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  1. i think book writing is one of the few processes that is not going to be influenced by the coronavirus. everyone involved was working from his home already. it may delay printing, if the outbreak is still not contained by late summer, but i don't see it impacting the revisions.
  2. yes, you are not the only one to have similar ideas there's always another secret
  3. wasn't accusing you of accusing. it was more of a "well, of course there will be a few small contradictions here and there" IIRC, WoBs are not considered strictly canon (though they are the next best thing) specifically because there may be something like that. brandon goes from memory when answering at conventions. he may get something wrong. the fans may get something wrong. or, he may decide to change something because a new book requires it. so, nothing should be done, because wobs have some uncertainty in the first place
  4. cut him some slack, he can forget stuff every once in a while. especially something he said to a fan two years prior.
  5. i'm a teacher too and want to show her some sympathy
  6. no, it picks up more stuff when the winds are stronger. in shinovar it's just rain, it wouldn't be able to keep sediments flying. there's clearly some magical source for it; if not for the crem itself, then at least for the mechanism with which it goes up in the air
  7. on the other hand, hurricanes do not drop crem. highstorms certainly need something to refill it with solids.
  8. it's a helluva lot of cubic kilometers of water that rains down with storms. not sure the body of a god would have a taste so persistent when diluted so much. could be perfectly natural due to the content of stormwater. we know stormwater has sediments in it, and those sediments harden to clay. Clay contains lots of stuff, but one major component is aluminium sulfate. it also has decent amounts of iron. and plenty of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ions, but those would not taste metallic in the first place.
  9. Actually, explosive does NOT rely on atmospheric oxygen. the reaction would be too slow. explosives carry their own oxydizers in the mixture. bullets and bombs would explode in the vacuum just as well as they would in the atmosphere. there's a good point concerning combustion engines, but i don't think they will just catch fire so easily. consider that pretty much all of modern technology still works in high mountains (as long as it's not the top of the everest), with a very different amount of air and oxygen. so, it's true that some technology would be off, but nowhere near as much as you think. rifles would still fire. trucks would still move. airplanes would still fly. radios would still communicate. authomatic tracking systems would require some correction for the lower gravity, which could easily be done by a patch (it's just one single value in the program). You mentioned WWII. Do you really think swords and spears could stand up to tanks, machine guns and strategic bombers? A heavy caliber machine gun punches holes through thick concrete walls. shardplate is strong, but is it stronger than a concrete wall? and remember than you have maybe 100 plates in the whole roshar. while you can mass produce millions of machine guns how does a cognitive bead work when its object is moving? Still, I don't think that's feasible. if the bead moves with the rocket, then it also moves at kilometers per second, and you have no chance of ever seeing it. if the bead stands still, then it may be standing still anywhere from america to russia. you may be able to collect the beads beforehand without raising the alarm, but there is always the risk of missing some. Condier also that we have no indication there are easy ways to find a specific bead, even when you are in the right place and know what you're looking for. also, it seems the number of radiants is somewhat limited for some reason. even at their apex there were a few thousands, but not millions. they'd be stretched thin. i doubt you'd ever have enough radiants to make a ring around the border. so, i think scale is still the greater problem. this is not kaladin facing a fused in the air. this thing happens on the scale of whole continents, which are crossed in minutes. good point, but this raises the question: how exactly are we defining this scenario? certainly the earthlings would not arrive by space ships, as that would imply a technology. let's say there is a portal? large enough to move armies and big machinery, but not for flying a missile? (why would this portal be so specific?) and are we even assuming the magic would work on the earth side? anyway, you can always bring a long range truck-transported missile through that portal, and launch it from roshar. maybe won't go round the world, but it will certainly go a 1000 kilometers. in fact, in roshar's lower gravity, it may even go around the world. or, you can deliver it from an airplane. which is only mildly slower than an ICBM me, i was assuming that a continent was just popped into the middle of roshar ocean, in which case icbm are available elsecallers are good spies, but not perfect. they can imitate appearence well, but if their exhistence is known, there are many ways to counter them. i expect a lot of patrol groups shouting at each other "what's your grandmother's name? which college did you attend?" and touching each other's faces to find illusions. also heat sensors (maybe lightweaving can fool the infrared, but your body heats surrounding air, that could give you away), movement sensors, trip wires, closed doors. and perhaps composite materials are harder to soulcast because they lack a unitarian cognitive identity (it works against forging, which works on similar principles). rosharans are not the only ones who can adapt to counter new tricks. so, it can be attempted, but it's far from foolproof. the only reason shallan does so well is that nobody is prepared
  10. the problem is that from the time the nuke is launched to the time it hits, it takes 10 to 20 minutes. So even if your fabrial can detect the missile the very moment it launches (without triggering false positives every time a plane passes), then "far far before" means no more than 20 minutes. if you have common radars, make it closer to 5 minutes. now, you may have spren watching those missiles, sending the alarm the moment they start to prepare to launch. Problem is, in the nuclear stalemate, to ensure that you can retaliate with the 5-minutes warning (because, remember, that's the alert your radars are going to give you. 10 minutes at most) all of your missiles must always be ready to launch within 5 minutes. so, even spy spren watching the missiles could increase the warning time to 25 minutes. without knowing where the missile is going to hit. No, when missiles are flying, it's far too late to do anything. Before missiles are flying, that's when you want to do stuff that's actually feasible. Not when the missiles are launched, of course, but at the first suspect that the other guys may want to really try something like that. But that's not foolproof. while some nuclear missiles are stored in underground silos, some are hidden in submarines. who stay out at sea for months and whose sole mission is to stay hidden. theoretically, an elsecaller could get them. but good luck finding them, the ocean is huge. Thinking about it, to disables the ones on the ground, the elsecaller whould need to go deep under the ocean. also not trivial. and then there are other nukes hidden in safe places. your elsecaller is going to miss some. there is also the risk that if the enemy discovers you (if roshar knows of nukes, there has probavbly been some contact, so earth will probably know of shadesmar, and will take countermeasures) and discover that you are tampering with their nukes, they may take it as an aggression and launch a nuclear strike while they still can! that's how MAD (mutually assured destruction) works. the enemy trying to destroy you is not an aggressive act. during the nuclear war, the two superpowers never took much notice when the other side made more bombs. we can obliterate them, they can obliterate us, it doesn't change the stalemate if they can obliterate us even more. but when the US considered building a space shield, Russia grew very hot. because if the US could remove the threat of being nuked, then they had Russia at their mercy. "do what we want, or we'll nuke you, and you won't be able to strike back". being able to defend against the enemy is the most dangerous kind of offence in a MAD scenario. the russians may well have launched a strike before their position became unteneable. So, perhaps the appropriate answer from roshar would not be to try and disable all the missiles. It would be to send a strike team of kaladin (flight), shallan (stealth), jasnah (demolition) and szeth (i'm sure he'll make himself useful) and show that they can go anywhere on the planet undetected and wreak havoc on a global scale. not sure they could assassinate any leader (one sleeping in a random room in a huge subterranean complex should be safe enough), but if nothing else they could set oil rigs on fire, soulcast acqueduct water into poison, and so on. Not as destructive as massive nuclear apocalipse, but enough to act as deterrence. Now roshar can also threaten to cause massive destruction on earth, and there is equilibrium. Also, Dalinar should easily understand the concept with a bit of help.
  11. to expand on this: a nuclear missile travels at thousands of kilometers per hour, well above the atmosphere. and it takes a few tens of minutes to go round half the globe. good luck seeing it by night. even by day, you'll have a hard time spotting it from more than ten kilometers away, which is awfully small compared to the whole world. and if one launches a nuclear missile, one generally launches many. so, if kaladin knows that a nuclear missile has been launched against urithiru, he MAY be able to do something about it. maybe. considering his flying trip to his home village, the amount of stormlight required to reach a missile would be very impractical to gather, especially on short notice. it would be more practical to try and send some other object flying against it (nuclear weapons are quite delicate, they require some fine engineering to explode; break it, and the bomb won't go off. it will smatter radioactive material all over the place instead); but given how fast those things move, and how big is the sky, it would be extremely difficult. As difficult as hitting a bullet in flight. But still, a chance. If kaladin knows that a nuclear missile has just been launched against somewhere else than urithiru, there's absolutely nothing he can do. perhaps contact someone via spanreed and telling them to hide in a basement, if they are far away enough from the explosion they may survive. or someone could try to leave the city on a fast horse. anyway, too late to stop the bomb. if 1000 nuclear missiled are launched simultaneously at objectives all across roshar, then the only thing kaladin can do is to throw himself into the honor chasm.
  12. there is one major problem with that: the lerasium would have not made elend better at burning atium. lerasium makes you full mistborn, but as far as we know it's not cumulative with preexhisting metallic arts. if you are a lerasium mistborn and you eat lerasium, you don't become stronger, you stay a lerasium mistborn. so even if elend had been a seer, he'd not have become stronger.
  13. A bit more complicated that that. i see a circle of a bit more than 400 miles of diameter, but there is also a sizable chunk of sea in it. so my first estimate of 300000 square kilometers is to be revised downwards a bit. but approximating the empire to a circle, and counting the pixels on the image, i get roughly 3000 miles of diameter for the final empire, translating (approximating it to a full circle) to 18 million square kilometers. considering the seas, 15 millions is a fairly good approximation. as scadrial is the same size of earth, it means if the empire was centered on the north pole, it would stretch southward to include cape north, the northernmost parts of alaska, and a sizable chunk of siberia down to norilsk. EDIT: incidentally, i think some of that stuff here should be updated on the coppermind. it is rather sparse of precise geographical informations
  14. considering what happened to scadrial, it's much better to burn a continent by self-nuking than to let tlr win. the death count will be even much lower.
  15. 525 square miles make no sense. that's a square 23 miles by side. it barely covers elendel. but it's not just a missing zero, since what i get is a circle with a radius of 200 miles, which brought me to 300thousand square kilometers. where do you get the 525 from?