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  1. From the way Kaladin blacks out briefly while fighting the fused is a clear indication that stormlight doesn't cancel out the effect of pulling G's. I think stormlight simply heals the radiants as they sustain damage during these maneuvers. Also given how important perception is to the magic I'd say the baby would be equally protected by stormlight as the radiants themselves are. This is because I think Rosharans wouldn't think of the baby as being it's own distinct individual until it is born.
  2. I may be misremebereing but wasn't the shattered plains created at Aharietiam and the sibling only withdrew close to the recreance?
  3. I think the timelines are widely apart. I don't know specific years but I'm fairly certain TLR's rise to power happened about 2000 years before current day in the stormlight archive, but we know that the first humans to arrive on roshar had to arrive at least several thousand years ago maybe tens of thousands of years ago. I do however think it likely there were refugees that settled on roshar from scadrial.
  4. Well it's a military installation and being in the middle of a mountain range makes it completely impossible to attack by traditional means, add to that the oathgates and it has no need to care about it's location as everything supply and logistics wise goes through an oathgate. Magic sure makes city building a hell of a lot easier.
  5. I'd always believed he was waiting for the listeners to be rediscovered, that was the pivotal moment that set the whole sequence of invents into motion. I bet Gavilar started getting visions the first highstorm after discovering them.
  6. If I'm remembering it correctly regular soulcasters slowly turn into what there soulcasters makes, a soulcaster that makes stone would slowly turn into stone. This happens because the soulcasters spiritweb is warped by the power and as that warping occurs there physical body is changed. This doesn't effect radiants to such an extent because the nahal bond acts as a filter through which the power flows thus causing less warping, but apparently said warping can occur with radiants as well over a much larger period of time. I found the WoB i was remembering I think.
  7. gemhearts

    Ok but the problem is your assuming that the plants don't have enough sunlight, c02 or water and I just think that's shown to not be the case. The only resource nessecery for plant survival that we don't see plants having is a source of nutrients which are instead provided by crem. As an aside I do like your theory and would love to see some plant life that makes direct use of investiture in it's lifecycle.
  8. All I really want to happen is getting a bunch of new radiants getting introduced.
  9. gemhearts

    I'd guess it's a mix of photosynthesis (many plants do this without leaves cactus are a good example) and crem which is basically a magic fertiliser.
  10. gemhearts

    Something I've been considering is would a gemstone buried in crem get infused? Actually it makes sense that there should be very little leaf based plants on roshar, leafs are very costly to produce for a plant and are usually not suited to extreme weather and highstorms are pretty damnation extreme.
  11. nale

    Something to consider also it that it's not like Nale was specifically looking for the poisoned wine incident, he was looking for anything to allow him to execute Ym.
  12. To me it makes perfect sense just because your creative at one thing doesn't mean your creative with everything. It's just anecdotal but I do some art and I consider myself reasonably creative yet I'm garbage when it comes to names.
  13. I'm not saying it's strength is a result of a connection to ruin. I'm asking if you where to see Nightblood spirit webs would there be lines of Connection to ruin there due to Nightbloods nature as a investiture eating monste.
  14. I was reading another thread and someone mentioned their theory on Nightblood and Ruin, it got me thinking about how Kelseir was Connected to Ruin in mistborn and I was wondering if Nightblood could also have some significant Connection? Obviously he'd have a very strong Connection to Endowment being made with 1000 breaths but with his command being destroy evil and the way he interprets that being extremely destructive, corrupting and consumeing the investiture itself, I think he'd have a very strong Connection to Ruin as well.
  15. But what about the months leading up to his death, when he spent a lot of time going from place to place talking with ska? He was recruiting sure but I always assumed that's where he did the majority of his inspiring for the actual revolution, with OreSeur being the final push.