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  1. Would you like to ask me questions?
  2. I guess we have to decide if were a revolutionary group, attempting to play a reverse card on right handed society or if we're an organization simply advocating for cooperation.
  3. Personally, I like Dave.
  4. Haven't seen it yet. Is it tasty?
  5. The cookies are simply delicious.
  6. I can actually grant this one! Granted, however, you lose all of your followers. I wish that people would realize that wireless computer mouses should be called hamsters.
  7. PUNY MOBILE MORTALS! BOW BEFORE ME!!!!! Also, the secret is buried within the Last Post Wins.
  8. So I was gonna bring french toast into the discussion, but then I realized: what if you made french toast waffles?!
  9. Sawyer got up from the table, ready to get back to sparring. She'd show Flid a real dance.
  10. Disney sued TLT for its unauthorized use of Perry the Platypus. As a replacement, we got Barry the Bandicoot.
  11. Vinny laughed manically, activating his Narrator Power Stealing-inator.
  12. "Guys, guys, I think you're over thinking the whole thing. School dances are just a chance to have fun. We're not performing a ballet!"