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  1. He didn't even name Kaladin - he said "the Windrunner who is the main character." Kaladin's revealed to be a Windrunner in book 1.
  2. If you look at the full text of that WoB, it’s pretty clear that Brandon is avoiding spoilers by not naming the characters.
  3. That's what I thought too. I always side-eyed the "Upvote for you sir!" posts. They seem like they're fishing for a reciprocal upvote.
  4. I really like it. My main complaint was that it felt like half of a season. It didn't seem like enough happened to justify all of the set up.
  5. I have digital copies of most of the Cosmere books, but can't for the life of me figure out to copy-paste from Amazon Cloud Reader.
  6. You can access the pages directly by appending the page number, e.g.
  7. Definitely not. Dragonsteel is a prequel series. Brandon’s clearly lumping the various trilogies/series together.
  8. It’s my favorite of the non-Cosmere books. It is self contained, although there’s a clear set up for a sequel, which has been long delayed. I really like the premise - it’s basically Harry Potter, except the protagonist doesn’t have magic. The magic system is fascinating. After reading, I immediately started thinking about how amazing it would be as a video game. It’s simplistic enough that it could actually be realistically implemented (vs Mistborn or Stormlight), but would also be a ton of fun. The other thing that sets it apart from most of Brandon’s other books is that it’s truly a Young Adult book. And I don’t mean that in the negative way that most people use the term YA. The book only has a single protagonist and is only told from his POV. It’s focused on one person at one school. You don’t have to learn about 10 different nationalities and cultures and politics. I love the complexity and epicness of Stormlight, but sometimes you just want a single, normal-sized book. But really, what do you need to know except that it’s a Brandon Sanderson book?
  9. There are a number of threads dealing with this topic. The general consensus was that shard weapons are inflexible and can’t be split into multiple parts.
  10. Only if they turn it into a Graphic Novel...
  11. We know that there were multiple people between Vasher and Nale:
  12. I kind of doubt this. The most obvious example of savantism’s downsides come from Soulcasting, which does not seem to involve modifying your own Spiritweb. And we know that cosmere healing wouldn’t fix that, per this WoB, because there’s “nothing wrong” with you.
  13. We’re they talking about Nightblood though? They specifically asked “metal tools.” Also, there’s this WoB that directly confirms its possible.
  14. I believe that if you were to pack enough Investiture into the metalmind, it would eventually gain sentience. One of the broadsheets from Era 2 mentions talking pieces of metal.
  15. Now that I think about it more, I’m pretty sure that this is not possible. Aren’t there 10 different Oathgates in Urithiru, one for each city? And they just get swapped between the city and Urithiru. So you can’t go directly from city to city.