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  1. My first was The Rithmatist, when I was 12.
  2. What was your first Sanderson book?
  3. You're the age I was when I became Cosmere-Aware!
  4. I don't think it counts.
  5. *vomits*
  6. Wait, that's meat?!
  7. *eats bean flavored spam*
  8. I wanted to apologize for not posting on this thread in a while.
  9. Are you including the apostrophes?
  10. I'm at least interested in reading the RP. We'll see.
  11. We have Bootleg Venture.
  12. Butt's new haircut was a combination of a mullet and a reverse mohawk. Some would say that's a very good reason.
  13. What do books taste like?
  14. Winner Winner Chicken Breakfast. You know, right? That one common phrase.