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  1. We’re they talking about Nightblood though? They specifically asked “metal tools.” Also, there’s this WoB that directly confirms its possible.
  2. I believe that if you were to pack enough Investiture into the metalmind, it would eventually gain sentience. One of the broadsheets from Era 2 mentions talking pieces of metal.
  3. Now that I think about it more, I’m pretty sure that this is not possible. Aren’t there 10 different Oathgates in Urithiru, one for each city? And they just get swapped between the city and Urithiru. So you can’t go directly from city to city.
  4. A hot-off-the-press WoB indicates that there were a number of possessors between Vasher and Nale.
  5. Do we know that the Oathgates can go directly from city to city without going through Urithiru? I vaguely remember a passage about discontent about Oathgate taxes being assessed from Urithiru, which wouldn't make sense if you could easily bypass it.
  6. I agree that it's not likely that we'll see voidblades, simply because there's been no mention of them so far. However, I believe that it should be theoretically possible for it to happen. If Seons/Skaze can turn into blades, then voidspren should be able to as well.
  7. Teleportation seems much more likely to come from Transportation than Gravitation.
  8. That is not what the WoB says; it says that you can feed Nightblood directly if you are burning metal, not that he feeds directly on the metal. This distinction matters because (as @Weltall pointed out), in Allomancy, it’s not the metals themselves that provide the power. Burning the metals opens a gateway to Preservation’s Investiture in the Spiritual Realm, which is what is actually powers Allomancy (the Coppermind has a good description). However, once your metals run out (or you stop burning) and that gateway closes, then Nightblood would start to feed on you directly.
  9. My headcanon is that each combination of powers gives you a separate resonance (similar to how waves work in real life), so there would be a total of 11 different resonances for 4 different powers. Brandon hasn't directly confirmed this, but some of his wording (e.g. this WoB refers to "these little quirks" plural) also leads me to believe this is the case. However, I don't think that you'd actually be able to use the resonances - 11 seems like way too many. FYI, the most recent resonance WoB we have clarifies that the resonances are still present even in Mistborn (who have 65,519 different combinations), but "they're not as pronounced" (i.e. they're attenuated to the point of uselessness).
  10. Huh? Where does it talk about Kelsier being "too independent" for devices? The Bands of Morning are essentially one giant uber-medallion. And his whole schtick is that of crew leader - he builds up a crew of diverse people and relies on them to do their jobs. As far as original Feruchemy, we have literally no idea how that came about, or whether that's even a thing that Kelsier could re-implement.
  11. Neither of those make her interesting. You're just implying that magic is interesting and the situation is interesting. And neither of those are that interesting to me. I'm not a die hard fanatic of the magic systems so that doesn't do anything for me. And having to keep the spren a secret felt like a way to create artificial drama at times. That's not enough to make the character interesting on it's own, and Brandon hasn't done much with it that doesn't feel like a trope. I'm starting to think Brandon never planned to develop her in SA3 -- it's just setup for SA4 for her. Or maybe it's the result of not wanting to delay the book another year (I'm assuming that Tor does not want a mid-year release, so e.g. even if Brandon needed a month or two more on it, those would still result delaying it a year). If all those things are considered interesting situations, what exactly do you consider would make a person interesting? And what is it about Eshonai herself, rather than her situation, that made her so much more interesting? Yes, of course Brandon didn't intend to develop Venli much during Oathbringer - it wasn't her book. He also didn't develop Lift, Ash, or Taln very much, precisely because their books come later. Obviously I'm not trying to argue how you feel, I'm just trying to understand how someone can possibly think that Venli/her situation isn't interesting. She was secretly scheming behind the Parshendi's backs, and unwittingly was aiding the enemy, which resulted in the deaths of almost everyone she knew. Now she's a secret agent in the midst of Odium's forces, hiding the fact that she's a Surgebinder, and will (presumably) be working against them.
  12. He could also have used medallions instead of spikes.
  13. While I totally agree that Eshonai is awesome, and I would have loved to see her earlier years (and am still holding out hope that we still will), I find it difficult to see how Venli isn’t considered an interesting character. She’s the first-ever Parshendi Surgebinder, who’s also a double agent right under Odium/the Fused’s noses. She was also secretly working for Odium originally, and is responsible for the current Desolation.
  14. What makes you think that? I was under the impression that he predated the formation of he Knights Radiant, so he couldn’t have belonged to any order.
  15. It's in the URL. For example, the newest WoB's URL is The number for citation is 12845.