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  1. Try typing in the URL manually. Check out this thread where somebody had the same issue.
  2. Spoiler boxes can be added by clicking the button that looks like an eye, between the "code" and "emoticon" buttons. However, spoilers are not required if you post in the book's forum. So unmarked Stormlight spoilers are fine here and Mistborn spoilers are find in the Mistborn forum, but Stormlight spoilers would have to be hidden in the Mistborn forum and vice versa. All spoilers are fine in Cosmere Discussion, but not allowed in General Discussion. You can read more about the spoiler policy in the Site Rules.
  3. Despite being classified as an end-neutral system, there actually is some loss associated with Feruchemy when you tap at higher rates.
  4. Brandon has RAFOd almost every question about it: Also, the knife doesn't kill on all three Realms like Nightblood. It's something that was designed specifically for the Heralds, and functions similarly to Hemalurgy.
  5. game

    Just randomize it somehow. It's also good to ensure that one team isn't entirely composed of new people, but I'm pretty sure that all of the current game's participants are veterans.
  6. Part of Yolen is very Earth-like. But there's also a competing ecosystem that is very much not Earth-like. Yeah, Yolen, Sel, Scadrial, and Nalthis are all very Earth-like (with the exception of the magical components). Roshar is the standout from the other major Shardworlds, in that it is completely infused with magic and everything was developed to survive in the presence of the highstorms. It was this way even before the arrival Honor/Cultivation. The spren (including the Nightwatcher and the Stormfather) and the highstorms all existed prior to the arrival of the Shards. Everything is crustacean-based - Brandon drew inspiration from tidal pools. Most of the normal Earth-like things (birds, humans, horses, etc.) came later. We don't have much to go on, but Ashyn was populated by humans, instead of Parshendi, so probably not. I don't believe they created the whole system, but I don't have a source for that. Khris says in Arcanum that the planet was "likely" created by the Shards. We don't know much about Threnody - we'll just have to wait for the novel. Have you read Arcanum Unbounded or checked out it's Coppermind page? Most of the info about the minor Shardworlds comes from those essays.
  7. We actually have confirmation that they are not Radiant spren:
  8. As long as your posts have something of substance to them, you're fine. From what I can recall, yours do. It's posts that don't actually say anything that are against the rules. From the Site Rules: As for being the last post on a lot of threads, I think this is actually fairly common for a lot of people. I think a lot of people's activity on the Shard tends to happen at certain times of day (e.g. lunch break), so it makes sense that it would happen.
  9. game

    Looks like someone already filled in the board - thanks to whomever that was. @Truthless of Shinovar or @Will Arbit do you guys want to assign teams and generate a keycard so we can get this thing started?
  10. What do you think would occur as a result of the Oathpact going away? It's main purpose was to bind the Fused to Braize, but they've already bypassed that restriction via the Everstorm.
  11. elantris

    [citation needed]
  12. Even if Dalinar could temporarily acquire Awakening via touch, he wouldn't have any Breath to use.
  13. Welcome to the Shard! We're not sure who Trell is, although most people around here (including me) think it's Autonomy. There are a lot of theories about it though - you can use the search feature to look up past topics: You can also do a search of Arcanum (a repository of everything Brandon's said about the Cosmere) or check out The Coppermind (basically the Cosmere Wikipedia).
  14. As @RShara said, Nicrosil is the metal that stores Investiture. However, any metalmind will become Invested when you store Feruchemical attibutes in them, so you could choose a metal that has better physical properties than Nicrosil.