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  1. Good point about the cost of powers , I didnt See one at first either . However there is a cost , just not one you can immediately quantify . The cost is one’s personal peace . The use of powers causes Epics to turn evil . How is that for a cost!!! Only by gifting them can they avoid it
  2. I admit I have only comepleted books 1 and 2 . Perhaps book 3 will provide something that will change my theory . But , it seems to me that it would be simple to add this trilogy to Cosmere. In my opinion Calamity is similar to a shard. The gifted abilities are like investiture granted by shard. All we would need is for him to write era 2 reckoners , create a perpindicularity , and have Hoid visit for some Unkown reason and Tada , Reckoners is part of Cosmere . Why do we need this . For a long time I avoided this series’s because it wasn’t cosmere. Big mistake as it is very good and feels the same . What do u guys think. Would you like to see the reckoners join the cosmere
  3. Thing about WoB is Sanderson tends to say one thing at one time , then contradict himself later on . He says that WoB could be the current ideology but until it’s written in a book it’s not cannon . A perfect example of this is when he said aluminum was capable of blocking a shardblade and then said it wasn’t . Anyways I think they do have several innate abilities . Perhaps he meant they had no innate surges!! Immortality is innate ability , the fact they do not need sleep , the fact they change their appearance according to how they feel are all innate. And then there are benifits to being 4000 years old . Nale has been an investigatitor for millennia’s , just imagine how masterful he is at detective work and interrogation . It’s on a level to surpass Batman times 10
  4. During my recent reread of Oathbringer, I came across the section where Jasnah confronts Ash. Ash was reeling from the death of Jezrien, and it said for the first time in 1000 years Ash feel unconscious . This got me to thinking how different the heralds actually are. At first I thought heralds were normal humans without there honorblades . But they have deeper abilities that make them intriguing . For one. They do not require sleep as we discovered from Ash . They are immortal . When Honor was alive they had a direct conduit to him and didn’t require stormlight. I’m not sure if that persist to this day or if Dalinar can fuel them as Honor representative. But just the fact that they are thousands of years old and don’t require sleep is amazing. Think of this they could theoretically. Master several skills over that length of time . Become surgeons , scholars , metalsmiths for example and have had long enough to prefect the skill to a level of mastery to surpass anyone alive. They also have some level of control of their physical appearance . Jezrein appeared as a feeble old man, but I’m sure if he wanted to he could make himself appear younger and in physically fit shape. Taln reflexes were so fast he could snatch an assasins blow darts out the air . So I imagine it would take a significant overwhealming force to defeat one if the herald had his honorblade and a source of stormlight. Any other observations about the Heralds you guys want to add?? I imagine with 1000 of years to practice their. Surges they know tricks no one else knows .
  5. I was always under the impression does not speak outload ! It speaks to his weilder telepathically . When Vasher held him he never spoke to Vivienna. I assume he spoke to Vivienna when she carried him ! So how does lift communicate with him/it. She has never welded him and I’m assuming she hears his thoughts in her mind . Any thoughts ? I was thinking it was part of her Boon/curse. One of her lesser known benefits is she can touch Wyndal . But I think it’s that. She exists partially in cognitive realm !
  6. Another ability Lift gained from the nightwatcher / Cultivation was the ability to touch wyndle. I’m not sure if this is the ability or a byproduct of another ability . I’ll explain . What if what she gained was the ability to partially exist in the Cognitive realm? This would explain how she physically touch Wyndle. And this would also explain how she entered the Stormfsthers Visions with Dalinar and the Aziz emperor. So theoretically she can touch all spren and not just Wyndle
  7. My point is I don’t think Lifts curse boon is as simple as everyone thinks it is. I personally feel that she will always stay the sane mentally , she will have the mind of a 10 year old as her body continues to mature. As Calderis pointed out she just had a period. An event that commonly takes place around the age of 13. By the time of the Back 5 books she will be a woman In body but child in mind if my theory is correct. I also could be right that she was older when she first arrived at the Vally seeking the nightwatcher. Brandon has already said that Lift is one of the special characters that will be in both series. I guess we will have to RAFO and see if my theory has any merit.
  8. So the common theory about Lift is that she is 13. She visited the Nightwatcher 3 years ago . Was granted a greater boon/curse like Dalinar , and Teravangion . It Seems that she is cursed to never grow up , or at least she believes ! But I have a hard time believing she is just 10. “The Stormfather rumbled in frustration. That woman! This is a creation specifically meant to defy my will! “Woman?” Dalinar asked, shaking his head. That child is tainted by the Nightwatcher.” Excerpt From Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. The Stormfather first refers to her as that woman . When Dalinar remarked the Stormfather changed it to child. Brandon Too good an author to make reference like that for no reason . Also I have a hard time believing a 10 year old girl , would have the ability to search out the Nightwatcher . I suppose it’s possible but I mean really 10 years old , even if she was an urchin ! So I was thinking what if Lift was older When she went to see the nightwatcher? As part of her curse she was reduced to the age of ten and was told she would have that mentality forever? Everyone else that has sought the Nightwatcher was older and facing enormous problems , where they felt the only way was to go to the Nightwatcher as a last resort . What do you guys think ?
  9. I could see a crossbow bolt with a scythe on it . It would have range , effectiveness and area effect . Still like Calderis said you might as well just use a chakram and Radiant plate , it would be faster , accurate and more deadly. It’s just hard not to want to incorporate guns and shards after reading Era 2 Mistborn .
  10. gemhearts

    That’s my own personal theory . Think about chasmfiends , greatshells , they both have gemhearts , and both have Spren following them. It’s a leap of logic .
  11. Ok here is my take on it. BAM provide some sort of mass link to all Singers. It is very similar to a navel bond as the spritweb of the Singers was intertwined with BAM. So when she was imprisoned it ripped the connection away from the Singers and Trapped it with BAM. This locked them into slave form. The Listeners were not effected because the listeners were not connected to BAM. Had this been a normal desolation there would be no need for the Singers to link with BAM as Odium would have been present and supplying stormlight. Therefore, Dalinar can’t repeat this effect again , as the Singers are no longer linked to BAM like they were during the falsendesolation. This is very interesting, to me at least. I always wondered why imprisoning BAM trapped the Singers into slave form in the first place and why hadn’t the Radiants done this before.
  12. I’m not privy to the WoB I was thinking along the lines of Syl being the Bow and wind spren being the arrows! A Chakram does sound deadly , and the mechanics of summon , throw , resummon is sound. I was mostly thinking about range you could possibly throw it. However , I did not consider if the Thrower was wearing Shardplate! In that instance it would be pretty freaking far . Jeez that would be a massacre.
  13. We have seen shardbows , like the one Rock used to kill Amaram . This is nothing but a giant bow or perhaps even a Fabrial that requires massive strength to use it( like someone wearing shardplate.) However , this is not a true shardic weapon. I know they exist, Wyndle , Lift’s spren speaks of some spren that have turned themselves into Shardbow’s , although he doesn’t understand how they would string themselves . That got me to thinking what would be the mechanics behind it ? Could the spren produce ammo, and fire arrows that pierced armor and if it struck the spine or head of a victim Insta-kill the target? What if a world hopper from Scadrial came to Roshar and had a pistol . Could a Radiant copy that and command his spren to become a pistol ? Would the Radiant need bullets ? Or could the spren prosuce shardic ammo that does the same thing as a shard bow ? Fire shard. Bullets that pierce armor and don’t leave a mark on flesh . I really want to see a Shardbow at the very least , one that shoots shard arrows. In the Hands of someone like Teleb it would be devestating ! Imagine firing one arrow that goes thru 20 people killing or maiming every one that it touches. A wind runner with such a weapon would be a dangerous sniper from the air. Think about it he literally can’t miss if he lashes the arrow to your head. .how do you guys think the mechanics of a shard projectile weapon would work?
  14. There was an ancient tome written in the Dawnchant . Later this was revealed to be written by the Singers. It spoke of God of Wind , Spren , and stone . This is my belief what the Singers refered to their Gods as. The God of Wind translates into Stormfather in human language . Just because their are wind spren , and storm spren , this has nothing to do with How they saw Stormfather., The Singers god of Spren , I believe is the being we know as the night watcher. The singers god of Stone I believe is the being we now refer to as the sibling. All three of these Mega-Spren were around before the arrival of the shards of Cultivation , and Honor. When these shards arrived they conscripted to mega spren to serve as Avatars , to lack a better term . When Eshonai went to transform into stormform a huge clue is revealed in the passage. “e winds—feeling them blast her, shake her. She felt the rain on her skin. The Rider of Storms was a traitor, yes—but you could not have a traitor who had not originally been a friend. These storms belonged to her people. The lis” Excerpt From Words of Radiance Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. Here is the quote from the Eila Stele: “We took them in, as commanded by the gods. What else could we do? They were a people forlorn, without a home. Our pity destroyed us. For their betrayal extended even to our gods: to spren, stone, and wind.” Excerpt From Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. So in conclusion 1 we know the singers wrote the Eila Stele. 2. They described three Gods that men stole . 3. It’s not a hard leap to see they mean the Mega Spren. 4 mega-spren is my term for the Godspren. It seems more accurate. My apologies if my first post was confusing
  15. According to Eli Steeli there were 3 mega spren Wind , Stone and Spren . It. Is my opinion these were the 3 singer gods before The shards came. When the shards. Came they adopted the mega spren. Cultivation took the Nightwatcher as an avatar (spren) Tanavast took stormfarther (wind) , and both invested into the sibling (stone) . This is what Eshonai meant when she said Stormfather betrayed them (the singers) . I believe it was at this time the singers turned to Odium. Many will think my theory wild , but it’s firmly what I believe.