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  1. Can I get just banned or something? Because I'm not apologizing.
  2. Excuse me for not tip toeing around sensitive stuff but I can't take false accusations with cool head. Well you're the boss on these forums and all so I understand where you coming from about "everyone respecting everyone" but I have right to respect whoever I deem worthy of it and your opinion on the matter is unimportant.
  3. Respect must be earned not demanded.
  4. First timer so excuse me.
  5. Nope I'm not but you are all knowing 16 year old girl who doesn't even knows what gender "they" is so goodbye to you as well.
  6. I won't say that he liked it. I'll say that 9 out of 10 boys that age would pay for it.
  7. idk that just sounded right! btw how old was that boy?
  8. Excuses!!
  9. Feminism isn't about gender equality, its about female rights. Gender is a set of tools you get when born. Not being able to get used to them is a weakness, not a strength. Stereotypes are for weak-minded slaves of society. I'm for equality in strength, not weakness. Bring it on!
  10. Favorite Doctor: Eleventh. But I hope Twelfth will surpass him(at least for me) because I see much more potential in Capaldi's Doctor. Favorite Companions: Jack, Rory, Martha, Amy. In that order. From stuff I've read on internet people love Amy because she's not in love with Doctor, but that's not my case as I never completely bought that so whole no romantic relationship between her and Doctor has been a bit annoying for me. Don't get me wrong, I prefer no romantic relationship between Doctor and his companion/s, but I never felt as much chemistry between Amy and Rory as between Amy and Eleventh so there's that. Another problem I have with Amy is that she's least companion material personality wise. Not as useful as others and I felt humanity-is-a-master-species vibe a lot more from her than any other companion. So why is she still my favorite? Because she was there when show was at it best(in my opinion). I liked Martha a lot because she was truthful, brave, open minded and fun. Simple as that. Rory and Jack don't need any explanation I think. Wish there were more of them or at least more male companions that good. I hope someday we'll get male main companion and have some kind of brotherly or father-son/teacher-apprentice kinda relationship. Least favorite Companions: Donna Noble and Clara Oswald. Fourth season was my least favorite season so I don't really care much about Donna. Even if she's a good Companion I didn't enjoy it as much as others that's all. As for Clara, I loved first two versions of her. One that ended up being Companion though... She's cute, that's all. And cute isn't my thing to say the least.
  11. Well in my opinion WoA is still much better than Elantris. I have a friend who got into Sanderson with me back in the day but skipped Elantris and she still isn't able to get through it. And I just got a friend into Mistborn and WoA is his favorite out of the three. In the end it's about taste in my opinion so no one really can tell which one will be better for someone. That aside there is no reason at all to read Warbreaker before Mistborn when trying to get into Cosmere. TFE is one of the best fantasy books out there, Warbreaker? I love it but it's nowhere close to that imho.
  12. What Titan Arum said. Also it's kind of reverse Mistborn and imo it's more fun to read it after MB then before...
  13. That would've been crazy! Cookies here just turn people into ponies! I would go into Mistborn after Elantris, then Emperor's Soul(set on same planet as Elantris). Mistborn and Emperor's soul have most information about cosmere stuff so far so they're good place to start if you're interested in a bigger picture. Then Warbreaker before Stormlight Archive for extra cross-over fun. Elantris is the weakest but they're all awesome. Newer stuff tends to be better if one were to set aside taste and emotional attachments. Welcome!
  14. Oh god thank you :D whew or not?
  15. About to finish season 7 and I'm totally mind blown by it. Haven't seen older series. And I'm afraid because I just read somewhere that time lords only have 12 regenerations and that makes Capaldi's doctor last. Is this true? We won't be getting any more Doctors after him? :| Please tell me River Song giving her time lord powers to him resets his regeneration counter. Or maybe they will just ignore that rule because we want more Doctor. Or just make him cheat death somehow. Is there any official information about it one way or another?