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  1. In my opinion, Adonalsium as an individual is an already a solid plotline. The different Shards represent the many facets or personalities an individual has. I like to think of it as an adult version of Inside Out except the emotions in the protagonist's mind Shattered then became different Shards thus forming their own identities? Also, as you've mentioned, the powers fused well together - initially. However, Sazed also mentioned in Era 2 how he has great diffiuclty acting as one Shard with the powers of Preservation and Ruin as they oppose one another. This can also imply that they can fuse really well at first but they also need the other Shards to function well together - as kind of a neutralizer.
  2. Commissioned my best friend ( @tashiturn on instagram) for our 4th anniversary. Mistborn era 1 is the series that will always be dear to our hearts (as it made us cry more than Brandon's other works so that's saying something). We love the idea of how Vin and Elend are strong individuals with contrasting personalities yet they complement each other really well. They are the ultimate power couple.
  3. Still confused about the subforum and where to post fanart. I hope there are sublinks to these.
  4. So far I've read Mistborn era 1 and 2, Stormlight, Arcanum Unbound, Elantris and Warbreaker. Have I missed any? @MacThorstenson Also trying to lure some in! Thanks for the warm welcome and warnings lol @Benjamin_Stormblessed
  5. Hello there! I'm a reader from the Philippines and did not really know any other Sanderson fan (apart from my boyfriend who got me into fantasy in the first place) so stumbling upon this forum was like finding a hidden goldmine! Can't wait to interact with you guys!