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  1. Narrator Taradiddle agreed with No One.
  2. Mr. Cuddles strolled in toting a box of Chinese takeout, "I brought Spriiiing Rolls!"
  3. Count to 10 in 12 different languages.
  4. So tell me about yourself @HopeDaPope. I'm curious.
  5. Ooooh I know something depressing to talk about! Feeling like you're being ignored!
  6. I'm not Emo, but I'm totally willing to talk about depressing things!
  7. He's an Unkalaki time wizard, case closed.
  8. I think it's the time wizard thing.
  9. Granted. Your socks are made of ice. They're very cool, for the next two minutes. I wish the week was 8 days long.
  10. Trying to prevent a prophecy will just end up causing it.
  11. Narrator P’s and Q’s pointed out that none of these were valid because they weren’t in bold. He wondered what a bold emoticon would look like.
  12. ha what about throwing punctuation and capitalization out all together than sppieleng two ent thann uwnliy ryghteng en ammoatecawns
  13. Bootleg Venture explained that it was like the Bermuda Triangle, but the Universe Triangle was a square.