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  1. Taradiddle pointed out that they had failed. It was already Wednesday in Tokyo!
  2. Taradiddle stole 23 corgis from the Queen of Angleland.
  3. Granted. She now gives people pecan pies instead. *The Nightwatcher slides you a pecan pie* I wish the Nightwatcher made better pies.
  4. lgbtq+

    My school does have a Pride Club, but I’m not currently in it. Mainly because at the beginning of this school year, (I’m unfortunately not out of school yet) I hadn’t come out to anyone. As far as I know it’s mostly a social group here. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention earlier: this is the first Pride month since I came out! (Not to everyone, but I’m getting there!)
  5. “That’s not very nice!” Taradiddle yelled, interrupting the conversation.
  6. ... Yeah that’s about what I expected. Taradiddle sued BoS for a new zombie army.
  7. Hallo! *performs tacky greeting dance*
  8. No, they’re just misunderstood!
  9. “The only thing I’m saying is that your lame, uncreative, and terrible at killing people.” Taradiddle gestured at the aristocrat corpses, raising a zombie army with the wave of his hand. He laughed as they descended upon @BringerofShadows “Try beheading these!”
  10. The Bit was wearing fabulous, red-sequence, high-heeled boots.
  11. "I don't abandon you!" Butt's Shoulder Angel popped into existence.