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  1. I assumed that @RubyHoid__11 meant that an Elantrian had to die in order for a new one to be made (because there are a fixed number or something).
  2. Interesting theory. What makes you think that? It's been a while since I've read Elantris, but I don't remember them ever explaining anything like that.
  3. game

    Hey everyone, just a few quick reminders as we get started with game 10. Check out last game's intro post for more detailed info. We're playing with the eightball variant, which means that you need to get the Assassin in White to win. It also goes to sudden death if you pick the Assassin in White early (just like last game). There's a 48 hour time limit on turns. The website seems to be down, so make sure to check the post time (maybe the Spymasters can include an end time/time zone in their post) Put your guesses in bold. Guesses will be evaluated in the order they're listed.
  4. game

    @MistCLOAKed Mountains yeah, Council of Five definitely. @Turtle373 As for the second, I'm not sure. I could maybe see Michael Whelan, because Eshonai's on the cover of Way of Kings. But in that case Eshonai would be a better clue. I think maybe Kaladin is the best bet because he fights them and also befriends those singers in Oathbringer.
  5. I always assumed it was the order that the names were entered.
  6. Good catch! He is indeed a worldhopper; he even has his own Coppermind page:
  7. IIRC, there's a way to survive Hemalurgy, so it's not always fatal. It's not pleasant though. I think there was a thread a while back about something similar, but I can't find it.
  8. game

    I added you to the list. The spreadsheet signup was just my attempt to reduce the clutter on this (very long) thread.
  9. game

    Let's give people through the weekend to signup (add your name to the signup column of the Gameboard) and then I'll make the board and kick off game 10 next week.
  10. All of the leather-bound editions are still available on the store, so I would assume continual availability. Elantris is, I think, 4 years old now.
  11. I don't think this is true. As @Quantus pointed out, he must have already bonded the highspren prior to the Ideal, as at that point the spren "rarely showed itself to him," which implies that it's been around for a while.
  12. Marsh is a very interesting character and continues to be an interesting character in Hero of Ages. I'm not sure that I can say much else without spoiling things. P.s. You can edit previous posts if you want to modify/delete something (e.g. the spoiler box).
  13. People generally hate Zane. A lot. I'm not sure how people are going to be able to answer your questions (e.g. about Marsh) without factoring in things that happen in later books in the series. For Mistborn especially, it's really hard to remember which particular book an event happened in, as all the books of a particular era run together. P.s. Why do you have an empty spoiler box?
  14. Okay then, I guess we're not on the same page. The Shards still exist, even if they've been Splintered. It might not be easy to reassemble them into what they once were, but they're still there. They're still powering magic systems; the seons/spren are still around; Dalinar "ascended" in some fashion. I think the large majority of people would subscribe to the standard definition of "exist." I'm not sure why you would adopt an uncommon, non-standard definition and then argue with people about semantics. Side not: actual destruction does exist in the Cosmere: things that "go beyond" are never coming back.
  15. It's up on Arcanum: