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  1. This...is immensely helpful! Thanks!
  2. *gulp* Yessir! I agree with the second person in the XKCD comic: "now you're just storming with me". People always told me as a kid not to believe in imaginary things, so then it never made sense to me to use 'imaginary' numbers in math. Despite that, I still believe in imaginary things... Phrases in the languages I know tend to be vulgar, as I suspect many Americans know. I practiced Welsh a few years ago in preparation to travel to Wales. It's a very hard language! I just always figured if I was going to go to a different country, it made sense to at least attempt the local language while there. I've been using DuoLingo and it's really helped me to learn Spanish. Spanish is the only language I've consistently practiced and gotten decent at in recent years.
  3. True, but you can have all of those, just as secondary themes in good fantasy. It's when one of those things gets out of control and then takes over the story when I dislike it. A little romance, like with Shallan and Adolin, is sweet and nice. But heaps of it, to the point where the main plot gets lost, like in the movie Ready Player One, makes me roll my eyes in annoyance. A dash of romance, a pinch of humor, and a healthy heaping of action and adventure makes for good fantasy.
  4. This. Exactly! In my opinion, romances are NOT needed in most fantasy series. When they're added, they feel contrived and unnatural, like the author was trying to pander to every literary genre out there. If you want romance and love, read a romance novel, that's what they're for! I want my fantasy stories to focus on the worldbuilding and character development and weird creatures! That said, the love triangle ending in Oathbringer was satisfying to me. It was romantic and cutesy, but not over-the-top in a way that took attention away from the main plot or the characters themselves. It was sweet and simple and the story didn't go into it too much!
  5. So clever! (I was singing it along to the tune of the original!) Nicely done!
  6. 1. Probably Roshar because everything sucks there right now (just finished Oathbringer!). Of course, things on Scadrial didn't end well either... 2. I could not stand Jurassic World. It was a re-boot of Jurassic Park, just with worse writing, a terrible plot and pathetic and annoying characters. I cannot understand why it got so much good attention! It's one of the very few movies I almost walked out of, it was so terrible! 3. Hermione Granger, followed by Newt Scamander. 4. The Prisoner of Azkaban - although I hated movie-werewolf CG-Lupin!
  7. Sorry it’s been awhile, but personal tragedy has kept me busy offline. @Nathrangking 1. If shalebark grows in a forest and no one sees it, how much does tallew cost in Azir? Didn’t I say no math please? : Tallew costs as much as tallew does in Azir. I'm not sure why Lift would care. 2. Which cosmere world is best suited for your temperament? Probably Mistborn, era 2, but that’s only because I’m a sucker for westerns. 3. Favorite movie? The 10th Kingdom (technically it’s a miniseries at 15 hours long) 4. What is your shardic intent? To boldly go where no one has gone before? 5. If you could have any cosmere creature as a pet what would you get? Axehounds sound the most like wolves. Unless I can have a khandra, then I want TenSoon. 6. If you were fighting an army of super intelligent groundhogs which cosmere character would you want to have by your side? Groundhogs? Probably Shallan because she could just illusion a distraction for them without actually hurting them. 7. Pepsi or Coke? Coke, but honestly, Diet Mt. Dew is prime. 8. If you had to face down a pack of stick wielding sand creatures which cosmere character would you want by your side? Kelsier because he'd likely just talk them into joining our side instead. 9. Which cosmere character would fit in well with your family? Wayne from Mistborn, era 2 – he’s weird and funny, he’s like a long lost cousin already! 10. Who is your favorite mythological figure? As far as deities go, Hekate from Greek mythology. I also like stories with Fenrir from Norse mythology and basically anything with wolves or werewolves. @BitBitio the Mudkip Band or Orchestra? I’ve never played in either, but as for preferred sound, I like orchestras better. Violins are awesome. (Never did get why they’re not in marching bands.) @daschaich Are you familiar with The 10th Kingdom? And yes, my second book is currently with my editor now. e^(iπ) + 1 = ? Sorry, I only speak English, Latin and Spanish (with a small smattering of phrases in Russian, Swahili, German, Italian, Welsh and French)
  8. In perusing some of the other threads here, I'm almost afraid to setup an 'Ask Me Anything' thread for myself. But here goes nothing! Some background about me: I'm a 36 year old female-bodied individual with German and Scottish/Irish ancestry (pale chull Viking for the win!) I enjoy reading fantasy books and watching sci-fi and fantasy movies (I cannot just pick one Sanderson book/series as my favorite!). I'm an avid scuba diver and my favorite dive location is Cozumel, Mexico. I'm a writer and I published my first novel 'House of Red' last May. I enjoy playing tabletop RP games and have been doing so with friends since 2001. I've played all sorts of games from straight up D&D to Pathfinder to Fate to Star Wars to free-form storytelling games. I always play non-human characters. I live with my husband of 12 years and our two cats in central PA, USA. My favorite color is cerulean blue and my favorite book and movie is The 10th Kingdom. What you want to know about me? What have you always wondered about me? And please, no math questions!
  9. I'm excited to see some of his work in a different format, particularly TV because of the re-watch-ability if it's on Netflix or Amazon. And anything to get his stuff to a wider audience! Still, I hope the books don't take a backseat to the TV series.
  10. 1. Rogues of the Republic series by Patrick Weekes = A group of con artists do various heists in a fantasy world. The books take different point of views throughout and several of the main characters are female. 2. Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter = The main character is a female shapeshifter hired mercenary working in New Orleans. Various types of supernatural critters show up. I've only read the first two books, but there are 12 books in the series so far. 3. October Daye series by Seanan McGuire = The main character is a changeling so there's lots of interactions with faeries/fae. I've only read the first one, but there are 8 books in the series so far. 4. The 10th Kingdom by Kathryn Wesley = A hero's journey story about a young woman and her father traveling from modern day New York into the land of Grimm's fairy tales. (I can't say enough about this book as it, and the accompanying miniseries, are my absolute favorites!)
  11. I have two kitties: K.C. in the foreground and Rosie sitting on the top of the loveseat.
  12. At this point, having not read all of the series, I'd probably go with Warbreaker since it was my first foray into Sanderson's worlds.
  13. 1. Wimps. Yes, 1220 pages is daunting, but as long as the story's good, who cares how long it takes you to read it? That just lets you stay in the world longer! If you're into fantasy, you generally have to wade through book after book in a series. Sanderson does the same, but you get waaaaay more bang for your buck this way! 2. In his books, you have to pay attention. Not everything is crystal clear or handed to the reader on a platter. Readers who actually enjoy reading, and not just quick story fixes, appreciate that he doesn't treat us like idiots or kids! 3. Bizarre? Really? Personally, I love that he writes outside the norm in fantasy. I wish there was MORE weird stuff in his stories! 4. hahahahaa...seriously? The man himself said that he intentionally breaks common fantasy tropes. So yeah, this reviewer is just an idiot! 5. See #2: pay attention. Or else come here to fill in the gaps to your questions. His stories really aren't that hard to understand. Well, maybe if you're reading at a 5th grade reading level... 6. Did this reviewer ever actually read one of his books? They're bursting with plot! Dripping with plot! Oozing with plot! 7. I can give you lots of examples from more popular fantasy books with flat, boring, unimaginative characters. Sanderson's characters are original and very easy to connect with. Seriously, anyone says his books suck and I will fight them over it.
  14. When I first started reading it, I thought Vivenna was going to annoy me the whole book. But by the end, I really enjoyed her character development. Second favorite would obviously be Lightsong.
  15. spook

    I'll be honest, Spook's speech was something I could never figure out how to understand!