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  1. game

    The Blue Team’s turn is over because you guessed incorrectly. It’s the Red Teams’s turn now. I’ll be giving the clue sometime today. Want to join this game? We’ve only just started and no agents have been correctly guessed yet.
  2. game

    I've added you to the Red team. It's currently the Blue team's turn, but we'll be up soon. Edit: Vin is an Innocent Bystander.
  3. We know that Elantris is not a necessary component of whatever creates Elantrians, because Elantrians predated Elantris.
  4. game

    I think the countdown website is back up! Let's see if this works: Link to the game board
  5. What's your favorite book/series? I'd start in the series-specific forum and branch out from there. Or you could start on the Cosmere page of the Coppermind (our version of Wikipedia) and just keep clicking links.
  6. Agree on the orders of Knights Radiant (fully onboard the Ash Dustbringer train). However, Eshonai (the 4th book flashback character is not present).
  7. This is probably the most common theory. Brandon even refers to it as the null hypothesis, if you will: However, that WoB makes me think that it's more complicated than that and that the reconstruction of Adonalsium is a red herring.
  8. When a colored object reflects some wavelengths and absorbs others, it doesn't store the absorbed light forever - it gets turned into heat and is dissipated. So there's no reservoir of "absorbed EMR" for Awakening to use as fuel.
  9. You're absolutely entitled to your own feelings. But coming into a thread where people have been working for over a year, trying to tease out the intricacies of Brandon's magic system, just to tell them "It's magic; don't worry about it" seems super unnecessary. By all means, start a new thread about how people spend too much time digging into the mechanics of the Cosmere, but don't derail this one.
  10. game

    Yup. Thanks
  11. This is a really good question. Riino was still a Hoed when he was placed into the pool, so we know that he did not do anything special to prepare ahead of time. My best guess is that someone (e.g. the Ire) was monitoring the pool and intervened to save him. He did end up joining the Ire, after all.
  12. What I took away from this Shardcast is that there are a lot of different ways to pronounce names in the Cosmere and they're all okay. It seemed like from previous episodes that there was just one right way and people (usually Ben) would always get corrected for doing wrong, which was troubling because my pronunciations frequently misalign with Brandon's. I guess I can feel good about pronouncing things the way that makes sense to me (and you can pry the hard "J" s away from my cold, dead hands...)
  13. This is the thing that confuses me. Full pilots are going to see the real version. Not all of them, but certainly some of them are going to review the version in the library, even if there's a fake one played for the public. Once someone has seen the real version, I'm not sure how it stays a secret. I'm not sure what's more plausible: no full pilots have ever seen the tape or every full pilot is sworn to secrecy and nobody blabs.
  14. That's what I thought too, but Brandon has said otherwise:
  15. The Almighty is Honor; the Stormfather is the one who bonds with Dalinar. The Almighty/Honor fought and was killed by Odium. The Stormfather is a large spren who has merged with the remnants of Honor (i.e. his Cognitive Shadow). This merger is what allows the Stormfather to sort of carry out Honor's final wishes, which are to find/bond a Bondsmith to fight Odium. If you want to know more, check out the Coppermind (basically our version of Wikipedia) and join us down the rabbit hole.