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  1. Definitely. I certainly enjoyed that aspect even if it some parts seemed a bit too much, and it made it quite interesting. I had lots of feelings when this basically child started fighting like a professional killer. It added an aspect to the movie of near attachment to preserving that child that was just stunning.
  2. Ruin: everything you do helps me Vin: even this? *kills inquisitors* Ruin: well... everything but that Vin: how about this? *suicides against ruin after epic final battle and a whole lot of atium mistings* Ruin: ...
  3. If Brandon wrote philosophy, he would have hundreds of fans theorizing about it until the end of time
  4. Definitely. What did you think of the character of Alita? I personally thought it was really well done, and her backstory was a great mystery and turned out to be really interesting. There were some parts when I thought she was a little bit too childish though.
  5. I have found a goal in life. I thank you my friend.
  6. Thanks! this is perfect.
  7. Oh. I read that differently. Alright. This is really good. Thank you for doing this, I have been looking for something this well thought out for awhile.
  8. I've heard that the comics are really violent and gory, but still pretty good. My favorite scene is probably when she is playing the rigged motorball game and destroys all of the assorted hunters and criminals they have lined up. Super cool type of fight scene. What do you think of the style they did it in? I personally thought that the CGI was really well done.
  9. Welcome to the shard! One piece of advice... don't take any baked goods of questionable origin. I struggle with your same problem. I have found that writing questions and theories down and exploring them here really helps. There is usually a thread or something that is already discussing the questions you have.
  10. Hey! Welcome to the shard. I honestly share your dream of becoming a beta reader at one point. That would be amazing. Be sure to tell me if you find anything. I wouldn't take that cookie if I were you. Have an upvote!
  11. Yes!!! I absolutely loved this movie when I went to go see it. I agree with you on the ending, and that the story felt a little fast paced, but I feel that the fast story added to the movie as much as it detracted from it. What was your favorite scene?
  12. I want to do a bridge four cosplay for comic con this year, but am having trouble finding... anything. Any ideas for a bridge four uniform that won't cost a small fortune?
  13. I saw one problem, while burning steel as a mistborn, there are no allowances made for anchored sources of metal, such as coins on the ground.
  14. Also, Roshar is bigger than earth, with gravity at about 1.3 times our own (don't quote me on that), so the curve would have less of an impact.
  15. I am watching or have recently watched Merlin, Psych, Stranger things 2, Interstellar, Inception, and The Prestige. I am kind of on a Christopher Nolan kick right now. I am very happy with what I've seen so far.