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  1. Im stabbing wildly in the dark with the whole kal is only new herald theory, but I do have some small pieces of reasoning that he would get the snowflake treatment. If the suspiciously like a Hemalurgic spike for storm-light dagger wasn't in play I wouldn't entertain the theory at all. If it wasn't Moash holding it.. If the champion with nine shadows had ten shadows.. If the currently stored herald investiture had come from any of the heralds other than the Kaladin analog that is Jezrian.. Theory breakdown:
  2. Who had the title King of the Heralds. So technically you're both right!
  3. I agree with you on what the 4th ideal is likely to be about. How ever i disagree that were going to see Kaladin swear it in the 4th book without massive external help getting over his hangups. The sort of help that might've been provided by a caring and understanding partner but alas we are in the broodiest time-line. As I said earlier I think this particular dysfunction of Kals will actually make him a worse radiant, but a better herald. Especially if you consider that by not giving in to the torture of the voidbringers* he will effectively be protecting everyone, humans and parshmen alike. And by suffering eternally no less! A perfect situation for Kaladin powered-by-my-own-suffering Stormblessed. Grab your tinfoil hats. Now the assumption was made that if Kaladin is becoming a herald then we would be getting multiple new heralds (and that laughably Shallan would be one of them). I dont think were getting multiple new heralds I think the existing heralds are going to die and were going to get one new herald and one champion-with-nine-shadows. If this is the broodiest time line-then they may both be Kaladin, but I doubt it. Hell I could be wrong Kaladins new baby brother and family may be what he needs to heal during that year of time-skip while he sails around on his sky-ship with bridge 4 singing sky-shanties. Sanderson has definitely shown that he likes making Kaladin happy right? *using this to refer to the things that torture the heralds not humans. Edit: Almost forgot to ask, Why do you think Shallan is likely to become a herald? Other than MC status.
  4. Unfortunately I think Shallan/Adolin is endgame (if not executed perfectly). I believe that Kaladin will remain single until he dies. Ending up in a relationship would give him someone to protect over everyone else and I'm pretty sure Kaladin's need to protect everyone is going to turn out to be a very important plot point. At least when he takes Jezrien's place as a herald.
  5. Kinda off topic but.. If we don't get a scene with "Captain" Kaladin and bridge 4 flying on a fabrial sky ship singing seasky-shanties I WILL RIOT.
  6. In that case I would hazard that in "becoming" Law or Unity or Protection as the 5th ideal the surge-binder becomes so heavily invested that they provide their own storm-light for their lashings. Thus no longer needing to carry spheres or wait on high-storms. I assume that we never explicitly see a radiant with a pouch of spheres or actually run out of storm-light in a vision either.
  7. But how else will Kal take Jezrien's place as herald? Jezrien who's oath-blade provides the power of the windrunners. Who's divine attributes are leadership and protection. If Im right you'll see a bunch of bonding between kaladin and others in the first two thirds of book 4. With the others coming to depend on kaladin. Then his death will be used to mark the beginning of a set of massive losses for the humans along with a bunch of major characters getting severely broken up at kals apparent true death.
  8. Shallan needs to get out the way of Kalaolin right quick.
  9. Moash will kill him with the knife used to kill the herald. There will be witnesses. Kal will remain dead for the rest of book 4. Bonus round: Kal will be mid uttering the forth ideal. It will be after a Moash/Kaladin fight which Kal wins but decides to spare or attempt to redeem Moash, not realizing he has the knife. We need reliable witnesses at least one of is from bridge 4. Im guessing Rock. Rock then kills the storms out of Moash.
  10. Is Nale ever shown to use (or even carry) spheres to power his lashings?
  11. Grab your tinfoil hats and post your book 4 predictions! I'll start: Kaladin "dies"
  12. Could it be that the reason Wit is wandering around collecting different types of investiture is to modify the Intent that restricts his freedom? He might be working on the theory that having investiture from all 16 shards might actually provide him with total freedom.
  13. forgive my ignorance but who's the other red head thats caught kal's eye?
  14. Slightly off topic and possibly answered already but... Does anyone know why we didn't get what probably have been most of a chapter of Kal and Shallan practicing flying in front of a highstorm? I legitimately thought I had missed a chapter. I feel like it would have been hard to write in a way that they wouldn't get intimate and thus throw the whole triangle to kal. At the very least I'm pretty sure its the only point in the book that they’re alone together. Why omit this!? GAH