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  1. Wouldn't the Everstorm have an appearance/reflection in the Cognitive Realm? (Or in fact be partially in Shadesmar?) If so, why didn't we see it in Part 4 of Oathbringer when Shallan, Pattern, Kaladin, Syl, Azure/Vivenna, Adolin, and Maya journeyed through Shadesmar/Roshar's CR? Is this an error or is there something obvious I missed? What might its appearance look like in Shadesmar?
  2. Interesting. Also worth of note was that there were 5 that Endowment's number, like 9 for Odium, 10 for Honor, 16 for Preservation?
  3. Great post! Definitely got me thinking...and theorizing. In any case, I think I can prove that Surgebinding comes from both Honor AND Cultivations First off, a WoB.Yuyp it's a long one. I bolded the two important parts. If you need further proof/curious to how it plays how in the actual magic system and where Cultivation's influence in Surgebinding is, here's what i've theorized from what I've read. First Honor's influence in Surgebinding is both in the bonds and the ideals. They form a bond, and make Oaths to cement it. That's pretty Honoric? (Honorific? Honor-y?). You covered the explanation for this petty well. However, there comes the fact that it is heavily implied that at one time there were no Oaths to cement it. What then? Well besides that fact of the bond still happening, there's also the fact that the sapient spren needed for Surgebinding were still attracted by the same ideals, depending of course, on which type of spren and which Order. It is of note that the spren are attracted to ideals that are in line with Honor (Windrunners, Stonewards, Skybreakers, Edgedancers, Bondsmiths, doing what's right etc.) AND/OR Cultivation (Lightweavers [how the cultivate the people around them's best selves], ELSECALLERS [machiavellian approach to what is right], Truthwatchers [their tactfulness and regarding how they ARE VERY PRUDENT], Bondsmiths [bringing people together]). I could go on for nigh any order for either Cultivation or Honor that way. But I believe Cultivation's influence can also be felt in how the magic itself works. Yes you could say that the Radiant cultivates a relationship with the spren. But also, look how in the magic system, in order to even form a bond, you have to give something to get something. A Radiant bonds with the spren, offers up to serve as according to the ideals associated with said spren, as well as fuses the Spiritwebs of the two. And the spren has to give up sapience to even cross into the Physical realm. The main facet of this is that the spren gets sapience in the Physical Realm, and that the Radiant gets the Surgebinding powers. Doesn't this give something/get something sound a little perhaps the Old Magic which has been confirmed to come from Cultivation? (The fact that this also sounds like the Ashynite disease magic makes me theorize that that also originates form Cultivation). Well thanks for reading my argument and getting this far. I would add more, but I forgot the last part of my argument while writing the lead up to it.
  4. I wish to be a Fortune compounder.
  5. Granted, but you become so via Hemalurgy.
  6. Hello all again. I have not come to revive the debate over Kaladin killing Szeth or not. I have come to ask afew question I was confused about, and when I looked over 17th Shard, I couldn't find them answered. How does Nale revive Szeth-son-Neturo? We already know that bonding live spren can allow you to heal with Stormlight, so, can bonding deadeye spren (dead Shardblades) allow you to heal with Stormlight or not? Can you heal yourself using Stormlight in an Honorblade bond? If yes, why does Szeth-son-Neturo say that you can't in the WoK Prologue?
  7. What is exacltly/precisely is the relationship between Shards and magic systems. (If Rafo'd, follow up is: Does the relationship also have something to do with Shardic interplay?) Are Honor and Cultivation the only Shards related to Surgebinding? Why does Honor (as an individual and his Investiture) seem to be more involved in Surgebinding than Cultivation? Havee we just not seen/realized Cultivations affect on Surgebinding in full? Is there a magic system just related to Honor?
  8. Callsign: Nova
  9. Ah, but magic systems changed after the Shattering. I imagine they were probably slightly similar, but it seems they magic systems usually now naturally derive from the Investiture/Intent of one to two Shards (like AonDor form Devotion on Sel)
  10. As a reply to Ixthos, Sel has more than one system and, I'm not sure fabrials is a magic system...but rather another, 'hack' of Surgebinding. Hm, interesting theory? As a reply to Calderis, hmm, I never really thought about Surgebinding that way, and I didn't say that the Fused were Voidbinding. Though, I think it should be confirmed before we make any assumptions. Uless it's stated in the text or a WoB, we don't actually know that what the fused are doing isn't related to the Unmade, but I digress.
  11. Sorry for the semi-misleading topic name, but, I've been confused by magic systems in Roshar. As far as I know, magic systems are a natural outgrowth in a world of a Shard's Investiture being well, Invested in the way it is, it's influences with other types of Investiture, etc. Surgebinding, I believe has been confirmed to come from both Honor and Cultivation. Do bi-Shardic magic systems draw an equal amount of influence from both Shards, as I assumed? If so, why does Surgebinding seem to be more of Honor? If Voidbinding is solely from Odium, and there is a 'Cultivationbinding' solely from Cultivation, why doesn't Honor have his own, separate magic system? I'd appreciate it is someone would help me out if they know the answer, or if not, ask Brandon at an event. (I can't make any of the upcoming ones, as I live on the other side of the U.S.)
  12. Nicely done! However, Unity is not one of the 10 Surges. (Adhesion, Gravitation, Division, Abrasion, Progression, Illumination, Transformation, Transportation, Cohesion and Tension). If you want proof, just go to the Ars Arcanum of any Stormlight book,. I also believe that Brandon has confirmed there are only 10 Surges in multiple WoB's. Besides, 10 is na important number to Honor/Rosharans. Since Bondsmiths only have access to Tension and Adhesion and Unity is not a Surge, at least the first 2 instances you put under must be Tension, since they are not Adhesion (though either might have something to do with Adhesion? Pretty sure they don't but you never know.) As for what Unity is, if it's not a Surge, I believe Dalinar said it himself, though I can't pinpoint/remember the exact page and chapter, that those powers are a result of his own Bondsmith powers and drive interacting with the Stormfather, and basically the remnants/Splinters of Honor.
  13. Hmm, I have said this before in a different post, but this seems to be better suited, so here goes. I should also mention that the definition of odium is general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions. Odium is hatred ,or to cause hatred. Odium is Odium. He is not Passion. He is Hatred. Passion is not the void, as Odium is often likened too. Passion is the fire the drives life. Odium is not fire, he is the cold, the void. Hatred is the void. After you have stopped hating something, or have acted upon it, you feel empty. Odium is Odium, or Hatred. He sucks up emotion and leaves nothing behind, like hatred does. That's why he is so often referred to as the void and things related to him have void in them. Voidlight, Voidbringers, Voidbinding. When he revealed his true self to Dalinar, the text literally said, "It was the sorrow of loss, the joy of victory. And it was hatred. Deep pulsing hatred with a pressure to turn all things molten. " The joy of victory and sorrow of loss that it speaks of? Lust and Loss and triumphant joy? These are Odium as well. For odium is not only hatred, but the causing of hatred. Loss, lust, sorrow, these things can be instrumental in provoking hatred. But joy you say? Surely joy cannot cause hatred. There you would be wrong, for it is not joy, but the joy of victory, the challenge, the glorious moment when you finally prove yourself better...than the others. That is not happiness, and can cause hatred just as easily as loss, lust, or sorrow. All of that, is the Shard of Odium. Some say that Odium may be lying here. When a Shard shows its true nature, it cannot lie. Ruin did not lie to Vin at the Well of Ascension. It did not show it's true nature.
  14. I should mention, if I haven't already, that Brandon has confirmed that Reachers/Lightspren are the true spren of the Order of Willshapers. He has also confirmed that mistspren are NOT true spren. You can look in the Arcanum for it, i myself am too lazy to actually get the quotes mentioned and not sure how I'd put them in here, if I did. The names of the Truthwatcher spren and Stoneward spren are unknown, however i have seen somewher people referring to the Stoneward spren as stonespren, even though this term is not the official term (like godspren for the 3 Bondsmith spren).
  15. I'm afraid that the WIllshaper spren is actually most likely Reachers, or lightspren, though it hasn't been confirmed, as they have the same attributes/personality as Willshapers were described of, not Truthwatchers and Ico says his daughter ran off chasing stupid dreams, and mentioned that his father was a deadeye. Timbre mentions that her grandfather died in the Recreance(is a deadeye). Timbre looks like a little ball of light, and so it would make sense that she is a lightspren. Sure the Turthwatcherspren do look like light, but they look like "light as if you shone it through a prism", or "light growing in the shapes of plants", while Timbre who based on evidence above looks most like a lightspren, is a "ball of light". The spren tha was going to bond with Eshonai was Timbre. Finally, Brandon Sanderson himself said in a WoB after Oathbringer was released, that he didn't want to canonize the Truthwatcherspren, meaning that we hadn't met them yet.