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  1. Feruchemist. Since Mistborns only existed during Era 1, most of them would have been stuffy aristocrats, who not only would be less fun to play with, but would likely overly rely on their powers, making them less athletic than feruchemists when neither can use their abilities. I apologize for the run on sentence.
  2. Oh by the way. Happy 1st Shardiversary to you.

  3. Did you do that art in your About Me? That's seriously good.

    1. Ladrian


      Yeah, I drew it. Thank you!

      Question: Why's your name backwards?

    2. Inklingspren


      Alleyverse thing.

      also, that is good Lad!

    3. AonEne
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  6. @The Silverlight Scholar Correct! Your turn.
  7. @Feruchemist @I am a STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper @Kidpen @The Silverlight Scholar Still Nope. 3. This character is in Era 2.
  8. @whattheHoid @The Silverlight Scholar @avidreader @Feruchemist @Rebecca Nope This character is dead.
  9. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, totally forgot. Okay, this character was born on Scadrial.
  10. Welcome, would you like to make a donation to the Kandra Bone Drive? What can I put you down for, a skull, a femur? Even a malleus would help!
  11. You could be fire. Think of how much fun it would be? Stormlight, you could have it! All that I'm holding. Sticks need Stormlight. For...Things...
  12. So wait, what if a release date happens on my birthday? I mean Skywards release just happens to fall on the day of my birth so it can't really be before. Either way, happy birthday to me I guess, I mean, its not everyday that you get a birthday present like that...and I'm rambling. This is awkward. Can't wait for Skyward!
  13. Take a lefty high five, fellow lefty! Sorry for the double post.
  14. In Literature, I saw a woman writing with her uncovered left hand. Just before I exclaimed blasphemy, I realized that I, a male, was writing, and I'm not even an ardent. But knowing that this is wrong in the first place comes from the fact that I read the Stormlight Archives, and reading is, like writing, not a male art! The entire world I live on and even I myself have lived against Vorin ideals for far too long! How will we stop this madness?! Wait, no, I'm writing once again!