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  1. I suspect that Skybreaker Division will allow hypersonic flight, once someone figures it out. Windrunners have Adhesion, which affects pressure and vacuum. They shape the air, so they're able to do things like push back the storm, or create an air current that keeps the squad together. Skybreakers don't have that. If they fling themselves hard enough into the air, it will push them and slow them. The solution is Division. They could separate the molecules of air in front of themselves and fly without resistance. It's not like they need to breathe while they've got light anyway. And then we'd know what Sky Breaking refers to.
  2. One of the more arcane concepts in Mormonism is Exaltation, which teaches that Gods are former human beings and that humans can become Gods and rule their own worlds. And what is the Cosmere but a universe ruled by a pack of Gods that used to be mortals?
  3. I like the idea of a wrathful young Gavinor being Odium's champion, but the boy seems to have nothing but love for Dalinar personally. I don't know how anyone would talk him into facing his heroic grandpa in a duel or whatever they're doing.
  4. The One is the closest to the way I already see the universe. It seems to be the case that all matter and energy was once compressed into a single point, which expanded and became everything. I don't believe the forces involved had desire or consciousness, physics seems to explain it all just fine, but still. It's pretty amazing to look at the infinite expanse and imagine that it was all one thing.
  5. Moash is a fugitive from Alethi justice with a standing death sentence. His worthless eyes won't change anybody's mind about anything.
  6. I am an atheist, and I would remain so even if proof of God was presented to me, depending on the God. If it was the God from the religion I used to belong to, I would not worship it or participate in its rituals. I would feel morally responsible to oppose it at every turn. The God of the Christians could appear in my apartment right now and prove to me that it's real, but that would not make me a Christian. I would be a worshipper of no gods. Atheist.
  7. The Shattered Plains have been the way they are for a long time, and lived in. I suspect that the spren of the region are used to the way things are now, which means healing them together with surges is probably out of the question.
  8. It doesn't matter how much ass you can kick when you've got a big strong body and superpowers and Shards, if you're spending centuries being flayed alive by a hurricane made of hate. You're going to snap.
  9. At this point most of the bridgemen are resigned to the fact that they will die horribly very soon. None of them have any hope of a future.
  10. The Rhythm of the Tower sounds to me like Tool's Pneuma. It's based on this wonderful polyrhythm that weaves together and apart over and over again. The song is a masterpiece of mathematical and instrumental precision, balanced against prayerful lyrics praising humanity's spiritual nature. I think Navani would groove to it. The epic drum solo that starts a little after the six minute mark is especially amazing.
  11. I was convinced that Dawnshards were terraforming fabrials
  12. Gods in a lot of religions can be pretty damn whimsical. And remember, like Odium and all the other Shards, this would be the divine sense of Whimsy absent any of the context or balance of the rest of Adonalsium's aspects. Whimsy that doesn't care about Preserving, or Dominating, or Cultivating. A god of absolute wacky mayhem. And we have no idea what kind of person is holding it. They could be the greatest abstract artist in the universe, creating amazing things just because. They could be a capricious Kim Jong Un tyrant, the kind of guy who'd have his favorite foreign actors kidnapped so they could be forced to make him a movie at gunpoint. They could be a misanthrope who inflicts nonsense on the befuddled masses out of boredom. Whimsy would be a troubling god to try to build a civilization around.
  13. I think Jasnah is yanking a big old rug out from under the Ardentia with her abolitionist plot. They have huge influence and power in Alethi culture, most notably in their control of Soulcasting, but also education, moral instruction, science and history and art, etc. Their religion is absolute garbage, encouraging things like wholesale civil-war slaughter as a noble expression of faith. If there's anything good in their teachings, it barely matters, because the highest ranked people in Alethi society just pay the ardents to do their religion for them. All the apparently intentional cultural handicaps placed on Alethi people don't apply to them. They are free to pursue their own interests and research, at the expense of their 'owners.' I think they get away with a lot of power and privilege by ostensibly being slaves. It's a very weird system.
  14. I think Renarin saw that Taravangian could become Odium, and set him up to do so. Cultivation seems to agree that it was the best move. It seems like anyone with knowledge of the future would rather deal with Tarvangian-as-Odium than Rayse-as-Odium, which makes sense when we consider the sorry shape Rayse seemed to be in in RoW. Instead of a shell of a man shaped over seven thousand years into an avatar of pure hate, we now have an Odium somewhat reined in by the will of a man who wants to save the world.
  15. There's an interesting irony to the 4th Oath. Accepting that you can't always protect everyone confers an extremely powerful ability to protect others.