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  1. I came across a WoB that's displaying weirdly in the search results. It doesn't show the speakers, it just combines the question and answer together. It also appears to have a different spacing between lines. The strange thing is that this is only when viewing it in the search results, it appears normally in the event page. Event page: Search results:
  2. So Kaladin was feeding Syl Stormlight (I'm assuming that's what you mean by "Physical Investiture"), which enabled her to develop from a mindless, windspren-like thing into a fully conscious Physical Realm honorspren? I always thought of it as an issue with the spren's mind, not their physical composition. That the spren's mind doesn't work well without the bond. We know that there's no problem having multiple Nahel bonds. I guess I'm just confused about why bonding an honorspren and a highspren is okay, but bonding two different honorspren is not.
  3. I think you mean 99% inaccurate.
  4. As you pointed out, the Coppermind generally deals with things that have been confirmed; it mostly eschews speculation. A good alternative resource is Arcanum, a repository of all the the things that Brandon has told us about outside of the novels. Here's what we have on the Spiritual Realm:
  5. I think we fundamentally differ in our interpretation of the Nahel bond. I do not believe it is an "energy exchange," where the Kaladin stores up "Windrunner energy" by doing Windrunner-y things, until it reaches a certain level and then he expends it to improve the bond between him and Syl.
  6. I mean, the question could also be parsed as "the intent of a (Shard that we have not seen before)." Where Cultivation fits the criteria because we didn't see her onscreen until Oathbringer. And it's not like he answered the question anyway, because (as he reveals in the WoB you linked), the "hide and survive" is only tangentially related to the Shard's intent. So one interpretation of that WoB is: Questioner: Tell us about a Shard we haven't seen before Brandon: One of them is in hiding Again, I don't subscribe to that interpretation. I feel like this WoB, combined with the others you linked point pretty clearly to it being a Shard that we haven't encountered even now. I was just pointing out that Brandon can be really tricksy sometimes (see: "the man who calls himself Taln" and "is Hoid a Mistborn"), and that this kind of thinking is useful to creating new theories. I know that I, personally, never even thought about the "survival Shard" being one that we already encountered. I think that this kind of critical thinking is helpful.
  7. The specific wording of the oaths (with the possible exception of the first) doesn't matter. It's about how closely the Surgebinder matches to the Order . If it was just the words, then you'd just get a cheat sheet from a full, five oath Radiant and instantly level up. A Windrunner of the Third Ideal (remember, they're Ideals, not Oaths) got there because they have accepted their responsibility to protect those they don't like. I see no reason why two different honorspren couldn't judge the same Surgebinder as being worth. In fact, I think it'd be rare for them to disagree. For example, if Kaladin were to lose Syl somehow, and a different honorspren stepped up to bind with him, I think he'd pretty quickly go back up to the level he started. It might take some time for the relationship between them to develop, but he wouldn't be back at square one.
  8. Feruchemical savants are unlikely to be a thing:
  9. The Oaths a pretty clearly personal between the spren and the Surgebinder. The spren makes the determination if the Surgebinder is ready for the next "level," so there's no reason why two spren of the same type couldn't (and I believe they probably would) accept the same Oath. However, I do think it's possible for the spren to differ in their assessment of the Surgebinder. So one honorspren might think they're ready for the third oath and the other might not, so they'd only get the one Shardblade.
  10. It's a good thought, but I feel like a change that drastic would have been noticed and mentioned. However, even if a similar change took place, they wouldn't be "parshmen." Huh?
  11. I agree that the WoB is probably not referring to Cultivation. It seems like a very straightforward request and answer. HOWEVER, this is the exact kind of trickiness that Brandon sometimes pulls on us.
  12. But all spren are partly in the Physical Realm and partly in the Cognitive Realm (the ration is different for different types of spren), so why would they need to "punch a hole" between the Realms?
  13. I hadn't seen this before - I really like it. It's always seemed strange to me that we know so little about Tanavast's actual death. It seems like it should be a BFD - the death of a (Vessel of a) Shard! But we have no mention of it in the books. Seemingly no historical event tied to it, no mass explosion in the number of spren, nothing.
  14. There's actually a whole Shardcast about pronunciation:
  15. I mean, the matter that a person's physical body is made of isn't destroyed either (barring certain weird circumstances). After someone dies their body gets "recycled" by the ecosystem and turned into something else. The person is still gone, though.