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  1. While all the arguments for the stormfaker are sound and certainly possible, one reason I'm in the "real stormfather, prior character development" field is that brandon likes to deconstruct, reconstruct and justify the fantasy tropes. And one of them is the jackass genie, the powerful supernatural entity that's bound to help you, but will try not to. I mean, the stormfather is not particularly cooperative with Dalinar, he withold information and often fights back for no particular reason. And the stormfather would be killed by odium; he's got even more to lose than humans. Why the stormfather would be so obstructive? And if this prologue features the real stormfather, it makes perfect sense. The stormfather tried to cooperate, he tried to give gavilar all he needed. In turn, gavilar swindled him and tried to use him and his power for personal gain. The stormfather got a lot more mistrustful of humans, and he's been oppositive partly as a test of character to make sure dalinar is really committed, and partly for fear of being taken advantage of again. it's the perfect setup to how the stormfather behaves now
  2. the kholins are not regular shardbearers. gavilar alone put up a better show than all the people at vedenar combined. dalinar too. this make me think that gavilar+dalinar would stand a much better chance. it's also possible that szeth was a lot less effective against gavilar because he wasn't as practiced as he was in vedenar, after he'd already performed many killing sprees. which makes no difference, it still means the kholins would have stood a better chance.
  3. Disagreement here. Dalinar didn't because you don't sentence someone for murder just on the word of a single person. If general khal, or teleb, or anyone else of dalinar high-ranking officers had accused someone of murder, i'm sure dalinar would have reacted similarly: by asking for proof and conducting an investigation. And that goes whether the accused was a highlord of third dahn or a darkeyes. I doubt even king elokhar could have someone of third dhan arrested just on his word - though he certainly could arrest a random darkeye. And even most darkeyes can't be sentenced without trial. I don't understand why people expect dalinar to throw an exception to that. Kaladin himself should have known it. Actually, the only thing that should have gone different was that dalinar should have announced to kaladin his intention of making inquiries. because remember, dalinar did make inquiries - and he got 17 different people confirming that amaram won his shards months after kaladin was enslaved. So he didn't take jkaladin's word lightly. that he asked 17 people means that even after he asked 16 people, and everyone confirmed, he still went to the trouble of asking a 17th, just for confirmation. I wonder how kaladin would have reacted if he had known that
  4. Just rereading WoR, I came to the point where Dalinar fights Szeth and loses. he realizes there that he could not have saved his brother 5 years before, the assassin would have defeated both. is that so? i never bought it. gavilar put on a good show against szeth on his own. he actually came close to winning, in the end. dalinar was never close, but he resisted for a minute or so. while wounded and without plate. two people at once have a much better chance than two people alone. I'm sure szeth could have defeated dalinar and then gavilar one after the other, but both at the same time, both in plate? Judging solely on how the fights were described, I'd have bet on the kholins.
  5. 1) kaladin is a hero and savior for dalinar and his army, and we only get told the story from their point of view. for sadeas, he's a traitor and terrorist who deserted his place in battle to join the enemy and undermined the whole plan. for the other highprinces? many of them would have rather seen dalinar dead. in the view of many, kaladin is somebody who took sides in a conflict that wasn't his. 2) regarding amaram, dalinar had been amaram friend for over a decade, and amaram has a spotless reputation. So, assume that a guy you hold in high esteem - someone whom you met recently, but who saved your life and gained your trust - suddenly told you that your best friend, whom you've known a very long time and have a spotless reputation, is a murdered. You certainly wouldn't believe that just on his word; yes, you won't discount this new gfriend, but you also would not just go and arrest your old friend. In fact, as an authority - somebody who passes judgment - dalinar cannot sentence someone for murder based just on someone's word. it's basic justice. Dalinar did the right thing: he investigated. I'm sure, in that situation, you'd also have tried to investigate. And he got 17 different people swearing that kaladin's story didn't check. would you trust one witness against 17 just because the one did something heroic? 3) in the arena, again, we're told from the pow of kaladin. from the public perspective, adolin has been alternative between 1v2 and 1v3 the whole time. kaladin came in and distracted one opponent for a while. sure, great skill, but the winner is adolin, with some help from kaladin. actually, renarin also kept an opponent away, it can be said that he contributed as much as kaladin. No, i actually agree that kaladin wasn't given enough credit. his battle skill is incredible. i'm sure, if he had asked for a socially-appropriate boon at a more appropriate time, he'd have gotten it. the only one truly ungrateful there is elokhar. 4) as for everything else in general, dalinar said it right: you won't change things by going around raving like a lunatic and challenging important people. kaladin is fighting an uphill battle against his whole society. not just that; he could get good recognition there; but he's pushing too hard against ingrained traditions. he keeps doing inappropriate things and insulting people and their beliefs, even when he's got no reason to. it's unsurprising that he eats up all the good credit he earned otherwise.
  6. I would not read much into any italicization, capitalization, or lack thereof. the text we have is a transcription of an audio recording. the guy who wrote it down could not know whether brandon wanted those words italicized or not. and i've seen a few mistakes on capitalization, like one word is not capitalized. unless it's meant to represent an accent subtly slipping, but it's a huge stretch. regarding shallan's mother as chanarach, there are enough coincidences that it can be considered almost certain. and it does explain why she'd be so adamant in trying to kill her daugther when she bonds a spren. However, I don't see the narrative point of it all. an herald taking up a normal life as wife of a noble? she doesn't behave like any herald we saw. in the few scenes with shallan's mother, she never seem unhinged - well, except when she tried to kill her daugther, of course. and all for what? a revelation that would pile a bit more trauma on shallan because she didn't just kill her mother, she *gasp* started the desolation personally! Nah, I'm not seeing it. I'm confused. On one hand, it's highly unlikely that there was the exact coincidence of the death time and the specific mention of hair and all that was not done intentionally. On the other hand, I can't see how this plot twist could make the story any better, and I can see many ways it would make it worse.
  7. If tanavast merged with the stormfather, then gavilar was still interacting with the stormfather. The way i see it, every mild difference in mannerism can be easily explained in the very same experiences the stormfather was having here. We often complained on how uncooperative he is, and this explains it: he tried being cooperative, and he got betrayed for it. He gave informations, and gavilar used them against him. As for the herald stuff, it could have been the plan back then, before the desolation started. Find new heralds, restore the oathpact. Then the new desolation came, and the plan changed. After gavilar, the stormfather dtarted giving visions to a random guy that was killed by taravangian's silent gatherers, it's in some epigraph. By then dalinar was changed - and perhaps cultivation also implanted connection in him. Anyway, the stormfather must have realized that a random guy taken from the street, no matter how good he could be, can't do what he needs - he needs someone who's already in power. Cue dalinar... I find all the small discrepancies a lot more easily explained by character development on the stormfather in the intervening years. More easily explained than someone else hijacking the stormfather. Edit: though i will admit, there is enough ambiguity that i would not be overly surprised if i was wrong Also, it's incredible how errorgant gavilar was. He was meddling big time with forces he didn't understand. He was trying to manipulate them, but all those forces were manipulating him. Good job in conveying all that, brandon
  8. they are people from the middle age - sort of middle age-like. they have prejudices like that.
  9. Cecil G. Bagsworth III an incredibly familiar name. I swear I've seen it in some other sanderson work. but a search in the coppermind has given no results. where did I read that name?
  10. sanderson couldn't travel anymore, and he writes five novels in the time he saved. Shows he's getting old. When he was in his prime, he'd travel, and he'd write five novels while sitting in a plane.
  11. that is certainly true, but you can use that reasoning to prove anything you want. you dismiss my reasoning on cannons on this basis, then you argue that the reference to moons may indicate a selish spectator, but one can just as easily claim that the reference to a moon could be an alien analogy. furthermore, I'd argue that hoid on roshar using alien analogies was intentional from brandon to showcase how "wit" is from outside. remember, most readers are not cosmere aware, they do not know who hoid is, and those alien references are a way from brandon to say "this guy is more than he looks like" that said, anyone in scadrial era 2 with the slightest bit of astronomical common knowledge will know what a moon is. most inhabited cosmere planets have a moon anyway. I also would not rule out taldain because of water oceans. Taldain has big water oceans, and many people live along the coast. even deep desert dweller know that there is a coast and an ocean somewhere far away, though they probably never saw it
  12. true, but they do have gas giants in the system, each one with several moons, and they surely do have telescopes. so someone from scadrial with a bit of learning would at least know what a moon is.
  13. Hoid describes Tess as going to the docks "like a soldier facing cannon fire"; this is a methapor to explain stuff to the listener, so the listener knows what cannons are. this suggests scadrial as the most likely location, as the only place in the cosmere with cannons so far. I don't know, maybe taldain darkside is also possible? but they have different plants
  14. actually, it's not specified that they do have cannons in this world. cannons are mentioned in " she marched, like a soldier on the front lines facing cannon fire ". but this is Hoid talking, and talking to someone. so what we know from this is that hoid is talking to someone who knows cannons. at present, it implies a scadrian, but it may very well be told in the near future.
  15. Brandon brought us to believe he was about to announce he was suffering from depression, or some other mental illness. I wonder if his urge to write could count as some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, though