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  1. the scientist in me exhults at seeing the concept of kinetic energy used properly in a fantasy book. excellent
  2. yep. this. for every man in armor who would have died to arrows, at least a half dozen bridgemen died. but the bridgemen were deemed less valuable. i could get behind it if it saved lives, but it didn't. as for them being all condemned criminals, i could get behind the idea of sacrificing condemned criminals for the good of others. but if a society produces so many condemned criminals to fill the bridge crews, then it is a complete sham.
  3. I'm probably missing something obvious here, but I wanted to preorder rythm of war, I've gone to sanderson's main site, but I can't find anywhere to order the book. I also would like to get the rysn novella (i was not a kickstarter subscriber, but I understood that it will be released for sale afterwards) can someone help me with some links or informations? thanks
  4. wait a moment, didn't shallan get a ghostblood tattoo? in book 2, when first contacting them and passing their assignment, she was required to get one. and i seem to remember she got one somewhere near a shoulder.
  5. well, they do have spanreeds. and i assume you can do stuff by looking in the cognitive realm, and we know the fused have conquered parts of that too
  6. maybe the new thing is rlain bonding a spren?
  7. so, iron attracts, and they don't yet know the metal to repel... wanna bet it's steel? apparently they didn't figure out the connections between pushing and pulling and pure metal and it alloy
  8. When i saw those tinted glassed, and they made me think of oculator glasses. I'm sure the blue one was specifically described in the books. yes, i stopped to take a picture with the sole purpose of posting it here. that's how to tell i am a sanderfan
  9. i wonder if being retired is good or bad for kaladin. for any other soldier with the same problem it would be good, but given kaladin's peculiar issues, losing his purpose may take away the only thing that was keeping him up
  10. my reread reached the point where mat buys a horse for tuon, and he finds the rare and prized domani stock called "razor". i just noticed that the description (black and while lines very clearly defined) is very consistent with that of a zebra. it is also somewhat smaller than most horses, which zebras are, and higher quality; i only have wikipedia there, but it would seem that zebras are indeed slightly faster than horses (wikipedia gives the record speed for a horse as slightly higher than that for a zebra, however if you consider how many horse races they make and how much they train and breed racing horses, while nothing similar is done for the zebras, it stands to reason that zebras would be faster, all else being equal). two factors are against this interpretation: zebras live in warm climate, while razor horses were native of arad doman, a cold country. and zebras are too aggressive to become domesticated. both those changes could happen by normal evolution within the time scale separating our time from the third age. so, is tuon actually riding a zebra?
  11. i also didn't like lift at first. she's way too self-adsorbed and uncaring in this book. she matures enough in her own book to become a favourite.
  12. Kaldin choose the path of Honor. Moash choose the path of Odium.
  13. then again, neither tien nor slave marks were laral's responsibility, and there was no reason whatsoever for kaladin to cut the floor.
  14. if nothing else, sades was with dalinar at the rift, and he planned strategy with dalinar as an equal. sadeas is as much responsible for the rift as dalinar. in fact, all the crimes dalinar ever committed during his time as warlord, sadeas was on his team, and equally responsible. may i also point out that dalinar was trying to find excuse to not loot towns, while sadeas had his soldiers pick the good looking girls among the townspeople for him to rape? for all of dalinar's troubled past, even at his worst, he still was much better than sadeas.
  15. moash had a moral code. but after a while he gave up trying. particularly telling is that he recognizes that kaladin is good, and he's intentionally trying to destroy him. to get him to stop trying. heck, he tried to kill kaladin in book 2. for no other reason than to go on with his vengeance.