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  1. There are corrupted Gloryspren but Hungerspren didn't seem to be corrupted. That is what puzzled Shallan.
  2. When Kaladin jumped into the arena to save Adolin... I had such goosebumps and I instantly reread it, not believing it'd happened. Thinking about it makes me excited!
  3. There's a WoB somewhere (can't find it) stating that she can't breathe in Stormlight. I believe this is from when she went to the Nightwatcher. She's also partially in the cognitive realm and thus she can physically interact with her Spren, Wyndle.
  4. unmade

    I posted on another thread (can't find it) but if we were to go along the lines of Shardplate being made by lesser Spren, Sja-anat could corrupt said Spren in Ann area, robbing a radiant of their ability to protect themself (by using Shardplate). I think this is one aspect of her/its ability, I believe there's more, we shall see...
  5. Amazing to hear from fellow writers. I completely understand what you mean in terms of the depth of characters that Sanderson creates, there is such diversity that one way or another you'll be able to associate to at least SOMEONE. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing how he's influenced people, for me that is what I strive for as a writer. I don't care for the fame or money (although I wouldn't turn down the latter ) but creating that same feeling for my readers that I get when reading Sanderon's books. I completely see what you mean I terms of his representations of morality and worldviews through his characters. It's so interesting how he can create such vivid messages just through the actions of his characters. (Personally I was into Harry Potter particularly much, but my first proper fantasy novels which got me hooked were the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks), but Stormlight is on a completely different level to anything else I've read. Amazing job on your grades and Honours for English! Keep going on the note taking (don't forget the most important thing to do is the WRITING itself (I'm guilty of a lot of note taking... over 30k words now...)). Like I said above, I agree in terms of Sanderon's depictions of strengths, weaknesses, etc and how he brings them to life with such emotion and thought! Thanks all of you for sharing, I love reading these and hearing about other writers, I hadn't realise that there were so many people working on their novels! Keep it up!
  6. I'm not sure that Dalinar would want his brother's murderer, as well as attempted assassin, to be covering his back. Also Szeth had to get through many Parshendi to get to the gem (Kaladin isn't as efficient at killing as Szeth). Also as far as we know, Dalinar does not know of Nightblood. To sum it up, Dalinar doesn't know Szeth or anything relating to him, such as NB, so he wouldn't make the decision to have him defend himself, rather than his rusted bodyguard.
  7. Shamespren manifest as falling petals, and thenonly metallic Spren I can think of are the sailors when Kaladin and the others were travelling through Shadesmar!
  8. This crossed my mind. Also the Soulcaster of wheat had vines growing out of her face, etc. Similar to Lift's Spren... Unsure if they're connected, but it is interesting!
  9. B Bo-Ado-Mishram is one of the Unmade which is believed to have stepped in to take Odium's place temporarily at some point and give Parshendi Voidlight, and thus the ability to change forms and access the surges. Which sibling are you talking about? If you mean the one in regards to Urithuru, I don't believe they predate Odium. I don't believe we have seen the same gem which Gavilar had since TWoK. Hopefully the others can answer the rest as I don't have all the information (and I'm falling asleep! )
  10. There is the theory that the other sibling is of stone, and created Urithuru, the Kholinar windblades and other things. It is a fitting theory! Can't remember the thread, if I find it I'll post it.
  11. I'd like to point out you have spoilers in this thread (ones I didn't know... ). Please make sure you hide them!
  12. That's awesome! By all means tag me in it and I'll happily read it. I'm currently outlining/writing my own fantasy novel. Sanderson is definitely a big influence!
  13. When you get a splinter, then worry that the voices in your head are actually Ruin influencing you through hemalurgy ... or am I the only person who hears things....?
  14. I'd also add lifespren to the Edgedancers as an educated guess!