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  1. I still don't know why people say a Radiant spren was following Eshonai around, and there's no proof that Timbre is an existing Radiant spren. How will book 4 be Eshonai's PoV if she's dead, which she obviously was.
  2. If they are splinters of Odium then how would Sja-Anat be able to disobey, Sja-Anat would also be a piece of that cake, albeit smaller. But with the same intent. Which is to be the only shard.
  3. Knowing Brandon's personal opinions on social things like gay marriage I believe that this would be highly, highly, highly, unlikely.
  4. While I agree it is specific. I think they are communicating in images/thoughts/experiences, and I think Venli is misunderstanding what Timbre is trying to convey to her somehow. Or it is right but when Timbre is referring to grandfather it's not what we think he means. The Spren are strange. It may seem straight out spelled out but I don't think it is. I think there is too much evidence that the Parshendi naturally carry a spren in their gemheart from birth, that spren is what I believe Timbre is. I don't believe it is Eshonai, but I believe it lived in Eshonai's gemheart her whole life.
  5. Isn't there a contradictory WoB that says Odium won't pick up shards or splinter himself for fear of changing his intent? Which is to be the singular shard?
  6. There's a ton of evidence. Here's some. Timbre doesn't communicate in language. It communicates in Rhythms. THEY ARE THE SPREN OF PARSHMEN LONG DEAD - Stormfather to Dalinar. I don't feel like writing a lot more. But the evidence that the Parshmen are born with a spren inside their gemheart, I call it a soulspren is a lot.Even the definition of the word Timbre points to it being a Parshendi, or at least heavily related to them. tim·bre ˈtambər/ noun the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity. (the Rhythms). I disagree that she fully understands what Timbre is saying. Because he's not saying anything. I think he is communicating with her but she's confusing what it means. Something is being lost in translation I think.
  7. Nope. Venli says that and then Timbre pulses with "irritation." Venli doesn't understand what Timbre is trying to say, that's why Timbre was irritated.
  8. I agree there's more to build up "around" Taravangian. But I think he's just a sociopath tool. Why does everyone think the boon is the intelligence? It's obviously not. He needs to completely ignore his intelligent self to save the world.
  9. Lopen didn't mean it at the time of his oath either.
  10. What wouldn't make the deal binding? He literally just said he'd sacrifice the rest of the world for JK. His family and subjects deaths and enslavement might hold him to the deal.
  11. What's holding him to it is Odium will destroy JK if he breaks the contract. Mr T is a bad dude. A real bad dude. I don't know how anyone doesn't see that. He wants to rule the world not save it. He only thinks he wants to save it. If he wanted to save the world he'd let his compassionate side dominate and go all in on Dalinar. He asked for the acumen and compassion to save the world. He got it. But there's always a curse and it's not the compassion. "Kill those minstrel boys now!".....fascinating - 17th shard Lol what? No, he's literally Hitler.
  12. Too bad he made a deal with a Shard. He'll be held to it. I don't think there's any extra depth here. I don't think it's misdirection. I think T fluffed his boon/curse up. I think the curse was the intelligence. The boon compassion. He failed miserably. He'll pay for it dearly.
  13. "Unique among the Unmade" - What? Aren't they all unique? "Her admiration of the spren of our world inspires her." You don't find that a little.......odd? I'd actually like to ask Brandon that question in a more specific way. I swear he has said Odium will not take up splintered shards, because it would change his intent. Why would he splinter himself? He would change his intent that way as well.
  14. theory

    Maybe, but I'm positive SA is going in the direction of the "bigger picture" which is going to involve a lot more than the Rosharan system. I mean it's only book 3 and it already has. The Heralds are aware of the bigger picture 100%, and I don't see any reason they wouldn't have told humanity about everything. It's just been lost to legend, the mythology and legends can be applied to the greater Cosmere, not just the Rosharan system. We've seen maybe 3 of the perfect gems? One in Secret History(maybe?), one in the Cognitive realm in Celebrant, and the Ruby drop currently holding Nergaoul? We must have hints of the others. SOmewhere that we're missing. I suspect.
  15. He says that the Unmade "count" as spren. He's said Nightblood "counts" as a spren if I'm not mistaken. That doesn't mean the unmade are spren from Roshar. IMO spren is a term for an idea or value or intent given sapient/sentient form in the cognitive realm as a direct result of investiture. He also says "Spren" is a term for things on Roshar, that seems to imply at least to me that what Rosharans call Spren, Threnodians call something else, and Elantrians call Seons but if they show up on Roshar, they would be Spren.