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  1. I don't know if you take it as a point, perhaps it just put you on the same level as Berlin. Welcome to top gun. wait... are we allowed to make non-Brandon Sanderson references here? I'm pretty sure that's a great top gun reference. #TakeMyBreathAway
  2. stormlight archive

    I wonder if this could be used as a tactical impediment to an enemy, slowing the regrowth of an enemy shard. Example: Party 1 attacks Party 2 using shardplate. In the process of the fight party 2 loses a gauntlet, vambrace shatters, and the gauntlet is dropped as dead weight. Backup arrives for party 2, and Party 1 is forced to retreat. Party 2 recovers it, takes it with them and feeds it a large amount of stormlight continuously, slowing the disintegration process, and by extension the regrowth of the enemy's shardplate. I feel like this could give party 2 a unique advantage if they could act quickly on it.
  3. Nice try! Yall are a crafty bunch.
  4. Suddenly my cookies seems less special. +1 for stick
  5. Pretty much everything but the Rithmatis (next on my list), Legion, Alcatraz, and his short stories not included in Arcanum unbound.
  6. I have creeped on these pages for years. Usually trying to find out information about Hoid. But I finally decided to join after actually listening to a podcast - first time I've done that. And I don't mean it's the first time I've listened to the 17th shard podcast I mean a podcast at all. It was the podcast after Oathbringer came out. And honestly you guys just sound like a good group of friends that enjoy Brandon Sanderson's works. And that appeals to me, in fact I just got my wife to start listening to the WoK! Which actually brings me to my next point, as much as I love reading I have actually never read a Brandon Sanderson book, I listen to audiobooks. This is particularly convenient for me because I drive a lot for work. And like most of you I did get started reading Brandon Sanderson books because he finished off WoT. But this week I stopped in at Barnes and Noble and I bought the storm light books, to actually read! Though I will always hear Dalinar in my head with the amazing voice of Michael Kramer. A bit about me? Why, sure! So glad you asked! I am 29, Married, 3 kids, 2 cats (who are insufferable jerks), 1 dog (who is a good girl), and a love of SFF books. Though you may not think it to look at me. (Think former built badass, but now dangerously close to dadbod, jeans, boots, slight southern accent, truck) So I guess you could say in my typical circle of people... I don't really get to talk about things like this. Which is why am excited to say... Hello 17th! (and yes I may have a Pun/dadjoke as a thread title)