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  1. When you are playing a word game and you argue with your phone that "Syl" is a word.
  2. Recall also, that sociopathic tendencies are not black and white. Someone can be 40-60% sociopathic and not be a full blooded sociopath. I believe she could be placed on the sociopath scale, and still have feelings for certain people who she has built a bond with, as Gavilar and Navani.
  3. Jasnah is, by far, one of my favourite characters in the whole of the Cosmere. She can seamlessly put away her emotions and think with a logical head and she remembers all the small details that others fail to piece together. As for her sexuality, I find it plausible that she is hetero-, homo-, or even asexual. As a heterosexual, she might not see a man within her scope of intelligence. I personally wouldn't marry someone so far beneath me on the IQ scale that we couldn't have a decent conversation. As a homosexual, since the Alethi have no major issues with it, would she not have found someone already? Amongst all the scholars and females she works with surely one reasonably suitable woman fits her fancy? As an asexual, she obviously finds solace in her works and doesn't much require the close company of another person (though I'm sure she has a few people she confides in). I could also propose that she is a demisexual with little interest in meeting people who are beneath her intellectual level and thus she is still single. Her cold and calculative demeanor is what I find so fascinating. Her logical pride. The way she has so perfectly made herself into what she is. A theory of mine that has to do with her trauma that seems to be an important part of her Knighthood is that she could be a sociopath. She has little regard for human life and only a logical brain. She has feelings, she says, but rarely lets them interfere with her judgement. This is wild and inconclusive speculation, however, and has no real basis.
  4. Nor us (er, me, at least), so we'll all just have to figure it out together.
  5. I think I'm crying??? Heralds bless you, child. You have saved my soul.
  6. @Tesh this is truly what art looks like.
  7. Indeed. That's why they Worldhopped to Roshar and got more spheres.
  8. She used the Worldhopper to get more. She moved close enough to the "border" and the Worldhopper was able to go wherever it was they went to get to Roshar.
  9. She met another Worldhopper, and since they were more experienced in the art, she bargained with them to get lit spheres for her to go to Shadesmar. She kept up her end of the bargain and a few months later she was home again, claiming she had gone to Azir to study.
  10. When, instead of swearing, you curse by the names of the Heralds. When you realize it has never been foggy in the mornings. Only Misty. When you use "storms" in casual conversation as an outburst of surprise or frustration.
  11. She's an Elsecaller and used the Surge of Transportation to go into Shadesmar and thence to Scadrial. Also, I meant it to say "traveled"
  12. Arashev was lesser lighteyed girl risen like a proper lady. Her father wasn't wealthy, by any means, but he spoiled his daughter for her love to learn, always buying her books to read and materials to practice and learn mathematics and language. She quickly decided to become a linguist, becoming fluent in many dialects and languages both written and spoken. She, for a short while, traveled via Surgebinding to Scadrial and learned of the culture and language there. She came back to Roshar, now an Elsecaller of the second ideal and asserted herself as a ward of Navani Kholin, studying under the old queen and acquiring the job of scribe and linguist to her and the king of Alethkar. She focused often on literature and mathematics and is very easily annoyed with human life, much preferring the logic of science and the foundation of history to the variable company of humanity.
  13. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day, everyone! I am by no means Scadrian, but it's probably one of my favourite holidays! 

    1. Tesh


      Even though you just found out what it was today... :ph34r:

    2. Vashakh Sadeas

      Vashakh Sadeas

      That isn't the point here, Tesh. Hehe :P 

  14. I'd recommend they have a ton of answers to the Dahn/Nahn system.
  15. When you convinced your friend's English teacher to read the books and got them on the school's recommended list.