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  1. The one feature of Tress that is eminently described is how she keeps her hair in a tress and braid. Yet all the artwork features her with freely blowing hair. Why?
  2. Does it make much difference? Shallan killed her mother, her father, and her second mentor (tyn). all three of them for legitimate self-defence. her first love interest was an assassin, willing to kill her as collateral in another assassination attempt. poor girl, what a life she had.
  3. it will be explained before the epilogue. not important anyway, and not a spoiler. wasn't it explained, or at least made clear, already? parshmen are parshendi. the parshmen are just another form, one with little intellect. and the voidbringers are also parshendi, in different forms. as for a desolation... it will be clarified in book 3. you'll see in book 4. with a strong hint already in book 3 you will hear about them, but it will take a while they are his squires. they get some power from him. it will be explained soon enough, but it's not really a spoiler. magical healing in the cosmere resets you to your cognitive identity; roughly speaking, the way you think of yourself. so it's very much a case of "your mind - with a generous helping of investiture - makes it real" lopen lost an arm, but he never really accepted the loss; his idea of himself healty includes having two arms, and so his missing arm is regrowing. on the other hand, kaladin feels the scars as part of himself, so they stay. it really depends a lot on an individual, whether an old wound gets magically healed or not. it can get even more strange; a transsexual character (a very minor one, only appears in a couple chapters) changes sex by tapping healing - without meaning to, completely by accident - because deep down she always felt her original body was wrong, and it should have been different.
  4. there are four on the planet. the number increases if we consider others from off-world
  5. Point taken. this could bring lumar to a more normal size
  6. not necessarily. perhaps he did interrogate the 17 witnesses before that, after kaladin came to him the first time, and since all witnesses dismissed kaladin's accusations, dalinar filed it away. when kaladin issued the challenge, dalinar decided to give it another go
  7. don't insult poor elokhar. he is useless. his wife is plain malicious.
  8. I like your reasoning here
  9. I didn't like lift either when she first appeared. i reacted a lot like you, why should i care about her. i got turned around in her own novella i think you already have the tools to figure it out by now. szeth is truthless, some kind of awful criminal for his kind, and he's been sentenced to obey anyone holding his oathstone - even though he'd rather not to. that much is clear as of book 1. then when kaladin surgebinds in front of him, he's very perturbed. if that's not clear enough, i think another piece of the puzzle will be dropped in the next interlude
  10. oh, yes. it's actually kinda fun to look in retrospect at what was really happening in that nameless battlefield. there were big stakes in play. kaladin stumbled and interfered on a secret war between clandestine organizations.
  11. the best way to have unequivocally good publicity - i dare say, the only way - is to have an unequivocally evil foe to oppose. heroes become such because they act in the face of disaster and tragedy. with no disaster or tragedy, there can be no heroes. getting killed in the process also helps. can't speak ill of the dead, and absolutely can't speak ill of those who sacrificed themselves to save others. so, ruin wanted to destroy the world. literally. blow it up in a cloud of cosmic dust. preservation was the only thing standing against that fate. with this premise, it doesn't matter anything else preservation does. he may have been kicking puppies every day before breakfast while turning at the camera and stating "don't mistake me guys, I'm totally not a good guy". wouldn't matter. the people of scadrial would still hail preservation as their savior who sacrificed everything to save them from ruin. Same thing on roshar. Honor is dangerously close to fundamentalism. but odium is trying to destroy humanity (ok, he only wants to enslave them to use as cannon fodder in his next war, not much difference). Cultivation is hiding. honor died fighting odium. therefore, honor is the hero and don't you ever try telling a rosharan otherwise.
  12. I may be wrong, but I recall that xisis lived very close to the lunagree. in any case, to get to the midnight sea tress had to cross all of the crimson
  13. oh, right. more than enough, actually. we only have to figure out where that air comes from...
  14. "in the middle" in this case means "close enough that we can approximate"
  15. yes, but all that correlates to the impossible orbits. ok, the orbits are impossible and require magic, we all agree with it. given that the moons are entirely taken over by heavily invested entities, it is possible. it is certainly intended; brandon knows it's physically impossible and decided to make it that way and make it work with magic. the planet looking way too small bothers me more at this point