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  1. Now that I'm thinking about it gold compounding should completely eliminate old age and the associated death. The reason we age and eventually die is because as our cells replicate over the course of your lifetime they slowly get damaged and lose the ability to self replicate then things start breaking and we die, but if your cells never get permanently damaged they will always be able to replicate. There are animals that have just this ability, a species of jelly fish can repair it's cells periodically and thus never dies of old age. As to the healing from an instantly lethal blow, I'm not sure. Before reading OB I would have said that any radiant could have survived as long as they already had a fair amount of stormlight in them. But in the Renarin scene in OB it's made pretty clear the his healing is way better than other radiants so perhaps only radiants with access to regrowth could heal fast enough. As for gold combounders then I'm pretty sure they can heal through basically anything, the Lord ruler was litteraly beheaded at one point.
  2. He the enemy is odium, an entity that is many thousands of years old and wielding a shard of God's power. I really don't think they can afford not to take every advantage they can and scorched earth is a brutally effective means of denying your enemy resources. Even if this just means the singer's have to dedicate more of their man power into farming and manufacturing to keep up with supplys then that's less manpower they can dedicate towards new soldiers. Not necessarily, the howneaters are aware of the perpendicularity so they could prepare for soldiers to attack from there. As for attacking the peaks unless the fused can capture them all on their own it's gonna be incredibly difficult for regular soldiers to take the peaks. Now seigeing the peaks would by contrast be very easy to surround each one and carefully bring them down isolated and weakened, this would take quite a bit of time so I doubt we'll see the peaks fallen in the 1 year gap. Perhaps one of the events in RoW is the siege and fall of the some/all of the horneater peaks
  3. A scorched earth tactic could certainly work, it's not just about trying to keep as much resources as you can for yourself it's about denying them to the enemy. Burning crops, destroying shelter, sabotaging any piece of useful equipment. Sure soulcasters mean you'll never be able to starve the enemy army's but Kolinar was a great example that soulcasters cannot feed a nation on their own. Given that we have characters like Jasnah and Taravangium not to mention odium himself I think it's only a question when we are going to see strategies like scorched earth start to be put into place.
  4. This is a theory but perhaps this is the reason why the tai-na have developed a symbiotic relationship with people. People get a large fertile home and the tai-na gets protection from hunters.
  5. Their are also some earth animals on roshar, mink coats are mentioned as are sheep. And not to mention the fact that we farm many silk spinning insects here on earth and given how big animals get on roshar they probably have high quantitys of it.
  6. It certainly is interesting to think about. I've come up with several different examples in stormlight (radiants being able to access their powers in times of great stress even before they have sworn any ideals) and warbreaker (the two sisters having their hair colour change to mech their emotions). It certainly seems to be one of the smaller rules of the cosmeres magic systems that they all share.
  7. Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  8. So here's the exact quote Chapter 63 "Be aware that lengths and times used in essays and stories about the world usually use local measurements, a rosharan year is longer than cosmere standard and a rosharan foot is longer than cosmere standard." It's at the very end of the chapter, I only have the audio book so I dont know the page number
  9. I will find the exact quote. It would be very interesting if Kaladin is 6'4" as that's how tall I am.
  10. Hey so this has been bugging me ever since I read the edgedancer short story in arcanum unbound, in the pre script it is mentions that measurements on roshar are slightly bigger than normal. So what is the exact conversion of say inches on roshar to inches in real life?
  11. Definitely keep reading, it's not that long and the lore tid bits are great.
  12. We know Demoux survived and hell he is even still alive. Oh and the obligator king he survived and had kids. Ye so the only way I see seers no longer being a thing is if Sazed intervened.
  13. Wow I hope this means we will at least see some examples of god metals/god metal alloys being used in the books.
  14. Here's a fun one, there is a burnable metal for each shard and they each also have an alloy so there are 48 metals that do something with allomancy. So there are the 16 base metals and 32 god metals.
  15. From the way Kaladin blacks out briefly while fighting the fused is a clear indication that stormlight doesn't cancel out the effect of pulling G's. I think stormlight simply heals the radiants as they sustain damage during these maneuvers. Also given how important perception is to the magic I'd say the baby would be equally protected by stormlight as the radiants themselves are. This is because I think Rosharans wouldn't think of the baby as being it's own distinct individual until it is born.