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  1. Thude x Rlain is a ship I now support
  2. Such an intriguing line! Maybe when he goes into mateform, he's attracted to other males, which makes other listners uncomfortable because "uhh... you're not going to make a baby that way bud!" Maybe after trying once he just decided somehow he was a weird case and shouldn't bother again. I wondered if it could be possible for him to be trans (ie, turning into female mateform instead of male), but there's really nothing else to suggest a) that Rlain has a femalen identitiy outside of mateform, and also b ) until recently he wouldn't have had access to the kind of bond that does large scale physiological changes to match identity.
  3. I have ADHD and boy do I sometimes wish I could turn into a tuber and just roll my way out of a potentially awkward interaction
  4. I was so intrigued by a random Terriswoman showing up to give Venli weird gems with voidspren inside. Whaaaat? I also disagree that she was there on the bidding of Sazed/Harmony. I think if anything Axindweth was a Ghostblood or otherwise there for her own (or at least not Harmony's) purposes.
  5. Not giving up on people is a pretty Edgedancer thing. I think he's probably going to revive Maya and become an "Edgedancer", but he will be different in some important ways from the Edgedancers who bonded spren in the normal ways.
  6. We don't even know what the singers have down there but she IS in a malen body
  7. Exactly someone mentioned in another thread that if somehow Leshwi is able to form a Radiant bond, her malen body would change to fit her femalen identity and they might even be able to have a hybrid child who could be mature (because of singer fast aging) by the back 5. I liked that idea.
  8. That's a new one to me! I used to ship Kaladin x Jasnah but that faded. Does Kaladin x Leshwi count as a weird ship? Because I like them as a possible pair.
  9. There was also that WOB about how Kelsier would join the Ghostbloods and be in charge of them within a month (if he were to join a Rosharan secret society). I'm pretty convinced it's Kell and I'm HERE FOR IT.
  10. Hmm yeah it was not mentioned that she changed bodies. That would put an end to the kid part, but not necessarily the ship
  11. TIL I'm a singlet, so I can only comment from that perspective! I was (and still am) very excited about Shallan as plural. It's very underrepresented in media other than the negative ones you all mentioned. I am ND and don't like media that portrays ND people as villainous due to the ND aspects, so I have stayed away from those narratives personally, which resulted in Shallan being the first plural character I came across. I feel like Shallan's journey shows how different personalities can support each other. I love how Adolin loves and accepts her. Overall she was very interesting to read, and hopefully will help me understand better if I become close to someone with alters. I know Shallan and Veil and Radiant are very important to people who share a similar reality, so I had mixed feelings about Veil merging. I wonder if it happened partly because Veil was concerned that she might take over again against the wishes of the others - something like choosing to merge for the greater good. I also hope that Shallan doesn't "heal" by becoming a singlet. It would be pretty disheartening if other NDs grow with what makes them different but Shallan is the exception by becoming NT? (Boo) That said, I don't think she will. Post RoW, she might think she *should* merge all personalities, but I doubt that will happen. I think she's influenced by the thinking of her society on this - she doesn't really have any examples to draw from, right? I hope she's going to become that example, or maybe meet another plural character who can give her some support and guidance. It seems like the series is moving in that kind of direction with Kaladin's support groups.
  12. Doesn't he tell Hesina later, when she chews him out for it, that he wouldn't have done that? I thought in that conversation he revealed that he was just talking out of anger. 100% Kal deserves better from both parents though.
  13. Lift is CG defined! Navani I'd place as NG. Vyre, Nale, Taravangian LE. Kalak is CN. Mraize is NE.
  14. God that is the saddest thing </3 brb gotta go hug my seon