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  1. Honestly, I like the collection's cover the best out of all the Skyward books so far. I've read them, but now I want to own them just to have that cover.
  2. I think the blank Connection question was easily answered by being Identity-less. Shai specifically says that connection is tied to your Identity, so if a person were to store their Identity (or blank it out in some other way), then it makes sense to me that their Connection would be blank as well. While in this Identity-less state, they store this blank Connection into the duralumin. So any unkeyed duralumin-mind would have to have blank Connection by necessity. I agree with @Chaos that the default is NOT blank, that if a duralumin Ferring stored Connection normally, with their Identity intact, then it would be a "flavored" Connection. As for whether they store ALL of their Connections or just one of them, I'm not sure.
  3. This actually sounds pretty cool to me, not gonna lie. I would like to think this is theoretically possible, but as for right now, I get the impression that Brandon won't take it this direction because Odium just barely changed hands; I think good ol' Vargodium is gonna hang around for a bit. But still, I think the mechanics of that are possible, especially the combining and redistributing of two Shards. Have an upvote!
  4. Hey, @Mistborn Surgebinder, what about both characters? I would love to see more Forgery, so what if Shai is off in a different country pulling some shenanigans that are causing political problems for Gaotona? I'd be down for something like that.
  5. The word "money" appears in the Stormlight Archive..... WoK: 65 times (9 money pouches, 4 moneylenders/moneychangers) WoR: 30 times O: 22 times (7 of these instances are compound words, such as "moneychangers") RoW: 14 times For a current total of 131 times.
  6. I can do the search. What's the word?
  7. Hahaha, loved the Strong Bad "It's Over!!" At the end.
  8. Warbreaker Spoilers I haven't finished the episode yet, so if this is discussed later, oops. Had to say it while it was on my mind.
  9. On a few different other topics, the idea that Kelsier is a Dawnshard has come up. I have been reading through the fist Mistborn trilogy, plus Secret History and The Eleventh Metal, and I have found some evidence that I think indicates that Kelsier is INDEED a Dawnshard. By the way, there are many Mistborn spoilers here, so be warned!!! From "Secret History" From "The Hero of Ages" But this is the one that struck me the most: From "The Eleventh Metal" (Kelsier is having an introspective moment) My assumptions: There is a Survive Dawnshard Preservation was the Survive Dawnshard My uncertainties: When did Kelsier become the Survive Dawnshard? Was it in the Pits or was it when Preservation died? Anyway, I'm going to say a few thoughts on the quotes I listed above. From my first quote above, when Preservation dies and Kelsier remembers hearing the voice in the Pits, people have said that Preservation was incapable of speaking to people. To counter that argument, I say that Preservation was able to speak to Kelsier, not in his role as Preservation, but in his role as the Survive Dawnshard. Perhaps he was able to separate the power form his mind for a moment and speak the command to Kelsier in the Pits. Kelsier is certainly able to do the same thing when he commands Spook to survive. By the way, did you notice that it was an "all-powerful" command? Now, of course Kelsier is better able to separate himself from the power of Preservation because he's not Connected enough to it, but maybe Leras could've pulled the power away from himself, just barely, to speak to Kelsier. The second quote, from "Hero of Ages," I think was Brandon giving us foreshadowing WAY in advance. Demoux is a very perceptive guy, so I think it makes sense that he would say these things AND be correct. The way Rysn describes the Dawnshard at the end of chapter 19 sounded very similar to me. Rysn: "The will of a god to remake things, to demand they be better" Demoux: "The hopes of a divinity" Then finally, the quote from "The Eleventh Metal." While the word "remade" isn't capitalized here, it made me wonder if becoming a Dawnshard requires you to remake yourself: to be broken and pull yourself back together, rather than having something else remake you. Anyway, that's my theory!
  10. rhythm of war

    You got me thinking... What if the Recreance was done as a stop-gap measure in preparation for Tanavast's death? By renouncing their oaths, the Knights and their spren rendered a large portion of Honor's Investiture inert, so that when Tanavast died, it didn't become dangerous like Ambition, Devotion, and Dominion? Cultivation could've warned them; that, plus the terrible effects of BAM's imprisonment together was what convinced the Radiants and their spren to reject their oaths.
  11. I agree with this. Before Dalinar and Rayse solidified their deal, Rayse mentioned that if either side forfeited, then the other side would immediately have complete and utter control over the forfeited side, able to do anything they wanted. I predict that Todium will use these 10 days to groom Gavinor and convince him to hate Dalinar. On the day of the contest, Dalinar will refuse to kill Gavinor, voiding the contract, and releasing TOdium from his bondage. To me this matches up perfectly with the first two Death Rattles the OP listed. The rest of the book will be the fallout, with a small hint of hope at the end.
  12. It is a phrase that Brandon Sanderson says. He usually says it when fans ask him uncomfortable questions.
  13. Oh my goodness, I didn't catch that!! I was listening to the audio book and didn't catch that! That's awesome!
  14. This made me more emotional than Kaladin's 4th ideal. Storm you, Moash!!
  15. I thought it was the singers/some Fused and humans banding together to fight the other Fused. That's a game changing scene. Or, maybe it was Kaladin talking to Tien. Actually, I just convinced myself that's what it was.