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  1. *wins for the first time in something like eight months*
  2. Hey, are you coming back to TKND? 

    1. AonEne


      If you are, this is your last chance to say so before I take your character off the list and open up the slot for anyone hoping to join! 

    2. Vogelsang


      I unfortunately don't think I have the time or energy right now to participate in TKND right now. Thanks for asking I guess.

    3. AonEne


      Sorry to hear it, thanks for answering though. If you ever want to come back, we’d be happy to have you. :) 

  3. Happy birthday Taradiddle!!!

    *hands a cookie the size of a pizza*

  4. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but oh my goodness the pilot came out and it's to die for! I may or may not have watched it half a dozen times so far...
  5. Tag

    Have you no faith in me? @Butt Ad Venture You're it.
  6. Hey, you haven't posted for a while, what's up?

  7. "Of course." Sawyer took his arm. How the heck is this supposed to work?!
  8. No, I'd rather keep my one cookie.
  9. I’m willing to trade one chocolate chip for two macadamia nuts.
  10. Taradiddle pointed out that they had failed. It was already Wednesday in Tokyo!
  11. Taradiddle stole 23 corgis from the Queen of Angleland.
  12. Granted. She now gives people pecan pies instead. *The Nightwatcher slides you a pecan pie* I wish the Nightwatcher made better pies.