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  1. I can’t wait ?! So how come so many profiles begin with Ookla ? Is that a reason
  2. I was just wondering in the future are we going to see a book where there might be someone from Scadrial , someone from Roshar and perhaps someone from Nathis and they are all employing different magic systems in a fight . I think that would be epic . And the true culmination of what the Cosmere has to offer ! I Realize that this situation currently exist on Roshar but we don’t see anyone using powers in a confrontation. The closest we have is Hoid utilizing breath on the doll . What I’m getting at is a conflict between Worldhoppers offworld ,
  3. @Ooklidean Geometry funny thing is at the end of the book I thought the exact same thing . That the Delver were Ai. What led me to this was when M-bot entered the Dyson chamber in the epilogue he suddenly got smarter . Or brain began to function faster perhaps . Secondly the fear against the construction of Ai. This sounded like another Lie initiated by superiority similar to the propaganda about the Tanyx . The only part of your theory I disagree with is when you said the Delvers hate cytonics and life forms . I could of swore Spensa realized at the end of the book that the Delvers did not hate us . They projected hate because humans entering the nowhere projected hate at them . So they were just mimicking the emotions they fealt. I did not reread skyward . So I do not recognize the significance of R’shara WoB . Who was jason? And how does that disprove your theory ?
  4. I knew it . It just made sense
  5. Thank you for that WoB . It gave me a general idea. But again left me utterly confused at the same time . So basically Adonalsium infused the Cosmere with Investiture . When the shards broke up they went along and found pools of investiture and modified it etc , etc . Secondly the mechanics for shards and Adonalsium are completely different . Shards tend to invest in a planet , creating a perpendicularity , but can still manipulate investiture if another planet if it locates the investiture and knows it’s there. Honestly that just gives me a headache . Sometimes his systems are too freaking complicated . People like what they understand. And I can’t make much of any sense out of this clusterfrack of rules he has going on
  6. Yes it is . What I’m reffering to in my question is this . When Odium first came into existence he hunted down Ambition who had settled onto Threnody and created a perpendicularity. Odium chased her thru space and finally splintered her. He then went to Sel and whacked Devotion and Dominion. They too had settled created perpendicularities . Odium did not , He them went to Roshar and was trapped on Braize by Honor . His magic permeates thier and I’m guessing the reason we haven’t seen a perpendicularity for Odium is he doesn’t want to settle . He wants to leave as soon as he is free and splintered Cultivation. So I’m not sure how this works when Adonalsium was whole . Did he settle into the whole Cosmere or was it just the Yolen system . Like Brandon said himself it’s conplicated ... after Reading the WoB I’m leaning towards he is primarily settled on Yolen . Brandon says “ Some of the investiture was not on Yolen but location is irrelevant ...” this implies the majority of the Investiture was on Yolen , but the location of the investiture is not important as to which entity is influencing it is my quest at what he is getting at . Basically what I’m saying is when shards settle certain things happen to let one know . Namely a magic system and a perpendicularity . The greater the amount of investiture., the more Powerful the system is . I really hate how he answers questions . He could mean all of them as in ( Honor , Cultivation , and Odium ) or all of them as In all 16 when they were part of Adonalsium and created Roshar ! It’s confusing .
  7. I was wondering today about Investment . A Shard moves to a planet , invests , and causes the Planet to be permeated with its essence . So when Adonalsium was whole did They invest in the planet of Yolen . If so those people would be extremely Powerful , maybe like Hoid is the common person so to speak . I wondered if Adonalsium invested into the whole Cosmere ! To me this seems more likely and would Explain why the Drominod system has a perpendicularity with no Shard ( my first theory on this was there was a Shard hiding thier) anyways . 16 powers , divided up amongst. The Cosmere . On Planets where two shards are present we see extremely powerful beings . TLR (Scadrial ) The Fused , Heralds and Radiants on Roshar , The Elantrians on Sel . On Planets with a single Shard the magic is less impressive . Taldain sandmasters are no mistborn for example . Threnodites who Shard was destroyed has little to no power. So this brings me back to my Original point imagine if Adonalsium invested into Yolen and Yolen only . I know there are Dragons thier . But they still would be some Cosmic level entities or one would think . So I propose three Camps camp 1 Adonalsium did not invest anywhere camp 2 Adonalsium invested into the whole Cosmere camp 3 Adonalsium invested into Yolen and all the planets in that system ! What camp amp are you in?
  8. Throughout the book Spensa tries to recruit Brade . This was a plan that was doomed to fail . It goes back to identity . Brade was a human raised by Winseck . Her expressions even mimic Khrell . Even though she knows she is human , she does not identify with them . She hates human and therefor hates herself . I have seen people of my own nationality hate themselves . They want to be seen as anything but what they really are. Spensa identifies herself with humans . She loves the fact that Brade the only other Cytonic human she has met her age. Jorgen didn’t realize he is Cytonic until after she left . Spensa loves how they ( her and Brade fly together . She mistakes this as a commen bond . She thinks she can get thru to Brade . She can’t and likely never will . What do you guys think !
  9. Perhaps I missed that . I didn’t think the Tania were screaming at Delvers , I thought they were screaming at Spensa Cytonic probes. Doomslug and the ones Jorgen found Flute at Spensa and Jorgen. I interpret the flute as affection . Perhaps that is a leap on my part but it’s a tiny one . Spensa herself said the Delver show hate mostly because they are picking that emotion up from the cytonic. While the Delvers don’t like radios and see that as buzzing they don’t really hate humans and did not understand thier presence was killing other life forms . From that I think they are curious . The Screaming Brade did piqued thier curiosity . If the Taynix always screamed would it not also pique a Delvers curiosity ? So why would it be safer? We haven’t seen Tanix produce hate. But we have seen them produce something that can be interpreted as affection or at least a positive response to stimuli from Spensa.
  10. The reason the slugs are used instead of other Cytonics is the Delver themselves. Delvers mimic emotion shown to them . Humans and Superiority fear and hate the delvers . So the Delvers return that fear and hate . Taynix project affection at them . So the Delvers don’t really notice them . Now that Spensa herself has realized this , I’m sure she hyperjump and not be bothered by the Delvers.
  11. Out of your many theories this has the most potential . However I think it’s the Ai that are immature delivers . It may be that slugs are . But this is what I’m thinking . Slugs are not scared of delvers . The project effection so when traveling thru The nowhere . The delvers don’t pay attention to Superiority ships . The project affection back at slugs and don’t notice non cytonic entities . Ai are immature delvers. The Superiority said Taynix are poisonous. That was propaganda to keep the secret .i think that Ai hatred is further propaganda . Ai are computers that connect to delvers and utilize the intelligence . That’s why M bots mind sped up in the room with the portal to nowhere.
  12. Was thinking the same thing ! That conversation made me yearn for bk 2 . The one between it and Joel !
  13. So when the constable was hit with acid water , it purged him of the forgotten and changed the children back to normal . Later Professor Nalizar is revealed to be another Forgotten albeit a more powerful intelligent one. Why wasn’t he purged when Joel hit him with the bucket of acid water like the constable was ?
  14. I do not post from a computer . I usually post from my cell ; so my spellcheck is really annoying to me as well . Apologies if it was uneasy to read .