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  1. We don't know that. Odium is also hiding from Cultivation, in a way. He's limited in how much he can extend himself because he "fears a strike from Cultivation" per the Stormfather. The intents of the Shards certainly affect their ability to fight one another, but do not exclusively define their abilities. We know that Shards can just up and smite someone, regardless of their intent.
  2. To expand a little bit, Damnation (hell) and the Tranquiline Halls (heaven) are real places (Braize and Ashyn, respectively); however, they are not the afterlife. They are different planets in the Rosharan system. When people die (with very few exceptions), they go to the Cosmere's afterlife: the Beyond. Once something/body goes Beyond, they're not coming back. Eshonai is dead and gone, as confirmed by the WoB that @Nathrangking posted.
  3. The Coppermind (basically the Cosmere Wikipedia) is a great resource for these types of questions:
  4. Yes, we've since had the order (tentatively) confirmed. The thread you're replying to is a year and a half old.
  5. Even regular bullets would do pretty well. There's a hot-off-the-press WoB from the recent Orem signing that it would only take two or three bullets to break Shardplate.
  6. There are already numerous predictions threads. It's helpful to do a quick search before making a new topic to see if you can add to an existing one. It helps keep the forums clean.
  7. Well we know for sure that he has an actual Aether crystal - Brandon's confirmed it. Not sure how that'd leave a stain, especially since he can't use it.
  8. Most of the newer story comes from short stories on Wizards' website. I've been using this post to browse through them:
  9. I don't think there are any topics that aren't important enough for their own thread. It's much cleaner for threads to be focused on just one topic.
  10. In chapter 15 of Oathbringer, Shallan is training with Adolin, and he asks her if she has Plate. Here's her response:
  11. game

    Oops. Forgot to tag @Ashertliden and @Rhapsody. And include a link to the gameboard.
  12. Nice theories. One thing to add is that we know that as an Allomancer becomes more skilled, they are able to relax the "center of mass" restriction on both the target object and themselves. This can (kind of) explain things like hovering and Zane twisting in mid-air. Also, have you checked out this thread?
  13. game

    The blue team’s next clue is: Nightwatcher 1
  14. There are a number of Reckoners WoBs. You can easily do a search for them:
  15. @Pathfinder the Oathpact's Fused sealing ability is in effect during the Desolations, when the Heralds are on Roshar. Otherwise the Desolations would never end - the Fused would just keep coming back and it would be impossible to kill them all at the same time. Once the Fused were all killed and returned to Braize, the Heralds had a certain period of time before they too had to return to Braize. Three reasons why I think this is certain: If the Fused kept being reborn during the Desolation, there's no way it would have ever ended. You can't defeat an enemy that keeps reviving the next day/week. The Stormfather quote that @Child of Hodor posted: "THEIR OATHPACT DELAYED THE FUSED FROM RETURNING IMMEDIATELY, BUT EACH TIME AFTER A DESOLATION THE HERALDS RETURNED TO DAMNATION TO SEAL THE ENEMY AGAIN." OB Ch. 38 Broken People This WoB (that you posted) explains that, following the Desolation, the Heralds had a "certain period of time" that they can be on Roshar. Afterward, they had to return to Braize or their refusal to would trigger a new Desolation (i.e. release the Fused again). This period of time is prior to the Heralds return, yet the Fused are clearly sealed in Braize.