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  1. I'd have to suggest that its like Steel. Because we know the Lord Ruler created the Bands of Mourning, and his wouldn't have been able to do so, without permanently loosing those traits.
  2. Oh there are plenty. Hmm... I feel like is potential with Hamilton and Kelsier. Something with Battle of Yorktown, but for Luthadel? With Vin, Elend, Breeze and Kelsier replacing Lafayette, Mulligan, Laurens and Hamilton respectively? And Hamilton and Kaladin actually. Hurricane for Kaladin maybe?
  3. He wasn't just trying to convert them though. He knew that unless he succeeded, the devastation would be enormous. And he CARED. That's the thing about Hathren. Even though he's the antagonist, even though he's a thorn in the side of the hero's, even though he behaves as he does, he doesn't care about power for power's sake. He cares, because he sees the destruction of Arelon not as a sign of their weakness, but a sign of HIS. He takes upon the responsibility of thousands upon thousands of lives, both their physical and (in his eyes) their spiritual wellfare, but because he wants to spread his religion, but because he wants to save lives. He set out with the express purpose of saving the lives of a people who at best mistrust him - at worst, hate him. And its not a holier-than-thou exercise in self indulgence. It isn't for show. He is genuine - not in his miracles, not even in his beliefs. But in his honest love for human life.
  4. Senna is a point. And what about this? Anyone know who Vax is?
  5. He does it because otherwise, he will keep attempting to undo her death on Trap Street. The only way he can bear to let her die, is if he has no memory of her. If he doesn't, if he attempts to save her, then he risks fulfilling the Prophesy of the Hybrid. Specifically, he will "Unravel the Web of Time." The Web of Time appears in some EU, and is essentially the network of fixed points that keeps the rest of the Time Vortex in flux. Without it, Time Falls apart, causality breaks down. The Universe undoes itself.
  6. Actually, there was a question in the Genetics and interbreeding of Kandra at one point. (Specifically, we wondered about Kandra and the sex industry. ... Don't ask why.) Whilst Kandra could potentially use their muscle growth to grow sexual organs, we didn't think that Kandra and Humans could hybridise. However, Kandra being former humans certainly makes the concept interesting. in any case, there would be weird things with the spiritual DNA. But, seeing as the Inquisitors, Kandra and Kolloss are humans with messed up SDNA, it might not be a good plan.
  7. This is interesting. I just wonder how well they'd be able to do the whole Cosmere. Would it be filmed in Chinese? Slightly nervous now.
  8. I would suggest mercy was embodied in Honour. Have we discounted that the Survival Shard is simply "Survival"? I know Odium used to be called "Hatred" And Ruin was at one point "Decay", in earlier drafts. So it might be that Sanderson simply doesn't want to lock in specific names of shard's intents until he writes their books?
  9. theory

    I think we'll see Vin again. Possibly at the end of Book 5 of Storm Light, in a way that will blow our minds. Nice theory. I like it.
  10. I think Elendeli?
  11. I don't know if it is "Soely" about what the Feotus considers itself. After all, how does a Stick consider itself a Stick? It doesn't. It isn't sentient. It simply views itself as others view it. What about a Person who is rendered unconscious - or brain dead? It seems to me that both an individual's personal identity, and how it is viewed by others would both be taken into account by cosmeric forces which govern identity and investiture.
  12. Ahah! It looks Cool NOW. But give it time... The Publishers will tweak something on the next cycle... or the one after that. Then cease publishing in that format all together. Trust me, I've seen it before. (Time Riders. They started putting NUMBERS on the Spine on the FOURTH BOOK OF NINE! For Shards Sake...)
  13. I imagine early on in the Pregnancy, before the unborn child is fully developed, the child's "Identity" would be entangled with the parents. As the child matures, their identities would become distinct, and their would become affected differently. However, an argument as to when this occurs would likely be as complex as defining when a foetus is considered a distinct human. You will note that on earth, many considered a foetus a complete distinct individual at the moment of conception - and few the immature of the foetus as no different to the age of a child. A Baby, Toddler, and Child are distinct individuals regardless of their age, and many cultures and societies take the same view, regarding a foetus as a natural extension of this. Others will see the foetus as an offshoot of the mother until a certain point is reached. This debate is - you will not fail to notice - critical to debates on abortion, embryonic experimentation and certain forms of IVF that involve the destruction of embryos. Just as this results in different ideals on earth, I propose that this would mean that, on different planets in the Cosmere, embryos and foetuses are affected in different ways depending on how their culture - and themselves view them. Observe, how Kaladin's Scars remain in place despite his healing, because of how he views himself and how the world views him. They have become a part of his identity. I suppose that a similar effect would affect the foetus. In a culture where a foetus us regarded as distinct, such forms of investiture might be less likley to affect both parent and child as the same individual. This would of course, also be subject to change, as perspective shifts with new medical and philosophical thinking develops.
  14. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if there were anomalous (is that the right word?) Kandra who *don't* have a fixed gender. I wholly understand Brandon's reluctance to incorporate LGBT characters without having confidence that he would not accidentally cause offence. My own writing (If you can call a few mothballing chapters writing) is unlikely to involve any overtly LBG Characters for the same reasons. As for a transgender character, although this has become far less complicated to me since my brother started studying chemistry (Hormones are apparently interesting). It never bothered me - but it did baffle me somewhat, until I had an actual physical explanation. Since the Kandra apparently have the ability to alter their own body chemistry, they might have more control over their Gender Identity then we would.
  15. Did Lessie believe in Trell? My Memory is that she swore by "The God Beyond" but we have no confirmation this was Trell.