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  1. It is heart-breaking that Evi died so young after a miserable life. But I am still holding out hope for some happy moments with her boys during Renarin's flash-backs. Seeing her through his eyes is one of the (many) things I am looking forward to in that book.
  2. In regards to the first arch, I was convinced for ages that Taln would die (Too good for this world kind of thing) but I feel like I read a recent WOB that seemed to imply that all the back half characters will be alive for their books (he didn't say that but the way he talked about the back half books didn't seem to leave room for a Eshonai situation). So I think Dallinar will ascend, and Adolin and Navani will die. I am just not sure about Kaladin. It seems to be that he is the kind of person who is always trying to give his life for others, and that perhaps learning to live with loss would be a better arch for him? I think Szeth will die, and probably a stack of Bridge 4 and most of the Heralds.
  3. We also know that a Truthwatcher in the past said "I foresaw this". So that would suggest to me that Glys is not the first higher level Radiant Spren that has been corrupted, even if it was so rare that most of the Radiants and Hessi didn't hear of it.
  4. I believe that this is the main piece of evidence that Renarin has 'proper' truthwatcher illumination. We know in Ym's interlude that his Spren wanted him to make light to save them from Nale. It seems too unlikely that this wouldn't be the same type of thing that Glys got Renarin to use. How it worked? Not sure. I assume the Thunderclast is "woken" by voidlight in it's gem heart. Maybe the Truthwatcher light some how shuts it down? And is it something Renarin can always do? Does it need large amounts of stormlight. Does he 'power up' to it? Seems like Thunderclasts wouldn't be a threat if a truth watcher can take them out easily?
  5. I was wondering about this. Every area has a very difficult culture and different priorities- just like the Heralds and the Radiant Orders. Could those have grown out of what Radiants settled in that area after Urithiru closed down?
  6. I can't choose. I love Renarin, so I want his book only so I can get more of him in general (his past is the least mysterious since we've seen bits through Dalinar). But there are so many mysterious histories. Taln, Szeth and Lifts are probably the biggest mysteries so the ones I am most interested in.
  7. Taln wouldn't turn. Just look at his reaction to Ash's betrayak! Odium can't touch him.
  8. I think that is a guarantee. And recent WOB pretty much confirms that he will survive until his book so you will get lots of Taln-iness for many years to come.
  9. My top ones would be Ghostblood info (artfully scattered rather than dumped), Herald POV (especially Ishar or the Diagramist), and Rlain as Bondsmith (almost a tie with King Rock). Rlain's POV was so compelling, and I think given the Listener focus of book four that he will have a huge roll to play.
  10. I wondered if Vasher gave up nightblood in return for no longer need breath to stay alive. What I really want to know is what Nale did/gave up/was cursed with to get Nightblood?
  11. It is helpful to see the original WOB, because I agree it is not clear-cut. We also know it is possible that back four characters will die before there books and other characters will be focused on like Eshonai/Venli. I can imagine if Ash falls in Moash in 4 or 5, having Ash's 'descent into distruction' backstory along side a dustbringer present day story would work well.
  12. I love this theory!!!!!
  13. I think the biggest bit of evidence that Renarin has illumination is the light he produced to 'kill' the thunderclast. Given that Ym's Spren tried to get him to do the same it seems likely to be truthwatcher illumination trick.
  14. No, but it was that skill that led to Jasnah's deduction that Glys was not a normal Truth-watcher Spren. So it seems extremely likely.
  15. I wrote a post on this very topic, I think it is such an interesting question! My big theories as to Renarin's role are: -He seemed almost incapable of hate, and is so different from Odium that Odium finds him impossible to predict. -He see's the future as Odium does due to Glys corruption, acts in response (i.e. Writing the count-down that prompted Dalinar to get to Urithiru, nodding when Jasnah is ready to kill him) and those responses change the future that Odium sees. The fact he is supposed to be dead and isn't is obviously a big part of that. I am not convinced that Cultivations planning is as meticulous as has been suggested. She just doesn't seem particularly calculating in the one scene where we met her. When she gives Dalinar his boon and curse, her response is almost a "this might work or it might not." I think the secret to any plan she has is not the diagram itself but Mr T's compassion. He thinks his intelligence is what will save the world, but it is his compassionate, supposedly dumb days that I think will be the key.