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  1. Crazy Theory: Gavilar was trying to take up the pieces of Honor and become a shard. Here's my reasoning: 1) We know that Gavilar had been receiving the same visions Dalinar received from the StormFather, so he knew Honor was dead. 2) He was on a first name basis with the Heralds and they worked together, so he could possibly have had more knowledge of the cosmere and shards. 3) What he says to Navani: What has he discovered the entrance to? Maybe Braize, maybe Shadesmar, who knows? But he may believe Honor's power is kept there and he himself can take up the mantle. Or... he just was on firemoss and is now obsessed with a palace storage room.
  2. I think Roshar already functions in some capacity as a fabrial because Honor and Cultivation are invested there. You don't need a massive amount of stormlight to power it, because the shards themselves have permeated the landscape and fuel whatever function the fabrial would be performing.
  3. For Chromium stealing destiny, I'm picturing a simpler experiment. Skaa 1 has an incurable disease and is going to die within 1 year. They spike skaa 1 with Chromium and plant the spike in skaa 2. Skaa 2 then develops this disease and dies 1 year later. Thoughts? (Assume that skaa 2 didn't contract the disease from bacteria on the spike)
  4. Two event to consider together: 1) Jasnah discovered that Renarin's spren is corrupted by Sja-anat. She initially resolves to kill him then changes her mind and chooses compassion. Her spren indicates that this is right. 2) During the final battle of Oathbringer, Adolin sees men being tossed out of building with great force. When he goes to investigate, he finds Jasnah surrounded by glowing geometric shapes. The current theory is that this is Jasnah dismissing her Shardplate, which I am inclined to agree with. When taken together, it seems to me that Jasnah swore her fourth Oath soon after sparing Renarin. While it is possible that Jasnah had obtained Shardplate prior to this, the scene with Renarin is just too much of a game-changing decision on Jasnah's part for me to think that there wasn't an oath involved. This also would imply that the Elsecaller fourth Oath revolves around not letting logic rule 100% of the time. Furthermore, it also fits Jasnah's personality. With Kaladin, the two oaths we've seen have been sworn in the heat of the moment (I'm about to die, so I'm going to be dramatic and swear another oath and EXPLODE WITH POWER!). With Jasnah, she makes the right decision (spares Renarin), ponders on it while she's traveling to the building mentioned above, swears the oath, then uses her shiny new Shardplate to own these voidspren corrupted noobs. Any thoughts?
  5. We're really not sure at what point this would become dangerous. If a brass compounder was able to burn without dying, the possibilities are pretty cool. For era 3, can you imagine the useful applications of a brass compounder in industry? Forget fossil fuels, just hire this gal for 8 hours a day to power your furnaces. She clocks in, says hi to her buddies on the assembly line, steps into an unlit furnace, lights up to 2000 degrees for eight hours, slowly cools down, then clocks out and goes home to dinner with the family. Having someone who can be an almost unlimited source of heat would be an amazing technological advantage.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks Kaladin stabbing Szeth through the chest was way cooler than slicing through his hand and wishes that Brandon had kept the first version?
  7. Agreed, but if the technology suddenly came around then shardplate would become a LOT less relevant in the world. Not completely irrelevent, but a lot less.
  8. New thought, against shardplate a gun would be insanely OP. Shardplate can shatter if you hit it hard enough with something. Swords, axes, rocks, anything. The force applied by a bullet to a single section of shardplate would annihilate that piece. It would be the same revolution that occured in Europe when gun powder was introduced and suddenly knights became irrelevant. Imagine: Shardbearer: Behold my shiny, awesome armo... Darkeye with a shotgun: *BOOM* Chestpiece shatters. Darkeye wins!
  9. I think Spren can manifest as a single, solid piece of metal. So they'd be able to turn into most of a gun? I'm picturing a spren forming only the gun's barrel and stock out of metal, which formed around whatever cartridge the radiant is using, and then the radiant using Soul Casting to ignite the charge. The spren then puffs back into their normal form, reforms another "gun" around a new cartridge, and repeats the process. Pros: So far as we've seen, Shardblades are nigh unbreakable. So the charge used for the bullet could be quite large with a very small gun. Think elephant gun firepower in a pistol (broken wrist can be healed by stormlight). Cons: It would need soulcasting to work, since there can't be any moving pieces.
  10. Someone quoted the following word of Brandon and it got me thinking: So why would Dustbringer's be complicated? All orders have some complexity to their members, so what makes the Dustbringer's special in that regard? Items to consider: 1) People associate the Dustbringers with the voidbringers, which makes Dustbringers unhappy. So much so that they tried to change their name to Releasers instead. 2) Dustbringer's powers are extremely destructive, something we typically associate with bad guys. 3) The diagram specifically mentions that Dustbringer's would *most likely* be their greatest allies among the new radiants. 4) Malata specifically says she is just in this game to break stuff. No mention of her oaths, nothing about bravery or obedience (Implying that her oaths are a LOT less restrictive than other orders. Or maybe she just take a broad interpretation of them.) 5) Last, AND MOST IMPORTANT: Assuming Dustbringers follow the pattern, when holding their shardblades their eyes will glow red, or possibly pink, like ruby (Kaladin's glow blue like sapphire, Szeth's glow grey like smokestone, Lift's glow white like diamond, etc.) THEORIES: A ) Dustbringer's use hacked investiture. We've seen several creatures in the cosmere with red eyes and we've been told that red investiture typically means that investiture from one shard is being hacked by another. We've only ever seen this happen for nefarious purposes, but the Dustbringers are an example of the Good Guys making use of investiture hacking. Honor and Cultivation hacked voidbinding to give the Dustbringers their destructive edge. B ) Because of this, Dustbringer oaths are complex, riding a line between following your passion and bridling it. Their first two unique oaths probably are all about Bravery, but being brave and following your passion is easy. This is why Malata was able to progress to her third oath so quickly (assuming that she gets her shardblade at oath 3). The next two oaths will revolve around Obedience, which does not jive at all with passion. As such Malata will not reach oaths 4 and 5 because she's only in this to follow her passion, not restrict herself with Obedience. Conclusion: The Dustbringers got the attributes of Bravery and Obedience specifically to keep their highly destructive, Honor-hacked voidbinding in check.
  11. When Kaladin wields Syl as a shardblade, his eyes glow blue. When Lift wields Wyndle as a shardrod, shardstick, shardfork, etc. her eyes glow white. During the final battle of Oathbringer it is mentioned that Szeth's eyes glow grey. These seem to correspond to each Radiant order's Gemstone: Windrunners - Sapphire, Edgedancers - Diamond, Skybreaker - Smokestone. Does this mean that Dustbringer's eyes glow red like ruby? Or possibly pink? They prefer the term Releasers, but did others give them the name Dustbringer (similar to voidbringer) because of their red eyes and propensity to destroy things?
  12. Hello everyone! I've recently discovered that among my circle of friends, my idea of Wax's savant ability and resonance is not the norm. So I wanted to share it with you all and get your input. 1) While reading the books, it was clear that Wax's steel bubble was becoming more fine tuned over time. To me, this implies that it's a manifestation of him becoming a steel savant. It's not an increase in raw power, but instead is a very technical ability in which his skill grows as he burns more steel and warps his spirit. 2) As I understand it, a resonance typically doesn't have an effect on the actual investiture being used. Shallan's resonance is the ability to take Memories. Kaladin attracts followers like a boy band. Neither of these necessarily is directly linked to their use of stormlight (because no one has confirmed Spiritual Adhesion as a thing...right?). Wax has one particular ability in the books that is very unique to himself and Brandon goes out of his way to mention it several times. Wax has pinpoint accuracy when shooting. Every fight is -*headshot *headshot *headshot *headshot *headshot *shoots gun out of hand *headshot *headshot *shoots gun out of hand. Miles Graves even tells Wax to "stop doing that!" after Wax has performed the "shoots gun out of hand" trick multiple times. This type of accuracy is not normal, and since Brandon goes out of his way to acknowledge it in book, it makes sense for this to be Wax's resonance.
  13. Hello everyone! Quick Question: Ever since reading Way of Kings, the scene where Adolin saves the prostitute from Sadeas' men just seemed odd to me. A bit out of place. Has anyone asked Brandon about her? I couldn't find anything in the WOBs about her. If we have no other information on her, I'm going to guess that she's Chana.
  14. While listening to Shardcast this week, there was a moment where the team discussed Compounding and how we've seen characters use compounding in order to increase their feruchemy abilities, but we haven't seen compounding to increase a character's allomancy abilities. This has made me question my understanding of certain events in the whole Mistborn series, so I need someone to fact check me on my thoughts: After reading BoM, it became clear that nicrosil can store the ability to use innate investiture, such as being able to feruchemically tap bronze (Southern Scadrian medallions), feruchemically tap copper (Wax seeing Kelsier's vision at the end of BoM), allomantically burn iron (Wax dragging the ship back to the ground while tapping the bands), etc. Theoretically, a full mistborn / feruchemist would be able to store their ability to be a mistborn within a nicrosil metalmind. That metalmind could then be burned, causing a huge increase in the amount of mistborn power available which is then stored in another nicrosil metalmind to be drawn on later. By compounding nicrosil, a mistborn would be able to amplify their own abilities to a massive extent. To me, this perfectly explains why the Lord Ruler was such a powerful mistborn. This also explains why Wax had such a powerful experience while tapping the Bands of Mourning. Remember, while Wax was tapping the bands, he was able to Push on the trace minerals in rocks, which is far beyond the abilities of the average mistborn. Wax's experience only makes sense if Wax was tapping more "mistborn juice" at once than a normal mistborn's abilities. Since we know that Kelsier, who made the bands, was an average mistborn, Nicrosil compounding is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Problems that I've already thought of: "The Lord Ruler made himself a powerful mistborn as the final act of his Ascension. He had no need of nicrosil compounding" - I believe Sazed says this, but Sanderson has been known to make characters say things that the reader knows to be false, but that the character believes to be true. It makes more sense in universe that the Lord Ruler used Nicrosil compounding in order to become such a powerful mistborn. After all, all of his other miraculous abilities came from compounding. "But Kelsier could have just stored his mistborn abilities in a nicrosil metalmind over several months, which Wax then tapped over several minutes. Of course he was so much more powerful." - This could also be true, but it doesn't detract from my original thought. If the ability to be a mistborn can be stored over months and then drawn on all at once, it actually adds credence to my theory. Since the ability to be a mistborn can be feruchemicaly stored, the that metal mind can be burned just like any other metal that we've seen compounded. Let me know what you think,
  15. Hello everybody, I'm new around here, but here goes: During Dalinar's first vision where he brings Queen Fen in, Dalinar takes the place of one of the two radiants in the vision. He and windrunner radiant are on their way to save the village from the midnight essence attack. Dalinar decides to do some probing and tells the windrunner that he's having trouble summoning and dismissing his Shardplate, to which the windrunner replies, "Talk to Harkaylain, or your spren." So who is Harkaylain, and why would he/she know about fixing malfunctioning shardplate? Harkaylain was also mentioned in this vision in WoK as someone who is predicting a desolation (and seems to have a knack for getting desolation timing right).