. atium is also futuresight. the returned and some avians too. none of those is considered bad.
  12. what I'm looking for is hard data, as I highlighted. so far, I think aons and fabrials do pretty much the same things. we have seen aons do more, but fabrials is a younger science. but I seem to understand there is no hard data to come by
  13. thank you, but that stuff i already knew. doesn't really help to figure out how effective is an elantrian in combat
  14. I got into an argument with a friend who found elantrians to be too overpowered. the keystone of his argument is that an elantrian with aon dao can fry virtually any opponent, and not much can be done to defend against it. I am sure elantrians have more limitations than that. I think aon dao needs to be aimed, at least. And I think there are some limitations on how often you can use it. but I could not find anything specific. No hard data on how powerful is the explosion, at least. It can kill a man, but what if the man had a bulletproof vest? what if it had shardplate? how much damage would it do to a modern tank? how realistic would be to dodge it? I'm looking for anything we have on the argument. Thanks.
  15. when amaram is recruiting, he also mentions that new recruits may bring with themselves up to two "stoneweights" of stuff, so that one looks like a unit of weight. In general, I'd expect them to have the units of measurement compatible with a renaissance society: not yet to the point of an international system with standardized rules for making composite units, but every nation has decent standards for at least the major units.